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As Winter Begins, $1,000 Fine For Giving Supplies To DAPL Activists
Charlotte Officer Who Shot And Killed Keith Scott Will Not Be Charged
The US Government Is Expected To Forgive $108 Billion In Student Debt
Ex-NFL Star Darren Sharper Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Rape
ISIS Calls Ohio State Attacker A 'Soldier Of The Islamic State'
Donald Trump's DC Hotel Is A Big Conflict Of Interest
Trump's Transportation Secretary Pick Is No Stranger To White House
More Than 860 Hate Crimes Were Reported After The Election
At Least Three Dead In Tennessee Wildfires
San Diego Lawyer Arrested For Planning To Distribute Cocaine
Forget Black Friday Shopping — People Spent $100K To Dig A Big Hole
Black Lives Matter Defends Fidel Castro In Opinion Piece
Former Classmates Of This White Supremacist Get An 'A' For Spite
Walt Disney World Gives Fans A Look At Its Upcoming 'Avatar' Land
This Pageant Contestant Made An Impact With Her Hijab, Not A Crown
A Texas Elector Quit His Job Instead Of Voting For Donald Trump
Suspect Killed, 9 Injured In Attack At Ohio State University Campus
Charleston Church Shooting Suspect Will Represent Himself In Court
Why Hate Crime Statistics Are Unreliable In The US
How Kellyanne Conway Feels About Romney For Secretary Of State
The National Zoo's Baby Panda Is Recovering From Lifesaving Surgery
Hero And Villain: Fidel Castro's Divided Legacy
Dakota Pipeline Protesters Ordered To Vacate Standing Rock
Climate Change Is Causing A Lot Of Cold And Snow — For Now
Is Literacy A Constitutional Right?
Smashing Away Stress Is Now All The Rage
The US Divorce Rate Hits Another Low
Judge Says Suspect In SC Church Shooting Can Stand Trial
Florence Henderson, 'The Brady Bunch' Mom, Has Died
Poverty Isn't Seasonal, So Why Is Giving?
Your Body Isn't Built For Thanksgiving
ISIS Leads NYPD To Increase Thanksgiving Parade Security
Personal Information Of Over 130,000 US Sailors Has Been Leaked
Wayne State University Officer Dies After Shooting; Suspect Arrested
Why Does The NFL Always Play On Thanksgiving?
Trump Taps School-Choice Advocate Betsy DeVos For Education Secretary
Thanksgiving In Space Isn't As Glamorous As It Sounds
Different Table, Different Story: Let's Talk Thanksgiving Traditions
Turns Out Weed Is In High Demand On Black Friday
Turkey Day Travel Will Be At Its Highest Since 2007
Here's Why Seat Belts Aren't Required On All School Buses
What Now, America?
Dreaming Of A White Christmas? These US Cities Expect It
The Kansas Waterslide That Killed A 10-Year-Old Boy Will Be Demolished
President Obama Presides Over His Last Medal Of Freedom Ceremony
Trump Condemns Neo-Nazis In Meeting With New York Times
Do We Really Need A First Lady?
Obama Has Cut Sentences Of Over 1,000 Inmates — And He's Not Done
More Americans Will Become Millionaires In 2017, But It's Not All Good
D.C. Restaurant Apologizes For Accidentally Hosting White Nationalists
The White House Turkey Pardon: Obama At His Corniest
Trump Won't Push For Clinton Investigations After All
Trump Wants A 'Cordial And Productive' Relationship With The Media
School Bus Driver Arrested After Crash Killed 5 Students
White Nationalists May Find A Home Under Trump Presidency
The United States Of America Isn't So United Right Now
Millions Of US Kids Aren't Seeing A Doctor Regularly
Priests Can Still Forgive Abortions, Thanks To Pope Francis
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Could Be Let Loose In Florida
In Just 24 Hours, 4 Police Officers Were Shot In The Line Of Duty
Google's Most Popular Thanksgiving Searches Are All About Food
Mitt Romney Might Go From Trump Critic To Cabinet Member
Will The Trumps Live In The White House?
56-Year-Old Astronaut Becomes Oldest Woman In Space
Trump Wants The Cast Of 'Hamilton' To Apologize To His Vice President
Roger Ailes Accuser Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment
Here's Why Muslims Might Be Wary Of Trump's National Security Adviser
Paper Could Soon Be The Way Cyclists Stay Safe
Trump University Cases Settled For $25 Million
So You Want To Bring A Turkey On An Airplane ...
Zoo's Gorilla Barrier Didn't Meet Standards When Harambe Died
Trump Announces Picks For Three Key Roles In His Administration
Dr. Phil Accused Of Exploiting 'The Shining' Star's Mental Illness
Surgeon General Urges Public To See Addiction As A Disease
The Upcoming Congress Is The Most Racially Diverse In US History
Since The First Thanksgiving, American Food Has Been Immigrant Food
In Her First Speech Since Conceding, Clinton Says To 'Persevere'
NSA Director Confirms DNC Hack Was An Attack By A Foreign Government
The New York City Bombing Suspect Has Been Indicted
The Officer Who Killed Philando Castile Faces Manslaughter Charges
Oklahoma City Airport Reopens After Fatal Shooting
Soon You Can Smoke Weed At Denver Bars And Restaurants
Bernie Sanders Asks Obama To Declare Standing Rock A National Monument
Nancy Pelosi Might Have A Challenger For House Minority Leader
Reid Doesn't Hold Back On Senate Floor Rant About Trump
Oklahoma City Airport Closes After Fatal Shooting
Oxford Dictionaries Decides On 2016's Word Of The Year
It Looks Like Speaker Paul Ryan Is Ready To 'Make America Great Again'
A Southside Chicago Memorial That 'Shouldn't Be Here'
Tinder Just Became A Whole Lot More Inclusive
This Latte Art Makes Coffee Too Pretty To Drink — Almost
Key DAPL Construction Waits On Talks With Standing Rock Tribe
Rep. Keith Ellison Announces Candidacy For DNC Chair
'Making A Murderer' Subject Now Ordered To Remain In Prison
LAPD Says It Won't Change Its Deportation Policies Under Trump
Anti-Hate Groups Protest Breitbart Editor's Position In White House
Pioneering PBS Anchor Gwen Ifill Has Died
This Robot Solved A Rubik's Cube So Fast The Human Eye Can't See It
President-Elect Donald Trump And The Second Amendment
Breitbart Might Have A Job Opportunity For Billy Bush