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Sudan Military Says New Government Will Be Civilian-Led
Imprisoned Journalists Exposed A Massacre By Talking To The Suspects
New Zealand's New Ban On Military-Style Weapons Is Officially Law
South Korean Court Rules Decades-Old Abortion Ban Is Unconstitutional
US Charges WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange With Conspiracy
European Leaders, Britain Agree To Long Brexit Extension
VP Mike Pence Urges UN To Back Guaidó As Venezuela's Leader
Millions Of New Childhood Asthma Cases Linked To Traffic Pollution
How Netanyahu Managed To Clinch Tough Election In Israel
Open-Source Techniques Have Created A Whole New Kind Of Reporter
Maduro Says Venezuela Is Ready For International Aid
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wins Re-election
US Military Officials Revise Death Toll In Afghanistan Attack
EU Expected To Approve Another Brexit Delay
How Journalists Solved Murders From Thousands Of Miles Away
Turkey's Ruling Party Demands New Election For Mayor In Istanbul
US Threatens To Slap Tariffs On $11 Billion Of EU Goods
US Bars Entry To 16 Individuals For Their Roles In Khashoggi Murder
Algerian Parliament Names Interim President After Protests
Boeing Faces Another Wrongful Death Lawsuit After 737 MAX Crashes
Young Progressives Are Increasingly Critical Of Israel. Here's Why.
House Of Lords Approves Bill Forcing May To Seek A Brexit Delay
Press Freedom Is Still On Trial In Myanmar
The Brunei Hotel Boycott Highlights The Struggles Of LGBTQ Travelers
Canada May Regulate Social Media Platforms Ahead Of Election
'Implant Files' Exposes Dangers Of The Global Medical Device Industry
London Rolls Out New Charge For High-Pollution Vehicles
Singapore Seizes Over 14 Tons Of Pangolin Scales
US Labels Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps As Terrorist Organization
UK Government Unveils Plan To Crack Down On Harmful Online Content
US Temporarily Pulls Forces Out Of Libya Amid 'Increased Unrest'
Flooding In Iran Leaves 70 Dead And Thousands Displaced
Netanyahu Says If Re-elected, He'll Annex Part Of West Bank
US Imposes More Sanctions On Venezuela — This Time Targeting Cuba
Trump Administration Puts Hold On Sale Of Jet Fighters To Taiwan
Mass Bleaching Events Hurt The Great Barrier Reef's Ability To Rebuild
NATO Ministers Say Alliance Important As Ever, Despite Pressures
South Korea Declares National Emergency Amid Massive Wildfires
German Carmakers Accused Of Colluding To Slow Emissions Technology
Duterte: 'Suicide Mission' Possible If China Doesn't 'Lay Off' Island
Trump Says US Is 'Getting Very Close' To Trade Deal With China
The UK Pushes For Brexit Delay As European Elections Loom
House Passes Measure For U.S. Military Exit From Yemen
Australia Passes Law Against Violent Social Media Content
This Author Fled The Rwandan Genocide And Survived To Tell Her Story
Christchurch Suspect Will Face 50 Murder Charges In Friday Hearing
Report: Pilots Followed Procedures Before Ethiopian Airlines Crash
UK Lawmakers Rule Out A No-Deal Brexit
NATO's Leader Pitches A Renewed US-Europe Alliance To Congress
WHO Launches Vaccination Campaign To Combat Cholera In Mozambique
Algeria's President Steps Down Amid Widespread Protests
NASA Says Debris From India's Anti-Satellite Launch Poses Risk To ISS
Turkish President's Ruling Party Challenges Local Election Results
Pope Francis Admits Church's History Of Male Domination, Urges Change
New Zealand Gun Control Bill Passes First Of Three Votes
US Cancels Shipment Of F-35 Fighter Jet Equipment To Turkey
Japan's Next Era Will Be Called 'Reiwa' — Here's What It Means
UK Lawmakers Reject More Alternative Brexit Plans
After 70 Years, NATO Looks A Lot Different
Accuses China Of 'Reckless' Action After Jets Flown Over Border
China Expands Its Drug Law To Limit All Types Of Fentanyl
Woman Accused Of Killing Kim Jong-Un's Half-Brother Takes Plea Deal
China To Continue Suspending Tariffs On US Vehicles, Auto Parts
Over 40,000 Palestinians Mark Anniversary Of Mass Protest In Gaza
State Department Will End Aid To Central America's Northern Triangle
President Trump Demanded North Korea Turn Over Its Nuclear Arsenal
Red Cross Will Start Delivering Humanitarian Aid To Venezuela
South Korea: North Korea Is Almost Done Rebuilding Rocket Test Site
Thousands Protest UK Parliament After Failed Brexit Vote
Cholera Cases Spike In Cyclone-Ravaged Mozambique
American Airlines Stops All Venezuela Flights Indefinitely
UN Expert To Saudi Arabia: Make Khashoggi Death Investigation Public
British Parliament Rejects Theresa May's Brexit Deal A Third Time
Report: Stall-Prevention Feature Misfired On Ethiopian Airlines Plane
Trump To Meet With South Korea's President In April
Senators Introduce Bill To Stop Transfer Of F-35 Jets To Turkey
May's Offer To Quit Probably Won't Salvage Her Brexit Deal
Venezuela Bars Guaidó From Holding Public Office For 15 Years
Passengers Stranded As Wow Air Abruptly Ceases Operations
UK Criticizes Huawei For Failing To Fix Security Flaws
White Supremacy Is A Global Issue That Needs A Global Response
UK Lawmakers Approve New Brexit Date
Venezuela Chaos Tests Ties Between Putin And Maduro
Cholera Confirmed In Cyclone Ravaged Southern Africa
European Parliament Approves Ban On Some Single-Use Plastics
British PM Theresa May Says She'll Step Down If Her Brexit Deal Passes
India Becomes The Fourth Country To Test Anti-Satellite Weapons
EU Gets A Step Closer To Scrapping Daylight Saving Time
Russia Defends Decision To Send Troops To Help Support Nicolás Maduro
EU Citizens Living In UK Could Lose Some Rights After Brexit
Venezuelan Millennials Feel Isolated By Emigration Crisis
US-Israel History Laid Groundwork For Trump’s Pro-Israel Policies
US To Expand Policy That Bans Aid Recipients From Promoting Abortion
Conor McGregor Reportedly Being Investigated For Sexual Assault
Netanyahu Says Israel Will Keep Battling Hamas Amid Rumors Of A Truce
Venezuela Faces Yet Another Blackout
UK Parliament Takes Control Of Brexit Process
Officials Investigating After Norwegian Cruise Ship Evacuation
Trump Officially Recognizes Golan Heights As Part Of Israel
Deadly Ebola Outbreak In The Congo Surpasses 1,000 Cases