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Israel And Gaza Militants Agree To Cease-Fire After Violence
Israeli Air Raids Killed At Least 26 Palestinians In Gaza
WSJ: U.S. Drone Video Shows Turkish-Backed Forces Targeting Civilians
Court Rules Border Searches Of Electronics Violated Constitution
Senators Push To Pass Legislation Supporting Hong Kong Protesters
At Least 1 Dead After Historic High Tide Floods Venice
State Department Tells U.S. Citizens Not To Travel To Bolivia
EU Court: Food Made In Palestinian Territories Must Be Labeled As Such
U.N. Watchdog Says Iran Is Increasing Its Uranium Stockpile
Bolivia's Former President Morales Accepts Asylum In Mexico
Hong Kong Protesters Extend Demonstrations Into The Work Week
Gaza Launches Rockets After Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader
'Non-Lethal' Crackdown On Protests Turns Deadly In Iraq
First Ebola Vaccine Granted Conditional Approval
Australia In State Of Emergency Over 'Catastrophic' Fire Conditions
Chilean Government To Write New Constitution After Weeks Of Protests
LeBaron Family Members Flee Mexico After Cartel Massacre
State Department's George Kent To Testify Wednesday
Boeing Says The 737 Max Could Be Flying Again In January
Turkey Starts Repatriating Captured ISIS Fighters
More Than 500 U.S. Troops To Remain In Syria
Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns Over Calls Of Election Fraud
Hong Kong Protest Descends Into Chaos As Man Is Lit On Fire
Iran Has Discovered An Oil Field Containing Over 50 Billion Barrels
Iran Says It's Now Enriching Uranium To 5%, Has Capacity Of 60%
Iran Says There's A Missing Persons Case Into Former FBI Agent
Brush Fires Rage Across New South Wales In Australia
Turkey Likely To Start Repatriating ISIS Militants On Monday
Essex Police: All 39 People Found Dead In Truck Have Been Identified
International Criminal Court Gives Historic Sentence For War Crimes
U.N. Votes To Condemn U.S. Embargo On Cuba
Hong Kong Students Defy Ban, Wear Masks To Graduation
U.S. Calls On World To Address Iran Nuclear Escalation
Officials: Potential Suspect In Mexico Ambush Isn't Tied To Killings
Chinese-U.S. Joint Fentanyl Investigation Leads To 9 Convictions
Italy To Become First Country To Require Climate Change Education
Landmark Equal Pay Deal Struck For Australian National Soccer Teams
Yemeni Government, Separatists Sign Deal To End Power Struggle
Ambush In Mexico Leaves 9 Members Of American Family Dead
Female Members Of Parliament Resigning, Claiming Threats And Abuse
Iran To Start Injecting Uranium Gas Into Centrifuges
U.S. And China Consider Rolling Back Tariffs To Seal Trade Deal
U.K. House Of Commons Elects New Speaker
8 More Arrested After 39 People Are Found Dead On Truck
Tensions Between The United States And Iran Go Back Decades
Investigation Finds Elevated Lead Levels In Canadian Water
Dozens Injured In Wave Of Violent Hong Kong Protests
Smog In New Delhi Causes Public Health Emergency
El Salvador Expels Maduro's Diplomats, Backs Venezuelan Opposition
Iran's Supreme Leader Renews Ban On Negotiations With U.S.
Essex Police: 39 People Found Dead In Truck Believed To Be Vietnamese
Bombs, Smugglers And Shots Fired: The Flight From Syria To Iraq
WTO Rules China Can Hit U.S. With $3.6 Billion In Retaliatory Tariffs
'Order!': U.K. House Of Commons Speaker John Bercow Steps Down
Spain Offers To Host U.N. COP25 Environmental Summit
U.S. Reportedly Withholding $105 Million In Aid For Lebanon
North Korea Confirms Rocket Launcher Test Amid Stalemate With U.S.
From Iraq: Syrian Kurds Fleeing Their Homeland Have Few Good Options
ISIS Announces New Leader After Baghdadi's Death
North Korea Fires 2 Projectiles Into Sea Amid Stalemate With U.S.
Video Evidence Sheds Light On Executions Near Turkey-Syria Border
U.S. Refugee Admissions Headed For Historic Lows, With None In October
Inquiry On Grenfell Tower Fire Finds Fire Brigade 'Failings'
Facebook And U.K. Government Settle Over Cambridge Analytica Breach
U.S. House Passes Bill Imposing Sanctions On Turkey
House Of Commons Approves Early December Election
Lebanon's Prime Minister Resigns Amid Nationwide Protests
Hong Kong's Economy Takes A Major Hit Amid Continuing Demonstrations
Family Of Harry Dunn Suing Trump Administration, Diplomat's Wife
What Will Baghdadi's Death Mean For The Future Of ISIS?
Steven Mnuchin Vows To Toughen Sanctions On Iran
U.K. PM Boris Johnson Loses Bid For Snap Election
U.S. Announces New 'Mechanism' For Humanitarian Aid To Iran
Thousands Protest In Barcelona Over Catalonia Separation
North Korea Warns U.S. Not To Ignore Deadline For Talks
Hong Kong Entering Technical Recession Amid Ongoing Protests
EU Approves Brexit Extension
Polio Is Closer To Being Eliminated Completely Than Ever Before
Driver Facing Charges After 39 Bodies Found In Truck
Violence, Deaths In Chile Signal Crisis Over Economic Woes In Americas
Indonesia's Final Report On Lion Air Crash Blames Multiple Factors
Turkey Reportedly Attacks Syrian Kurdish Fighters Despite Cease-fire
Vice President Pence Criticizes NBA, Nike Over Hong Kong Controversy
Hong Kong's Extradition Fight Ends, But Not The Demands For Democracy
British PM Calls For Snap Elections Days Ahead Of Brexit Deadline
Kashmiri Elections Questioned As Results Roll In
U.S. Investigating Allegations Of Turkish War Crimes
After 4 Years Of Strikes, Russia Emerges As Key Player In Syria
U.S. Is Lifting Sanctions Placed On Turkey Related To Syrian Invasion
More Than 7,000 Syria Refugees Flee To Iraq In Past Week
U.N. Official: Risk Of Rohingya Genocide In Myanmar Only Getting Worse
Hong Kong Legislature Formally Withdraws Bill That Sparked Protests
Same-Sex Marriage And Abortion Are Now Legal In Northern Ireland
U.K. Parliament Approves Brexit Bill But Rejects Johnson's Timetable
Samantha Power On Reconciling Her Beliefs With Obama's Syria Policy
Brexit Poses Direct Threat to U.K. Adult Care
As Cease-fire Ends In Syria, The Situation May Be Even More Volatile
Trump Administration Gives $4.5 Million To Syria's White Helmets
Iraq Military Says U.S. Troops From Syria Can't Stay
U.S. Awarded Possession Of North Korean Cargo Ship