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Italy Wants Neapolitan Pizza UNESCO-Protected; World Rejoices
This Abandoned Floating McDonald's Is Getting A Makeover
Help Wanted: 6 Full-Time Ninjas In Japan
Russia's Ministry Of Defense Wants To Buy 5 Dolphins — But Why?
Explosion Kills Dozens In The Turkish Capital Of Ankara
Gunmen Open Fire, Kill 16 At Hotels In Ivory Coast Beach Town
Turkish Town Up For Nobel Peace Prize After Taking In 120,000 Refugees
Germanwings Co-Pilot Was Referred To Mental Health Clinic Before Crash
UN Votes For Its First Sexual-Abuse Resolution
Paris Attackers' Names Were Found In Alleged ISIS Document Leak
Daylight Saving Time Is Here, And California Wants Out
UN Wants A Syrian Presidential Election In 18 Months; Assad Doesn't
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Weighs In On Trump And Divisive Politics
Most Women Leave The Hospital Too Soon After Giving Birth
How Empowering Women Can Solve World Hunger
How Are NYC, LA Catching Up To The World's Most Expensive City?
African Rhino Poaching Increases For The Sixth Year In A Row
ISIS Defector Turns Over Information That Could Be Huge
Iran Test-Fires More Missiles, Possibly Violating UN Sanctions
Child Is Found Inside A Carry-On Bag During An Air France Flight
American Grad Student Fatally Stabbed In Israel During Biden's Visit
Washington, DC, Is Giddy Over Justin Trudeau's First Official Visit
The EU's Refugee Bargain With Turkey Comes At A High Price
British Official Warns Of 'Enormous And Spectacular' ISIS Attack In UK
A Canadian Province Plans To Pay Residents For Being Canadian
Almost 2,000 AK-47s Were Discovered On A Stateless Fishing Boat
Mexican President Breaks His Silence On Trump
Air India Honors Women's Day With Longest Flight Crewed By Women
Iran Sentences Billionaire Babak Zanjani To Death For Corruption
Driverless Trucks: Coming To A UK Road Near You
Taliban Backs Out Of International Peace Talks — Again
Chinese Woman Found Dead In Elevator After Being Trapped For A Month
Government Takeover Of Turkey's Largest Newspaper Sparks Protests
Gender Gap Still Plagues Education Around The Globe
China Bans Gay Relationships On TV, Among Other 'Unhealthy Content'
Top 3 Sweet Treats That Would Make Even The Easter Bunny Cringe
El Chapo's Daughter Claims He Visited Her US Home While On The Run
With Cease-Fire In Place, Syrians Flood Streets To Protest Regime
Former Brazilian President Taken Into Custody For Questioning
The Hubble Telescope Has Spotted The Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen
Pro-ISIS Hacking Group Tries To Hack Google But Gets The Wrong Site
These 20K Uniforms Were Going To ISIS, But Spanish Police Found Them
Man Puts Himself Up For Sale To Get A Job At An Online Marketplace
Report Says African Elephants Are Being Poached At An Alarming Rate
'Team Refugee' Will Compete At The 2016 Summer Olympics In Rio
UN Unanimously Hits North Korea With Strongest Sanctions Yet
Are China's Leaders Taking Smog Seriously?
UK Company To Offer 'Period Leave' For Female Employees
A Lot More Syrian Refugees Are Settling In Canada Than The US
Surprise, Surprise: Osama Bin Laden Willed All His Money To Jihad
This Isn't Your Father's Cuba, But His Favorite Band Is Playing There
9-Year-Old Italian Girl Dies While On Board Lufthansa Flight
Renters Find Dead Body At French Airbnb Listing
This Is How US Army Engineers Are Helping The Iraqi Army Fight ISIS
Student Detained In North Korea Confesses During Press Conference
Breach In Cease-Fire Agreement As Airstrikes Are Reported In Syria
Zimbabwe's President Throws Luxurious Party Despite Country's Drought
If 'El Chapo' Is Extradited To US, He Wants A Medium-Security Prison
There's A Temporary Cease-Fire Agreement In Syria ... For Now
If It Works, Syrian Cease-Fire Could Be A 'Stepping Stone' To Peace
France Is Evicting Refugees From Its 'Jungle' Camp
Mumbai Police Enforce No-Selfie Zones After A Rise In Deaths
Little Afghan Boy Finally Gets A Real Lionel Messi Jersey
Man Legally Changes His Name To Bacon Double Cheeseburger
New U.S. Law Ends Imports Involving Enslaved Workers
ISIS Threatens Twitter, Facebook CEOs Over Anti-Terrorism Efforts
Cameron Gives Corbyn Some Fashion Tips, Courtesy Of His Mom
Fighting Fire With Satire: Meet The Group Taking On ISIS With Cartoons
Syria's Besieged Towns Remind Some Of A Conflict In The '90s
Uber Has Launched A Motorcycle-Hailing Service In Bangkok
Ex-NY Times Reporter Sarah Kershaw Found Dead In Dominican Republic
Ramón Castro, Fidel's Older Brother, Dies At 91
Egyptian Toddler Sentenced To Life In Prison
Power Station Collapse In England Kills At Least One
UN Bans Passenger Planes From Carrying Lithium-Ion Batteries As Cargo
Americans Say These Countries Are The U.S.’s Greatest Enemies
European Cities Rank Highest In Quality Of Life And Personal Safety
India's Solution To Population Growth: Sterilizing Women
US And Russia Agree To Cease-Fire Deal In Syria
Peacocks Die At Chinese Zoo After Being Roughly Handled For Selfies
London Mayor Backs UK's Exit From The European Union
Protests In India Threaten Delhi's Water Supply
Pope Francis Calls On World Leaders To Abolish The Death Penalty
Why Almost Half The World Is Projected To Be Nearsighted By 2050