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Sasha Ingber

Politics Reporter

Sasha Ingber is a politics reporter in Newsy's Washington, D.C., bureau. Before joining Newsy, she was a breaking news reporter at NPR, covering major national and international events including the Trump administration's denuclearization talks with North Korea, former special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and the Hong Kong protests. Sasha has been a frequent contributor of articles and videos to National Geographic, and the associate editor of a Smithsonian culture and travel publication. A Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grantee, her work has also appeared in The Washington Post Magazine, The Atlantic, ESPN, and other publications. In 2016, she co-founded Music in Exile [], a multimedia nonprofit organization that documents the music and stories of refugees. Her trips to Iraq and Bangladesh have led to collaborations with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the International Committee of the Red Cross -- as well as media appearances on major radio shows and panel moderation for the Kennedy Center. Before starting a career in journalism, she worked at the U.S. State Department, monitoring and debunking Russian disinformation. She holds a Master's degree in writing from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor's degree in radio, film, and television from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Follow Sasha on Twitter @SashaIngber.

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Incomplete ballots in bin
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Trump Denounces Mail-In Voting As Pandemic Threatens Nov. Election

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Former NSA Inspector General: Trump Wants 'Lapdogs For Watchdog Job'

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U.S. Authorities: China Is Trying To Steal Covid-19 Vaccine Research

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Former CIA Chief Says Intelligence Community Must Adapt After Covid-19

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Former Intelligence Workers Question Trump's 'Lab Leak' Virus Theory

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North Korea Defectors: 'Everyone Hopes Kim Jong-Un Is Really Dead'

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Experts Look To Changes In TV, Chinese Military for Kim Jong Un Clues

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Medical Experts, Trained In Intelligence, Spy On Coronavirus

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Is North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un Ailing?

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For U.S. Spies, The Coronavirus Pandemic A New Twist

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Wisconsinites Tell Us What It's Like To Vote During A Pandemic

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New York Independent System OperatorTech

Protecting The Power Grid Through Covid-19

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'They're Going To Do Their Job:' Police Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Amid Pandemic, Expert Says U.S. Election Is 'Trivially Hackable'

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False Information Abroad And At Home Plaguing The Coronavirus Crisis

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Increase In Telework Could Put U.S. Systems At Risk Of Cyberattack


From Vendors To Parts, U.S. Election Infrastructure Widely Unregulated

Workers Wear Protective Gear
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'We Had No Other Choice:' Louisiana Postpones Primary Amid Coronavirus


Election Experts Say Coronavirus Outbreak Could Threaten US Elections


Election Watchdog: 300 Cases Open And Not Enough Preparation For 2020


Nevada's New Plan For Caucusing Raises Security Concerns


Huawei Chief Security Officer Insists Company Poses No Security Risks


Experts Worry About Your Personal Data In The 2020 Election


Iowa Caucuses App Debacle? Accuracy Over Speed, Says Election Expert

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Lev Parnas Visits Washington, Urges Witnesses, And Wages New Claims


RNC Isn't Worried Senators Will Vote For Impeachment Trial Witnesses


Michigan, A Battleground State, Tests A New Election Security Method

Student at a laptop

These Students Are Getting Paid To Read Propaganda

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'There Absolutely Will Be Iranian Retaliation,' Former Diplomat Says

People carrying Lithuanian flags during national celebration
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Lithuania's 'Elves' Fight Russian Trolls Online