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Terrorists Can Easily Target Civilians On The Run
Taiwan Has To Use A Different Name, Flag and Anthem For The Olympics
South Africa's Main Political Party Is Basically Falling Apart
Obama Is Over People Thinking That Iran Money Was For Ransom
Charity Worker In Gaza Accused Of Stealing Money For Hamas
Bank of England Tries To Make Brexit Transition As Smooth As Possible
Tech Giants Are Fighting Extremist Propaganda With Propaganda
This Vietnamese Slum Gets Electricity From Plastic Buckets
China Hates Democracy So Much It Warns People Not To End Up Like Syria
Police Say Mental Health Was A 'Significant Factor' In London Stabbing
Mass Stabbing In London Leaves At Least 1 Dead, Several Injured
In The Philippines, Dealing With Drugs Could Be A Death Sentence
White House Insists $400 Million Was Not Iranian Hostage Ransom
Human Rights Groups: Australia Is Using Refugee Abuse As A Deterrent
A Lot Of Turks Are Side-Eyeing The US On Coup Involvement
Japan Has Another Close Call With A North Korean Missile
Dozens Are Missing After A Really Old Bridge Collapses In India
Pope Francis Criticized For Not Accepting Transgender Community
Chemical Weapons May Have Been Used In Syria — Again
A New Commission Could Allow Female Deacons In The Catholic Church
A Majority Of The World's Largest Animals Could Be Extinct By 2100
Typhoon Nida Pretty Much Shut Down Hong Kong
Syrian Kids Are Burning Tires To Create A DIY No-Fly Zone
A Reindeer Might Have Caused Siberia's Sudden Anthrax Outbreak
The Pope Says Violent Terrorism Doesn't Come From Islam
Uber Is Letting Its Rival Take Over China
Return Of The Jedi? 64,000 Australians Claim Jedi Is Their Religion
Muslims In France Attend Mass To Show Solidarity For Slain Priest
India Is Stepping In For Its Hungry Migrant Workers In Saudi Arabia
Breastfeeding Is Really Good For Babies, But Millions Can't Do It
1.7-Million-Year-Old Bone Shows Cancer Has Been Around For A Long Time
Does Violence In Kashmir Mean A Medicine Shortage?
Chernobyl May Produce Energy Again, But This Time It Will Be Clean
The Silence Was Deafening When Pope Francis Visited Auschwitz
Al-Qaeda's Syrian Affiliate Says It's Cutting Ties, But Is It Really?
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Germany Will Continue To Accept Refugees Despite Recent Attacks
In Daraya, Hunger And Barrel Bombs Plague Everyday Life
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Australia Is Investigating Videos For Mistreatment Of Teen Inmates
The Attackers Who Killed A French Priest Claimed Allegiance To ISIS
This Solar-Powered Plane FINALLY Made It Around The World
At Least 15 People Are Dead After A Knife Attack In Japan
A Siberian Tiger Mauled A Mother Who Was Trying To Rescue Her Daughter
Syrian Man Detonates Bomb Near German Music Festival
Explosion And Machete Attack Continue String Of Violence In Germany
French Border Checks Are Stranding Brits In Massive Traffic Jams
Russia Won't Be Banned From Competing At The Summer Olympics
Death And Destruction: China's Flooding Problem Strikes Again
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Suicide Bomb Attack In Kabul
Chinese Scientists Will Be First To Use CRISPR Gene Editing On Humans
Munich Shooter Was Under Psychiatric Care. So How Did He Get A Gun?
Turkey's 30-Day Detention Period Raises More Eyebrows After Coup
Meet Graham — He's Designed To Survive A Car Crash And Teach A Lesson
At Least 10 Dead In The Munich Mall Shooting, Including The Shooter
A Dying Breed: Why South Africa's Great White Sharks Are Disappearing
Indian Air Force Plane Carrying 29 People Disappears In Bay Of Bengal
Activists Say Coalition Airstrikes Killed Up To 160 Civilians In Syria
Malaysian Airlines Search Might Not Be In The Right Place
Attack In Nice: Suspect Had Help From Accomplices, Planned Ahead
Brazil Arrests 10 Terror Suspects Accused Of Plotting Olympics Attacks
Prince Harry Continues Princess Diana's Fight Against HIV And AIDS
US, New Zealand Share Bigger Issues Than A 30-Year-Old Nuclear Dispute
Turkey's New State Of Emergency Furthers Erdogan's Power Grab
Turkey's Academics Are Now Banned From Leaving The Country
3 French Soldiers Were Killed In A Helicopter Crash In Libya
Clean Up On Highway 401: Crash Drenches Roadway In Mayo, Dressing
Here Are All The Jobs Cut (So Far) In Turkey's Post-Coup 'Purge'
Competition Doesn't Come Cheap For US Olympians
IOC Is Now Exploring 'Legal Options' To Ban Russia From The Olympics
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Train Attack In Germany
In Nice, Victims Get Memorials While The Killer Gets A Garbage Pile
Is Social Media Harming Kids' Moral Development? UK Parents Think So
British Millennials Might Earn Less Than The Generation Before Them
Turkey's President Considers Bringing Back The Death Penalty
At Least 3 Americans Are Among The Victims In The Nice Terror Attack
Brexit May Risk Britain's Health And Science Research