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Zach Cusson


Zach Cusson is a videographer/editor with the investigative unit in D.C. Prior to joining Newsy, Zach was a creative director for a D.C. based production agency where he constantly pitched his clients on documentary projects. He received his bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College and has had a camera in his hands ever since. Through his work, Zach hopes to help people understand and empathize with as many facets of the human experience as possible.

  Recent Work
Life coach and astrologer
Newsy / Zach CussonU.S.

Dream Jobs: Astrologer / Life Coach

Getty ImagesPolitics

Why Open Hearings Likely Won't Shift Public Opinion On Impeachment


Clinton and Romney Campaign Managers Tout Cybersecurity Initiative

A burned foundation
Zach Cusson / NewsyU.S.

2019 Sees Fewer Wildfires, But They're Hitting Populated Areas

courtesy of CAL FIREU.S.

Parts Of California Still Can't Get Wildfire Alerts

Box of Mifeprex

Report: Medication Abortions On The Rise. But, What Are They?


Uncorked: A Newsy Investigation Of The Elite Wine World

Manta Were is apartment hunting in downtown Portland, Maine.

Portland, Maine, Embraces Asylum-Seekers As A Key To Economic Growth

Police keep watch near the scene of a mass shooting
Getty ImagesU.S.

Why Only Some Mass Shootings Are Considered Domestic Terrorism


Democratic Voters In Baltimore Discuss Latest Series Of Debates

Zach Cusson/NewsyU.S.

Park Service To Pay Extra For July 4th In DC Despite Unfunded Projects

Wildfire rages
Tennessee Division of ForestryU.S.

Newsy Investigation Finds Wildfire Emergency Alerts Lacking

Fire Trap: The Failure To Alert During Deadly Wildfires
Title design by Steve Sanning and Katie BrayU.S.

Fire Trap: The Failure To Alert During Deadly Wildfires (Trailer)

NYPD car and officers
Newsy/ Zach CussonU.S.

Newsy Finds NYPD Undercounting Rape By 38% Compared To FBI Statistics

Newsy / Zach CussonU.S.

Austin Police Chief Offers Partial Apology To Rape Survivors

Austin City Hall building
Newsy / Zach CussonU.S.

Austin City Council Orders Review Of Nearly 2,000 Rape Cases

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley speaks
Austin Police DepartmentU.S.

Austin PD Orders New Probe After Audit Finds Misclassified Rapes

Health professionals wearing scrubs and caps
University of MichiganSci/Health

Rate Of Violence Against Nurses Climbs Again

Newsy / Zach CussonU.S.

Audit Finds Austin Police Department Improperly Cleared Rape Cases

Woman checks phone in congressional hallway.
Newsy / Zach CussonPolitics

#MeToo Effort In Congress Not Over Despite Changes

FBI logo
Getty ImagesU.S.

Case Cleared: FBI Moves To Fix Flaw In Its Crime Reporting System

Baltimore County Police Department squad car
Newsy / Zach CussonU.S.

Case Cleared: The Consequences Of 'Exceptional Clearance'

Austin Police Department squad car
Newsy / Zach CussonU.S.

Case Cleared: Rape Suspects Walk Free. Police Count It As A Success

A police car sits in front of a police headquarters.
Newsy / Zach CussonU.S.

Case Cleared: How Rape Goes Unpunished In America (Trailer)