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Ukraine And Russia Presidents Meet Face To Face For Peace Talks
Hundreds of Thousands Gather For Largest Hong Kong Protest In Months
Factory Fire In New Delhi Kills At Least 43
U.S. Military Officials Say Iran Is Stashing Missiles In Iraq
WHO, CDC Say Measles Cases Spiked Globally Last Year
London's Fire Chief Resigns Amid Grenfell Tower Fire Criticism
Washington Says Iran May Have Killed Over 1,000 Iranians Amid Protests
China To Waive Tariffs On Some U.S. Pork, Soybean Purchases
U.S.-France Trade Fight Is The Latest Front In Digital Tax Debate
DOJ Unseals Indictment Against Russian Nationals In Hacking Case
Vaccine Alliance To Fund Global Stockpile Of Ebola Vaccines
Mass Strikes Over Macron's Pension System Overhaul Disrupt France
WSJ: White House Considering Sending 14,000 More Troops To Middle East
Huawei Sues FCC Over New Restrictions
President Trump Cancels NATO Press Conference
House Votes To Sanction Chinese Officials For Uighur Abuse
Huawei Moving U.S. Research Center To Canada
Typhoon Forces Mass Evacuations In The Philippines
North Korea Threatens U.S. With Unwanted 'Christmas Gift'
Climate Summit Kicks Off With Dire Warnings From Top U.N. Officials
A Shot From Police Killed A Protester In Colombia. Here's How We Know.
Zelenksyy Denies Quid Pro Quo But Questions Hold On Aid To Ukraine
What's On President Trump's Agenda For The NATO Leaders Summit?
Samoa To Shut Down Government To Help With Measles Outbreak
Israel's Attorney General Files Indictment Against Netanyahu
Trump Imposes Steel And Aluminum Tariffs On Brazil, Argentina
China Retaliates Against U.S. For Support Of Hong Kong Protests
At Least 20 People Killed In Weekend Shootings In Northern Mexico
Reuters: EU Antitrust Regulators Investigating Google Data Collection
Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Stabbing 3 Teens In The Netherlands
European Space Agency Gets More Funding For Future Space Exploration
Daimler To Lay Off Thousands Of Workers Over 2 Years
European Parliament Declares 'Climate Emergency' To Reduce Emissions
Trump Says Taliban Wants To 'Make A Deal' — Here's Where Talks Stand
After Weeks Of Protests, Iraqi Prime Minister Says He'll Resign
EU 'Categorically' Denies That It Will Ever Force Cats To Stay Inside
President Trump Makes Surprise Trip To Afghanistan On Thanksgiving
Colombians Protest Over Economic Concerns, Teen's Death
Hong Kong Man Files Complaint About Broadcast Of Forced Confession
U.S. To Reduce Its Contribution To NATO's Central Budget
Northern Ireland To Restart Talks To Restore Devolved Government
President Trump Signs Bills Supporting Hong Kong Protesters
Measles Outbreak In Samoa Kills At Least 33, Prompting Help From CDC
New European Commission President Pledges To Focus On Climate Change
Trump Seeks 'Terrorist' Designation For Mexican Drug Cartel Networks
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Cleared Of Protesters
Syrian Refugees Seek Way To Avoid Serving In Hostile Military
Amid Civil War And Famine, Yemen Is Facing A New Killer: Dengue Fever
Human Rights Group Says More Journalists Arrested In Saudi Arabia
Rescue Operations Underway Following Deadly Earthquake In Albania
Washington Post: Emails Show Effort to Justify Ukraine Aid Withholding
Leaked Documents Reveal China's Directive For Detention Camps
Yazidi Family Finds Safety In Syrian Refugee Camp
Thieves Steal 'Priceless' Diamond Jewelry From German Museum
Uber Lost Its License To Operate In London
France Unveils New Measures To Help Prevent Domestic Violence
Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Score Big In Hong Kong Election
Record Number Of Voters Turned Out For Hong Kong's Local Election
President Trump Weighing Whether To Sign Hong Kong Bill
Report: Chilean Security Forces Seeking To Injure, Punish Protesters
FCC Moves To Keep China Out Of U.S. Telecom Networks
Another Arrest Made In Connection To 39 Bodies Found In Truck
Netanyahu Vows To Stay In Office Despite Bribery And Fraud Charges
81% Of The World's 11-To-17-Year-Olds Aren't Active Enough
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted On Corruption Charges
Israel's Leadership In Doubt After Second Failure To Form A Government
China Urges Trump To Veto Hong Kong Legislation
Pentagon Denies Report About Possible Troop Cuts In South Korea
U.K.'s Prince Andrew To 'Step Back' From Royal Duties
Few Dozen Protesters Remain At Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Reactions To Protests At Hong Kong's Polytechnic University
McDonald's To Repay New Zealand Workers For Incorrect Holiday Wages
U.S. And South Korea Talks Break Down Over Defense Costs
Sweden Ends Julian Assange Rape Investigation
North Korea Says It's Not Interested In Further Talks With The U.S.
Protesters Still Clashing With Police At Hong Kong University
U.S. Will No Longer Consider Israeli Settlements Illegal
NYT: Leaked Documents Expose China's Crackdown On Uighur Muslims
Russia Returns Seized Ships To Ukraine
Venice Flooded Again After Another Exceptionally High Tide
Turkey Returns Suspected American ISIS Member To The U.S.
Chinese Troops Clean Streets After Protesters Disperse In Hong Kong
Many Hong Kong Protesters Abandon Camp At University
Kurdish Refugees React To Turkish Military Operation
U.S. Wants South Korea To Pay A Lot More For American Troops
North Korea Says U.S. Has Offered New Round Of Nuclear Negotiations
Israel Resumes Air Strikes Against Islamic Jihad Despite Ceasefire
International Court Opens Investigation Into Crimes Against Rohingya
Rubio: Huawei Ban Shouldn't Be Part Of U.S.-China Trade Negotiations
EU Takes Legal Action Against U.K. For Not Naming New Commissioner
Death Toll Rises As Bush Fires Continue In Australia
North Korea Threatens Retaliation If U.S. Proceeds With Aerial Drills
World Health Organization Approves Ebola Vaccine
College Campuses In Hong Kong Have Become Main Hub For Protesters
Israel And Gaza Militants Agree To Cease-Fire After Violence
Israeli Air Raids Killed At Least 26 Palestinians In Gaza
WSJ: U.S. Drone Video Shows Turkish-Backed Forces Targeting Civilians
Court Rules Border Searches Of Electronics Violated Constitution
Senators Push To Pass Legislation Supporting Hong Kong Protesters
At Least 1 Dead After Historic High Tide Floods Venice