Marco Rubio's Candy Bar Catastrophe Ends In Dental Work

Marco Rubio's Candy Bar Catastrophe Ends In Dental Work
Marco Rubio had to take a break from campaigning to make a stop at a dentist's office after he cracked his molar on a frozen Twix bar.

After a disappointing finish in the New Hampshire primary, Marco Rubio appears to be falling apart. Well, at least his tooth is.

The Florida senator apparently had a Twix bar mishap on Wednesday evening, cracking one of his molars on a frozen candy bar while flying to Washington, D.C. No word on if it was the left or right Twix.

He relayed the story to reporters, saying: "I just bit into a Twix bar, and I go, 'Man this Twix bar's got something really hard in it. And I go, 'Oh my gosh; I cracked my tooth.'"

But Rubio didn't let the dental emergency slow him down. He had the crack filled and hit the campaign trail in South Carolina ahead of the state's Republican primary Feb. 20.

This video includes a clip from Marco Rubio for President and Mars, Inc. and images from Getty Images.