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For Many Central American Migrants, The US Border Is The Only Hope
EU Announces Retaliatory Tariffs Against The US
Kim Jong-Un Wraps Up His Third Trip To China
North Korea To Return Remains Of Up To 200 US Service Members
UN Report: More Than 68 Million Were Forcibly Displaced In 2017
The US' Departure Could Weaken The UN Human Rights Council
The US Is Leaving The United Nations Human Rights Council
Looming Trade War Could Hurt US-China Cooperation On North Korea
Dream Jobs: Chocolate Maker
The US Is Suspending A Major Military Exercise With South Korea
North Korea's Leader Visiting China For Third Time This Year
Trump Is Threatening To Impose More Tariffs Against China
Surprise World Cup Victory Really Shook Mexico — Literally
Merkel May Get More Time To Reach Immigration Deal
Audi's CEO Arrested In Germany Over Concerns Of Evidence Suppression
Conservative Ivan Duque Wins Colombia's Presidential Election
Ships Carrying More Than 600 Migrants Arrive In Spain
Fire And Shooting Kill At Least 8 In Nicaragua, Ending Truce
US, South Korea Could Announce Pause Of 'Large-Scale' Joint Exercises
Second Attack During Afghanistan's Cease-Fire Leaves Several Dead
Reports: US To Leave UN Human Rights Council
US Targets China's Manufacturing In First Shots Of Possible Trade War
Trump: North Korea Already Started Returning Remains Of US Soldiers
New Zealand Is Planning To Tax Most Tourists
Pakistani Taliban Leader Reportedly Killed In Drone Strike
New Security Measures Around The Eiffel Tower Are Almost Complete
Trump Announces 25 Percent Tariff On $50B Worth Of Chinese Goods
US To Send $6.6 Million To Syrian Rescue Group
American Reportedly Among Dozens Arrested In Vietnam Protests
Argentina Gets Closer To Legalizing Elective Abortion
Angela Merkel Could Lose Power Over German Immigration Policies
Facing An Aging Population, Japan Lowers Its Legal Age Of Adulthood
Vladimir Putin Invites Kim Jong-Un To Visit Russia
China Chalks Up A Win In Singapore, But Tariffs Could Spoil The Mood
North Korean Defector Opens Up About Trump-Kim Summit
World Cup Overshadows Numerous Competing Countries' Crises
Recovered Copy Of 1493 Christopher Columbus Letter Returned To Vatican
2 Norwegian Lawmakers Have Nominated Trump For 2019 Nobel Peace Prize
Pompeo: North Korea Sanctions Will Remain Until Full Denuclearization
Greek, Macedonian Prime Ministers Face Backlash Over Name-Change Deal
UN Condemns Israeli Action Against Palestinian Protesters In Gaza
Special Edition Of 'The Why': Singapore Summit
Secretary Pompeo Pitches North Korea's Neighbors On Singapore Deal
Watchdog Group: Sarin And Chlorine Likely Used In Syria Attacks
Volkswagen To Pay $1.2 Billion Fine In Germany For Emissions Scandal
Georgia's Prime Minister Has Resigned After Anti-Government Protests
Ireland To Hold A Referendum On Blasphemy Law
Iraq's Prime Minister Says He's Opposed To An Election Redo
Robert Mueller Says Russia Is Still Trying To Meddle In US Elections
N. Korean Media Report Trump, Kim Agree To Visit One Another
The Future Of South Korea-US Military Training Is Unclear
To End A Feud With Greece, Macedonia Will Move To Change Its Name
Congress Is Split On The Outcome Of The US-North Korea Summit
Trump And Kim's Singapore Agreement Looks A Lot Like Past Agreements
Trump, Kim Commit To Recovering US Military Remains From Korean War
Trump And Kim Sign An Agreement On Denuclearization
Families Still Pressing For Answers, Decades After Korean Massacres
Venezuela Sees First Case Of Polio In Nearly 30 Years
President Trump, Kim Jong-Un Meet For Historic Summit In Singapore
The Singapore Summit Is A PR Win For Kim Jong-Un And Trump
Pope Accepts The Resignations Of 3 Chilean Church Leaders
US Announces New Sanctions On Russian Individuals And Entities
The Full Rundown Of The Trump-Kim Summit
3 Gulf States Pledge $2.5 Billion In Aid To Jordan
Cuba Says Officials Can't Find Cause Of Mysterious Medical Symptoms
North Korea Defector Now Runs Counter-Propaganda Broadcast From Seoul
600 Migrants Headed To Spain After Italy Refused To Let Ship Dock
Baghdad Warehouse Storing Ballot Boxes From May Election Catches Fire
Trump To Meet One-On-One With Kim During Historic Summit
Singapore Says It's Footing The Bill For The Trump-Kim Summit
DOJ Calls DACA Unlawful, Says It Won't Defend Program In Lawsuit
Korean Millennials Open Up To Newsy About War, Dating And Jobs
Putin Says He's Ready For A One-On-One Meeting With Trump
Hopes For Unified G7 Statement Seemingly Dashed After Trump Tweet
President Trump, Kim Jong-Un Arrive In Singapore For Historic Summit
Pope Francis: 'There Is No Time To Lose' On Climate Action
Taliban Agrees To Cease-fire With Afghan Forces
Picture A Revitalized Asia-Pacific Region ... Thanks To North Korea
Trump: Russia Should Be Allowed Back In G7
Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Atmosphere Hit Record High In 2018
What Made The Trump-Kim Summit Possible?
Trump To Leave The G7 Summit Early
President Trump's Tariffs Might Lead To Some Uncomfortable G7 Moments
Grenfell Fire: Police Investigate Fire Service's Order To Stay Put
If Summit Is A Success, Kim Jong-Un Might Get A White House Invitation
Spain Swears In New Cabinet With Record Number Of Women Ministers
Head Of Guatemala's Disaster Management Agency Faces Calls To Resign
Afghanistan's President Calls Ceasefire Between Afghan Forces, Taliban
Shinzo Abe Wants Trump To Stick Up For Japan At North Korea Summit
Apprehensions At The US Southern Border Increased In May
Guatemalan Kids Burned In Volcanic Eruption Arrive In US For Treatment
Some Consulate Employees In China Sent To US After Strange Illness
North Korea Reportedly Razing Part Of A Missile Test Site
Iraq's Parliament Votes For Election Recount
EU Announces New Tariffs On Dozens Of Goods From The US
European Court Rules All EU Nations Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages
As Some Saudi Women Prepare To Drive, Vocal Activists Are Behind Bars
Airspace Over Singapore To Be Restricted During US-North Korea Summit
Germany, France, Britain Send US A Letter On Iran Sanctions Exemptions
Dennis Rodman Reportedly Headed To Singapore During Trump-Kim Summit