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Photojournalist Describes Chaotic Journey From Kandahar To Kabul
KMGH: Afghan Woman Reflects On Her Childhood Under Taliban Rule
KNXV: Afghans Who Worked With U.S. Military Fear Taliban Retaliation
New Chinese Law Tightens Control Over Companies' User Data
Taliban Checkpoints Creating Chaos At Kabul Airport
Taliban Power Challenged With Protests On Independence Day
KOAA: Afghan Immigrants Plead For Safe Evacuation Of Loved Ones
Gold Star Families Reflect After 20 Years Of War
KGTV: Gold Star Mom Calls Afghan Situation 'Shameful'
KMGH: Colorado Man Pleads For Help Escaping From Kabul
Ashraf Ghani Speaks For First Time Since Fleeing Country
Afghans Protest Taliban In Emerging Challenge To Their Rule
Gold Star Families Reflect On Loved Ones Who Served In Afghanistan
Leaving Afghanistan: Afghans, Americans Face Chaos And Gunfire
U.S. Coast Guard Arrives In Haiti To Help
Foreign Governments Evacuating Afghanistan
“Was Our Intelligence Really So Poor?”
Afghanistan's Neighbors Brace For Aftermath Of Taliban Takeover
WTMJ: What's Causing Slow Passport Renewals?
A Harrowing Escape From Kabul
WEWS: Gold Star Family Reflects On Taliban Takeover
Taliban Trying To Control The Spread Of Information
World Leaders Criticize President Biden Over Afghanistan Withdrawal
Taliban Destroy Statue Of Foe, Stoking Fear Over Their Rule
Afghans Still Fear For Safety As Taliban Promises Peace
Sudoku Maker Maki Kaji, Who Saw Life's Joy In Puzzles, Dies
Senate Panel To Hold Hearing On Afghanistan Failures
Haiti Rescue Efforts Resume As Death Toll Rises To More Than 1,900
Taliban Tries To Rebrand Itself, But Words May Not Match Actions
A Look Inside An Afghan Displacement Camp In Kabul
Well-Preserved Skeletal Remains Provide Evidence Of Greek In Pompeii
Taliban Vow To Honor Women's Rights But Within Islamic Law
WFTS: The Struggle Behind Sending Help To Haiti
NATO Chief Blames Afghan Political Leaders For Military Collapse
Thousands Evacuated As Fire Sweeps Through French Forests
Evacuation Flights Out Of Kabul, Afghanistan Resume
KNXV: Afghan Refugee Fears For Women And Girls
KMGH: Colorado Veteran Questions The Chaotic Exit From Afghanistan
Haiti Quake Death Toll Rises To 1,419, Injured Now At 6,000
Former President Bush: Cut The 'Red Tape' For Refugees
Taliban Announce 'Amnesty,' Urge Women To Join Government
Exclusive: U.S. Embassy Sent Alert On Ghani Before Taliban Took Kabul
Haiti Caught Between Earthquake And Storm
International Reaction To The Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan
Afghan Refugees: A Community On Edge
Future Of Afghan Women Under Threat
President Biden Facing Pressure On Afghanistan Collapse
Activists Worry About Future For Afghan Women Under Taliban Rule
Protesters Urge President Biden To Take Action
What Happens Now After The Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan?
Final U.S. Embassy Cable From Kabul Hints At Afghan President's Escape
Biden Administration Surprised By Rapid Taliban Gains In Afghanistan
Concerns Grow Over U.S. Terror Threats After Taliban Takeover
Hamas Congratulates Taliban On Afghanistan Takeover
Chaos As Thousands Flee Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover
Why Recycling PPE Is Complicated
U.S. Ramps Up Evacuations As Taliban Seeks To Isolate Afghan Capital
U.N. Urges Taliban To Stop Offensive, Negotiate
Photographer Trapped In Kandahar Describes The Taliban's Takeover
Mexico City Marks Fall Of Aztec Capital 500 Years Ago
U.K. Police Say Man Who Shot And Killed 5 Had Gun License
Taliban Sweep Continues Across Afghanistan's South
Japan Races To Vaccinate As Coronavirus Surges
Taliban Take Kandahar, 12th Provincial Capital Of 34 Total
Why Have U.K. Kids Been Less Affected By Delta Than Those In The U.S.?
U.S. Sends 3,000 Troops To Kabul To Evacuate Embassy Staff
Afghan Women Athletes Face Uncertain Future Amid Taliban Push
Taliban Take 10th Afghan Provincial Capital
Experts Fighting A Moving Target As COVID Mutates
China Sentences Canadian To 11 Years In Case Tied To Huawei
Kremlin Critic Navalny Slapped With New Criminal Charges
Taliban Seizes Three More Provincial Capitals In Afghanistan
Death Toll Up To 65 In Algeria Wildfires
Ethiopia Armed Group Says it Has Alliance With Tigray Forces
Afghan Women Trained For Combat In Secret By U.S. Army
U.S. Vows To Isolate Taliban If They Take Government Control By Force
Bangladesh Begins Vaccinating Thousands Of Rohingya Refugees
U.N. Report Says World Is Heating At A Dangerously Fast Pace
Massive Fire Rages Through Greek Island, Prompts More Evacuations
U.N. Report Says Global Warming Is Nearing Limits
Break Dancers Are Eager To Hit Olympic Stage In 2024
Taliban Assassinate Afghan Media Chief In Kabul
At Least 10 Passengers Injured In Stabbings On Tokyo Train
China Criticizes U.S. Offer Of Refuge For Hong Kong Citizens
2 Belarus Coaches Removed From Olympics
Hezbollah Says It Fired Rockets After Israeli Airstrikes
Hiroshima Marks 76th Anniversary Of U.S. Atomic Bombing
Israel Launches Airstrikes On Lebanon In Response To Rockets
Vaccination Effort In U.K. Brings Relief
W.H.O. Chief Calls For Pause On COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots
Israel Responds After 3 Rockets Launched From Lebanon
China Seals City As Its Worst Virus Outbreak In A Year Grows
Leader Of Belarusian Exile Group Found Dead In Ukraine
China Orders Mass Testing in Wuhan Amid Delta Outbreak
German Court Sets Trial Date For Former Nazi Guard
U.S. To Evacuate Journalists, Aid Workers From Afghanistan
U.S. Expands Afghan Refugee Program Eligibility
Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Makes History At Olympics
Poland Grants Visa To Belarusian Olympian Who Sought Asylum
Death Toll Triples To More Than 300 In Recent China Flooding