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Tori Partridge


Tori Partridge is a producer and editor who likes nothing better than digging up archival footage and the perfect visual. A graduate of the University of Missouri, Tori has helped train the students who come through the doors much like she did many years ago. She reserves her on-camera appearances for arguing about "Die Hard" and showing off her vast desk toy collection.

  Recent Work
Nurse and patient
Getty ImagesPolitics

The Link Between Cost And Quality In American Health Care

President Trump speaks with reporters.
Getty ImagesPolitics

President Trump Calls Democratic Jews 'Disloyal' To Israel

A gun

President Trump Pivots On Gun Reform — Again

Floor of the New York Stock Exchange
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Survey: 3 In 4 Economists Believe U.S. Will Enter Recession By 2021

U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib
Getty ImagesPolitics

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib Cancels Trip To The West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Getty ImagesPolitics

Israel Bans U.S. Reps. Omar And Tlaib From Entering The Country

Baby and parent with matching tattoos
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Why Some Scientists Think Newborns Look More Like Their Dads

Farm equipment in a field
Getty ImagesSci/Health

To Fight Climate Change And Food Stress, We Need To Balance Land Use

Portrait of King Charles II
Wikimedia CommonsU.S.

Power May Corrupt, But Only By Heightening Existing Personality Traits

Man taking a photo on a hike
Getty ImagesU.S.

Leave No Trace: Treating The Wilderness Like A Museum


Democratic Voters In Baltimore Discuss Latest Series Of Debates

Microphones in black and white
Getty ImagesU.S.

'Stage Jitters' Could Have Developed During Humanity's Primitive Days

Painting of King Louis XIV
Nicolas de LargillierreU.S.

The Male Beginnings Of 'Feminine' Fashion

Former special counsel Robert Mueller

Mueller Responds To Lawmakers' Questions — Sort Of

Man in mortarboard
Getty ImagesU.S.

Graduation Rates Are Dipping For Low Income Students

The moon is pictured as the International Space Station orbits above the ocean

On Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary, NASA Looks Towards The Future

Woman uses a computer at a restaurant

Remote Work May Ramp Up Productivity, But Workers Feel Isolated

Pills spilling from a prescription bottle
Getty ImagesPolitics

Rouda Wants Transparency In How Opioid Crisis Funding Is Being Spent

Minor Threat performs onstage

Straight Edge: The Subgenre That Turned A Counterculture On Its Head

Plane crash victims' family members

Plane Crash Victims' Families Demand Changes For Boeing 737 MAX

Milk on a table
Getty imagesU.S.

More People Want Milk — Just Not From Cows

Man in doctor's office
University of Washington School of MedicineSci/Health

Is The Future Of Contraception Male?

Federal Reserve building
Getty ImagesPolitics

How The Federal Reserve's Size Lets It Influence Interest Rates

A surveillance camera
Getty ImagesPolitics

Researchers: FBI, ICE Use Facial Recognition Software On DMV Photos

Uighur children sit on a couch.
Getty ImagesWorld

China Accused Of Separating Uighur Families, Treating Kids As Orphans

Liz Scheier donated her eggs three times
Luke Piotrowski/Newsy StaffPolitics

Egg Donor Advocates Call For More Regulation As Industry Surges

Brain making connections
National Institute of HealthSci/Health

Memories Shape Brain Development⏤ Forgetting Regulates That Process

As seen through fencing, migrants enter a Border Patrol vehicle while being detained.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Newsy Finds CBP And ICE Are Failing To Meet Their Own Standards

Migrants sit in a crowded Texas facility in June 2019.
Office of Inspector GeneralPolitics

Rep. Dean: Our Common Humanity Seems Absolutely Missing

An activists holds a sign that reads, "We are all immigrants. Here to stay."
Getty ImagesPolitics

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On The Future Of DACA