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Global Aid Group Says It Is Facing Vaccination Roadblocks in Congo
Trump In New York As U.N. General Assembly Kicks Off Monday
Travelers Stranded After Tour Company Thomas Cook Suddenly Shuts Down
U.S. And India Reportedly Trying To Work Out Trade Deal By Sept. 30
Justin Trudeau Pledges To Ban Military-Style Assault Rifles
U.S. Grants Tariff Exemptions For Hundreds Of Chinese Goods
U.S. Withdraws $160 Million In Funding From Afghanistan
Nearly A Third Of Birds In U.S. And Canada Have Disappeared Since 1970
Global Climate Strike Kicks Off In Australia, Thailand And New Zealand
President Trump To Hear Possible Military Action Options Against Iran
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Apologizes For 'Racist' Dress
U.K. Says It Has Sent EU Ideas For Reworking Brexit Deal
Report Warns Of Global Pandemic Without 'Urgent' Prevention Measures
No Clear Winner In Israel Election
Fires Tied To Palm Oil Industry Ravage Indonesia Forests
Hong Kong Protest Leaders Urge U.S. To Put Pressure On China
U.N. Data Shows Number Of Global Migrants Has Spiked
Trump Announces He's Ordered New Sanctions On Iran
These Are The Volunteers Rescuing Dorian's Four-Legged Survivors
Israeli PM Netanyahu's Ties To Trump May Not Win Him Reelection
With Tensions High, Hong Kong Unveils Public Dialogue Program
Iran Says It's Not Open To Talks With The U.S.
Israelis Head To Polls For Second National Election This Year
U.K.'s Top Court To Decide If Parliament Suspension Was Illegal
UN: 600,000 Rohingya Still Face Threat Of Genocide In Myanmar
Oil Prices Jump After Attack On Saudi Plants
U.S. Service Member Killed In Afghanistan
UN General Assembly Features First Summit On Sustainable Development
Trump Administration Blames Iran For Saudi Oil Attacks
Hong Kong Enters 15th Consecutive Week Of Protests
'We Need You Guys To Keep Coming': How Tourism Helps The Bahamas
U.S. And Brazil Agree To Private Development In Amazon
White House Confirms Death Of Osama Bin Laden's Son
AP: Taliban Reps Head To Russia After Trump Cancels Peace Talks
Bahamas Shelters Top Capacity After Hurricane Dorian
Google Settles For Over $1B In French Tax Dispute
Hong Kong's Leader Unveils Housing Reforms Amid Demonstrations
China Eases Tariffs On U.S. Soybean Shipments
New Zealand Parliament Introduces Another Gun Control Bill
U.S. Won't Grant Protected Status To Bahamians Fleeing Dorian Damage
Netanyahu's Pledge To Annex West Bank Area Rattles Peace Process
Scientists Have Created 2 Northern White Rhino Embryos
U.K. Government Publishes 'Worst-Case' No-Deal Brexit Scenarios
U.S. Delays Next Round Of Tariffs On Chinese Goods
South Korea Files WTO Complaint Over Japan's Export Restrictions
Air Strikes In Syria May Amount To War Crimes, According To U.N.
Scottish High Court Rules UK Parliament Suspension Unlawful
China Lifts Tariffs On A Short List Of U.S. Goods
DOJ: Almost 300 Arrested In International Email Fraud Crackdown
Boris Johnson Faces Uncertain Path To Brexit During Parliament Hiatus
Telemedical Abortion Provider Sues FDA For Seizing Medications
What We Do And Don't Know About The U.S. Spy Extracted From Russia
Japan May Dump Toxic Water From Fukushima Into The Ocean
Honduras Is Not Planning To Sign 'Safe Third Country' Deal With U.S.
Parliament Suspension Starts After Johnson's Election Bid Fails
North Korea Fires Projectiles, Warns U.S. Ahead Of Potential Talks
U.K. House Of Commons Speaker John Bercow To Step Down
Summer Heat Waves Killed Nearly 1,500 People In France
Queen Elizabeth II Approves Legislation To Block No-Deal Brexit
Death Toll In Bahamas Rises To At Least 44 As Dorian Recovery Starts
British Airways Cancels Almost All Flights Over Pilot Strike
Hong Kong Once Again Warns Against Foreign Interference In Protests
Trump Cancels Secret Meeting With Taliban At Camp David
British Cabinet Member Resigns, Citing Lack Of Effort From Johnson
In Brazil's Amazon, Fires Threaten The Environment And Way Of Life
Iran Moves Further From Nuclear Deal, Activating Advanced Centrifuges
India's Historic Moon Landing Attempt Appears To Have Failed
Fires In Brazil Stoke Clash Between Economic Gain And Preservation
Ambassador: Leadership Requires Putting Country Over Politics
A Fraction Of Global Refugees Resettle In The U.S. Who Are They?
Looming Snap Election Could Create Domino Effect In Brexit Drama
Pakistan Warns 'Fullest Possible Response' In Kashmir Dispute
U.K. House Of Lords Approves Bill To Block No-Deal Brexit
Boris Johnson's Plan To Suspend Parliament Ruled Legal By High Court
Zimbabwe's Former President Robert Mugabe Dies At 95
Views From The Amazon: A Source Of Livelihood
New Study Links Soda Consumption To Higher Risk Of Death
Erdogan Says He'll Flood West With Refugees If No 'Safe Zone' In Syria
Dorian Heads Toward Carolinas As A Category 2 Storm
U.S. Imposes Duties On Steel From China And Mexico After Investigation
Hong Kong Leader Says China Supports Withdrawing The Extradition Bill
Next Round Of U.S.-China Trade Talks Scheduled For October
Iran To Abandon Another Commitment Under Nuclear Deal
Pope Francis Orders Vatican To Get Finances Under Control
Mike Pompeo Reportedly Declines To Sign Afghan Peace Agreement
U.N. Faults U.S., Western Arms Sales For Deepening Suffering In Yemen
Why The U.K. Might Hold Another Snap Election
Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Fully Withdraws Extradition Bill
What Happens If Hong Kong's Leader Resigns?
China Says It Can Declare State Of Emergency To Curb Hong Kong Unrest
Parliament Defies Johnson, Schedules A Vote On Delaying Brexit
Study Found Cancer Caused Higher Share Of Deaths In Some Countries
Brazil's President Might Miss A Meeting On Rainforest Fires He Called
Saudi Arabia's Air Strikes Are Killing Civilians With U.S. Weapons
Carrie Lam Says She's Never Tried To Resign As Hong Kong's Leader
Johnson Promises Oct. 31 Brexit Amid Reports Of 'Rebel' Conservatives
Iran Warns Of ‘Strong Step’ From 2015 Nuclear Deal If EU Doesn't Act
World's Longest Cruise Sets Sail From London
U.S. Signs 5G Technology Agreement With Poland
Students In Hong Kong Protest On First Day Of Class