House Judiciary Committee Approves Impeachment Inquiry Procedures

House Judiciary Committee Approves Impeachment Inquiry Procedures
The House Judiciary Committee approved procedures for its impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump in a 24-17 vote.

The House Judiciary Committee has approved a resolution that establishes procedures for an investigation into whether to impeach President Donald Trump.

The resolution, which passed 24-17, gives House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler the power to designate committee hearings as impeachment hearings, meaning committee members will be allowed to question witnesses for an extra hour. It also means the president's counsel can respond in writing to any evidence presented at an open session hearing.

In a statement, Nadler said: "The conduct under investigation poses a threat to our democracy. ... We have a constitutional, historical, and moral obligation to fully investigate these matters. Let us take the next step in that work without delay."

"That responsibility includes making a judgment about whether to recommend articles of impeachment. That judgment cannot be based on our feelings about President Trump. It should not be a personal reaction to misguided policies or personal behavior. It must be a decision based on the evidence before us and the evidence that keeps coming in," Nadler said.

This is the first legislative action the committee has taken toward the potential impeachment of President Trump.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.