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North Korea Calls Denuclearization Talks With US 'Regrettable'
Mexico's President-Elect Proposes 'Transitional Justice' In Drug War
Taliban Rejects Peace Talks With Afghan Government
Sizable Tax Debt Could Prevent Passport Renewal
UK Leaders Have Reached An Agreement On Brexit Terms
Syrian Government Forces Take Back Major Border Crossing
Another Country Is Retaliating Against US Steel And Aluminum Tariffs
Trump's 'Working Visit' To England Will Include Meeting The Queen
US Resettled Fewer Refugees Than The Rest Of The World In 2017
China Enters The Trade War With Reluctance — And Defiance
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Sentenced On Corruption Charges
US Sanctions 3 Nicaraguan Officials Over Violence And Corruption
US Tariffs On $34B Worth Of Chinese Goods Take Effect
More Mexican Tariffs Go Into Effect, Hitting Pork And Dairy Industries
How A Jailed Teen Sparked Discussion On Child Marriage And Rape
Fireworks Explosions Kill 19 In Mexico's Pyrotechnic Capital
Pompeo Visits North Korea To Hammer Out Specifics Of Denuclearization
There's An Alternative World Cup For Unrecognized Nations
Europe Might Do Away With Daylight Saving Time
US Tariffs Go Into Effect On Chinese Goods At Midnight
Merkel Open To Reducing EU Tariffs On American Cars
ZTE Taps A New CEO As It Scrambles To Fulfill Deal With US Government
Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Traveling To North Korea
UK Asks Russia For Details After Latest Novichok Poisoning
Boys Stuck In Thai Cave Reportedly Not Well Enough To Attempt Exit
AP: Trump Asked Aides About Invading Venezuela Last Year
Merkel Warns New Auto Tariffs Could Start A Trade War
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Charged With Corruption
Japanese Prime Minister Reportedly Scraps Trip To Iran
UK Police: Amesbury Victims Poisoned By Nerve Agent Novichok
Thailand Cave Rescue: Crews Debate How To Get Boys Out Amid Rains
Don't Judge NATO Allies Solely By Their Spending Targets
Trump Criticizes NATO Members On Defense Spending
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Agrees To Build Migrant Border Camps
Australian Archbishop Sentenced For Concealing Child Sex Abuse
Mexican President-Elect, President Trump Have 'Respectful' Phone Call
Bolton Pushes Breakneck Pace For North Korea Disarmament — Again
Missing Thai Soccer Team Found Alive In Cave
Germany's Interior Minister Threatens To Quit Over Migration Policies
Andrés Manuel López Obrador Has Been Elected Mexico's Next President
Judge Extends FEMA Housing For Puerto Rican Hurricane Survivors
Canada Hits US With $12.6 Billion In Retaliatory Tariffs
President Trump Pushing Saudi Arabia To Produce More Oil
Report: North Korea Is Still Enriching Uranium
Thousands Of Syrians Flee Latest Regime Offensive
Elections Could Give Mexico A New Approach On Violent Crime
Mnuchin Calls Threats To Leave World Trade Org An 'Exaggeration'
EU Leaders Reach Deal On Migrants After Overnight Negotiations
UN Migrant Organization Rejects Trump's Nominee For Director
Italy's Hard-line Immigration Stance Could Threaten EU Summit
France May Require Monthlong National Service For 16-Year-Olds
White House Announces Details About Meeting Between Trump And Putin
Air Pollution Is Killing Thousands Of African Children, Study Says
Poland Undoes Part Of Its Controversial Holocaust Law
Migrant Ship Docks In Malta After Days Stranded At Sea
Putin And Trump Will Have A Face-To-Face Meeting In July
North Korea Is Reportedly Making Upgrades To A Nuclear Facility
Mexico May Turn To A Populist To Fix Crime And Corruption Problems
Queen Approves Proposed Law That Would Allow Brexit To Happen
Macedonia's President Refuses To Sign Off On Name Change
Saudi Women Still Face Barriers To Getting Behind The Wheel
Erdogan Wins Another Term As Turkey's President With Expanded Powers
Saudi Arabia Ends Ban On Women Drivers
'People's Vote' Marchers Demand Final Say On Brexit
What's At Stake In Turkey's Presidential Election
UN: Venezuelan Security Forces Killed Hundreds
New OPEC Deal Could Mean Lower Gas Prices
North, South Korea To Briefly Reunite Families Kept Apart For Decades
There Aren't Many Laws Governing Facial Recognition At US Airports
Sara Netanyahu Charged With Fraud, Breach Of Trust
Turkey Announces Retaliatory Tariffs On US Goods
England Addresses Domestic Violence Spike During World Cup
Hungary Just Took Steps To Crack Down On Illegal Immigration
For Many Central American Migrants, The US Border Is The Only Hope
EU Announces Retaliatory Tariffs Against The US
Kim Jong-Un Wraps Up His Third Trip To China
North Korea To Return Remains Of Up To 200 US Service Members
UN Report: More Than 68 Million Were Forcibly Displaced In 2017
The US' Departure Could Weaken The UN Human Rights Council
The US Is Leaving The United Nations Human Rights Council
Looming Trade War Could Hurt US-China Cooperation On North Korea
Dream Jobs: Chocolate Maker
The US Is Suspending A Major Military Exercise With South Korea
North Korea's Leader Visiting China For Third Time This Year
Trump Is Threatening To Impose More Tariffs Against China
Surprise World Cup Victory Really Shook Mexico — Literally
Merkel May Get More Time To Reach Immigration Deal
Audi's CEO Arrested In Germany Over Concerns Of Evidence Suppression
Conservative Ivan Duque Wins Colombia's Presidential Election
Ships Carrying More Than 600 Migrants Arrive In Spain
Fire And Shooting Kill At Least 8 In Nicaragua, Ending Truce
US, South Korea Could Announce Pause Of 'Large-Scale' Joint Exercises
Second Attack During Afghanistan's Cease-Fire Leaves Several Dead
Reports: US To Leave UN Human Rights Council
US Targets China's Manufacturing In First Shots Of Possible Trade War
Trump: North Korea Already Started Returning Remains Of US Soldiers
New Zealand Is Planning To Tax Most Tourists
Pakistani Taliban Leader Reportedly Killed In Drone Strike
New Security Measures Around The Eiffel Tower Are Almost Complete
Trump Announces 25 Percent Tariff On $50B Worth Of Chinese Goods