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Samantha Power On Reconciling Her Beliefs With Obama's Syria Policy
Brexit Poses Direct Threat to U.K. Adult Care
As Cease-fire Ends In Syria, The Situation May Be Even More Volatile
Trump Administration Gives $4.5 Million To Syria's White Helmets
Iraq Military Says U.S. Troops From Syria Can't Stay
U.S. Awarded Possession Of North Korean Cargo Ship
Pentagon Makes Precautionary Plans For Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal
Canada Reelects Justin Trudeau As Prime Minister
U.K. Government Introduces EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill
Netanyahu Fails To Form A Government For The 2nd Time
Former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power: Right Now, The U.S. Is Isolated
How We Got Here: A Brexit Timeline
Almost A Dozen People Have Died In Chile's Growing Protests
Canadians Head To The Polls For General Election
Lebanese Government Discusses Economic Reform Amid Mass Protests
U.S. Defense Secretary Visits Afghanistan To Restart Peace Talks
Violent Protests In Chile Bring Halt To Transportation Fare Hike Plan
Boris Johnson Sends Brexit Extension Request, But Doesn't Sign It
Pelosi-Led Delegation Meets With Jordanian King To Discuss Syria
Stakes Are High For Johnson's Brexit Deal In 'Super Saturday' Vote
Kurds Claim Turkey Attack Persists, Say They Won't Accept 'Surrender'
Experts Fear ISIS Could Capitalize On Chaos In Syria
'El Chapo's' Son At The Center Of Shootout Between Cartel, Police
Turkey's 120-Hour Pause In Syria Catches Backlash In U.S.
Carles Puigdemont Turns Himself In To Belgian Authorities
New Brexit Deal Could Mean Big Changes For Northern Ireland
Deadly Shootouts Kill 28 People In Unceasing Mexican Drug Violence
Pence Says Turkey Has Agreed To 120-Hour Cease-Fire In Syria
Why Thousands Of Cuban Asylum Seekers Are Stuck In Mexico
Catalan Leader Calls For Region's Independence As Protests Continue
U.K., EU Agree On Outline Brexit Deal, But It Still Faces Obstacles
U.S. Economic Sanctions Unlikely To Deter Turkish Offensive
Hundreds Arrested In Worldwide Child Exploitation Website Bust
Erdoğan Says He Will Meet With Pence In Turkey To Discuss Cease-Fire
Hong Kong Leader Forced To Abandon Speech After Protests
U.S. House Approves Bills Supporting Hong Kong Protests
London Bans All Protests Linked To Climate Group Extinction Rebellion
Russian Troops Move Into Syria After U.S. Troops Withdraw
China Resumes Streaming NBA Games
China Says It's Already Bought Large Amounts Of U.S. Pork, Sorghum
EU Countries Ban Arms Sales To Turkey
North Korea Hosts Historic Inter-Korean World Cup Qualifier Match
President Trump Authorizes Sanctions Against Turkey
Former UN Ambassador: Abandoning Kurds Is 'Reckless', 'Impetuous'
New Zealand To Create Unit To Tackle Online Extremism
Spain's Supreme Court Sentences Catalan Separatist Leaders To Prison
Rescue Crews In Japan Search For Survivors Following Typhoon Hagibis
Syrian Army To Help Kurds Fight Turkey In Northern Syria
China's President Issues Blanket Threat Amid More Hong Kong Protests
U.S. And China Agree On The Outlines Of A Partial Trade Deal
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
U.S.-Japan Deal Sets New Bilateral Standards For Digital Trade
U.S. Sending Additional Troops To Saudi Arabia
Singapore Won't Allow Ads For High-Sugar Drinks
Renault Fires Its CEO In Abrupt Leadership Change
U.K. And Ireland 'See A Pathway' To A Possible Brexit Deal
Turkey's Plan For A Syrian 'Safe Zone' Might Create More Refugees
Who Are The Kurdish People?
Apple Pulls Police Tracking App Used By Hong Kong Protesters
North Korea May Reverse Steps It's Taken To 'Build Trust' With U.S.
2 Killed During Attempted Attack On German Synagogue
Citing Cash Shortage, U.N. Says It May Not Meet Payroll By Month's End
Trump Might Pull U.S. Out Of International Surveillance Treaty
Turkey Military Operations Underway In Northern Syria
U.S. To Impose Visa Restrictions On Chinese Officials For Uighur Abuse
Uighurs In China Decry 'Re-Education' Camps As Religious Persecution
Ecuador's President To Move Government Seat Amid Violent Protests
NBA Commissioner Says League Won't Apologize For GM's Tweet
Queen Approves Of Second Parliamentary Suspension
Carrie Lam Warns She Won't Rule Out China Intervention In Hong Kong
U.S. Signs 2 New Trade Deals With Japan
Houston Rockets Face Backlash From China After GM's Hong Kong Tweet
Explaining The Conflict Between Turkey, Syrian Kurds And The U.S.
Ecuador In State Of Emergency Over Fuel Protests
U.S. To Pull Troops Out Of Syria Ahead Of Turkish Military Operations
China Withdraws From Iran's South Pars Natural Gas Project
U.S. Says Talks With N. Korea Were 'Good' — The North Says Otherwise
U.S. Envoy Meets With Taliban A Month After Trump Calls Talks 'Dead'
Presidential Candidate John Delaney On 2020 And U.S. Foreign Policy
Lawsuit Seeks To Fine Or Jail Johnson If He Goes It Alone On Brexit
Northern Ireland Abortion Ban Found To Violate Human Rights Standards
Hong Kong's Carrie Lam Bans Protesters From Wearing Masks
4 Killed In Knife Attack At Paris Police Headquarters
The US Is Making Migrants Wait In Dangerous Mexican Towns Without Aid
U.K. Government To Prorogue Parliament For 6 Days
How Does The U.K. Supreme Court Work?
UK's New Brexit Proposal Would Create Special Trade Rules For Ireland
Teenage Protester Shot In Hong Kong Demonstrations
Netanyahu's Pre-Trial Corruption Hearings Starts
North Korea Launches Missile, Possibly From A Submarine
WTO Warns Of Economic Fallout From Trade Disputes As Exports Plunge
U.S.-North Korean Relations Are Still Tense Ahead Of Resumed Talks
North Korea Says It's Resuming Nuclear Talks With The U.S.
The People's Republic Of China Celebrates Its 70th Birthday
Volkswagen Hit With First-Of-Its-Kind Mass Lawsuit In Germany
Militants In Somalia Attack U.S. And Italy With Car Bombs And Guns
Saudi Crown Prince Speaks Out On Jamal Khashoggi's Death
China May Have Doubled Its Troop Presence In Hong Kong
Afghanistan Voter Turnout Diminished By Threats Of Violence
Boris Johnson Could Face Investigation For Ties To Businesswoman