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Global Citizen Hosts Social Media Rally, Pledging Summit For Ukraine
Russian Missile Kills At Least 52 At Crowded Ukrainian Train Station
Missile Strike Kills 50 At Ukraine Rail Station Crowded With People
Fox News Reporter Shares Condition Following Attack In Ukraine
U.S. Javelin Missile System Plays Key Role In Ukraine's Defense
Shanghai Lockdown Extended As COVID Cases Rise
United Nations Assembly Suspends Russia From Top Human Rights Body
Senate Votes 100-0 To End Russia Trade Status, Enact Oil Ban
Shanghai Battles Food Shortages Under Strict Virus Lockdown
Why China Is Accused Of Genocide Against Uyghurs
Mobile Crematoriums, Filtration Camps Among Russian War Crime Claims
U.S. Targets Putin's Daughters, Russian Banks In New Sanctions
Zelenskyy Urges U.N. Council To Oust Russia After Bucha Images
Mexico Remains Neutral, But Some Feel It's Cozying Up To Russia In War
War In Ukraine Brings Tension To Russian, U.S. Space Programs
Colorado Coffee Shop Donates To Ukrainian Animal Rescue
'Fortnite' Purchases Raise $144 Million For Ukraine Relief
Zelenskyy To Address U.N. Amid Outrage Over Civilian Deaths
Extent Of Civilian Casualties In Ukraine Brought To Light
President Biden Accuses Russia's Putin Of War Crimes In Ukraine
U.S. Seizes Yacht Owned By Oligarch With Close Ties To Putin
China Deploys Military, Doctors To Test 26M Shanghai Residents
'Fill The Silence With Your Music,' Zelenskyy Tells Grammys
Ukrainian Forces Continue Resistance, Take Back Territory From Russia
Ukraine Accuses Retreating Russians Of Civilian Massacre
Shanghai Lockdown Triggers Complaints As COVID Cases Rise
Lithuania Cuts Off Russian Gas Imports, Urges EU To Do Same
Kremlin Says Western Sanctions 'Beyond Reason'
Ukraine Says 765 Evacuate Besieged Mariupol
Ukrainian Forces Retake Areas Near Kyiv Amid Fear Of Traps
Russian Space Chief: Sanctions Could Imperil Space Station
U.K. Hits Record COVID-19 Levels; Nearly 5 Million Infected
Ramadan Kicks Off In Much Of Middle East Amid Soaring Prices
Ukraine's Internet System Is A Hidden Weapon In Its War With Russia
Talks Resume As Ukraine Denies Hitting Depot On Russian Soil
Ukraine: Russian Troops Leave Chernobyl Nuclear Site
1,000 Fighters From Putin's 'Shadow Army,' Wagner Group, Enter Ukraine
Europe's Baltic Nations Feel Renewed Fear Of Russian Aggression
Attention Turns To Donbas Region As Russia Focuses On Regional Control
Couple Travels To Ukraine To Save Family, Help War Effort
Israelis Feeling 'Insecure' After 5th Terror Attack In 2 Weeks
Global Effort Underway To Document Russian War Crimes In Ukraine
Russia Bombards Areas Where It Pledged To Scale Back
Number Of Ukraine Refugees Passes Worst-Case U.N. Estimate
Newsy Talks To Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's Former Spokesperson
How Will European Countries Deal With Refugee Influx Long-Term?
Far-Right Support For Vladimir Putin Is Cracking With Ukraine Invasion
Russian Mother And Daughter Stuck In New York City After Flight Ban
8-Year-Old And Friends Host Bake Sale Fundraiser For Ukraine Refugees
Russia Says It Will Scale Back Near Kyiv As Talks Progress
Prince Philip Honored At Memorial Nearly 1 Year After His Death
Ukraine Regains Some Territory From Russians As Attacks Continue
Shanghai Starts China's Biggest COVID-19 Lockdown In 2 Years
Zelenskyy Accuses West Of Cowardice In Helping Ukraine Fight
El Salvador Declares State Of Emergency Amid Killings
U.S.-Backed Group Gets Lifesaving Meds To Ukrainians Amid War
With Eye To China Investment, Taliban Now Preserve Buddhas
Ukrainian Parliament Member: 'We Need Much More Powerful Weapons'
Virginia Man Travels To Poland To Help Ukrainian Refugees
Russia Blocks German Newspaper's Website
Pope Steps Up Pleas For Talks To End 'Cruel And Senseless War'
Zelenskyy: West Needs More Courage In Helping Ukraine Fight
Second 'Black Box' Found In China Eastern Plane Crash
Fmr. Ukrainian Minister Of Infrastructure Describes War Destruction
Demonstrators In U.S. Call For Safety Of Ukrainian Children
Rocket Attacks Hit Ukraine's Lviv As Biden Visits Poland
Biden On Russia's Putin: `This Man Cannot Remain In Power'
Officials: Taliban Blocked Unaccompanied Women From Flights
NATO Deputy: Putin Can't Win His 'Unprovoked, Illogical' War
On Last Europe Day, Biden Meets With Polish Leader, Refugees
Shelled City In North Ukraine Fears Becoming 'Next Mariupol'
Safety Concerns For Ukrainian Surrogate Mothers And Babies
Does Mystery Superyacht Docked In Italy Belong To Vladimir Putin?
President Biden Visits U.S. Troops In Poland, Brings Aid For Ukraine
Yemen Rebels Strike Oil Depot In Saudi City Hosting F1 Race
60 Miles From Ukraine, Biden Sees Refugee Crisis In Poland
U.S., EU Announce Partnership To Undercut Russian Energy
Officials: 300 Dead In Airstrike On Theater In Mariupol
Volunteers Deliver Equipment To Ukrainian Troops On The Front Lines
Experts Say U.S. Companies Aren't Prepared To Deal With Cyberattacks
Russian Community In The U.S. Faces Backlash As War Wages On
North Korea Tests Long-Range Missile, Escalating Nuclear Tensions
U.N. Blames Russia For Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis, Urges Aid
Somali Female Lawmaker Among Scores Killed By Suicide Bomber
Ukraine Says Moscow Is Forcibly Taking Civilians To Russia
Searchers In China Find Wing, Engine Parts Following Plane Crash
U.S. To Expand Russia Sanctions, Accept 100K Ukrainian Refugees
State Department: Detained WNBA Star Griner Is In Good Condition
North Korea Tests First Long-Range Missile Since 2017
Zelenskyy To Press President Biden, NATO For More Support
The History Of NATO And How It Can Deter Russia
U.S. Finds Russian Troops Have Committed War Crimes In Ukraine
NATO: 7,000 To 15,000 Russian Troops Dead In Ukraine
Poland Orders Expulsion Of 45 Russians Suspected Of Spying
Zelenskyy Appeals To Japan For More Sanctions Against Russia
President Biden Seeks New Sanctions, Help For Ukrainians In Europe
London Olympic Pool Evacuated After Chlorine Gas Leak
One 'Black Box' Found In China Eastern Plane Crash
Who Is Chechen Warlord Ramzan Kadyrov?