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Flint Had Lead In The Water; This Town Has Lead In The Land
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A Federal Judge In Texas Blocked Obama's Transgender Bathroom Mandate
There Might Be A Giant Snake On The Loose In Maine
White Lives Matter Protesters' Attire Contradicts Their Message
Police In St. Louis County Made Big Changes But Haven't Demilitarized
Florida Teacher Accused Of Having Secret Sleepovers With Students
Military Exercises Don't Have Any Effect On North Korea's Aggression
Community Honors Philando Castile With Concert And Scholarship Fund
Justice Department Continues To Fight Against Fixed Bail Amounts
Family Friend Arrested For Kidnapping And Murder Of 5-Year-Old Girl
American Indians Stand Together To Shut Down Pipeline Project
ISIS Told Would-Be Terrorists To Use Everyday Items As Weapons
Court Rules Detroit Teachers' 'Sickouts' Were Legal
5 People, Including A Pregnant Woman, Killed In Alabama Home
This Gator Swam Around With A Python In Its Mouth, Because Florida
Ex-SEAL Team 6 Member To Forfeit All Royalties From Bin Laden Book
A Travel Advisory Won't Stop Zika From Spreading
Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out Against Pornography In A New Video
6 Notre Dame Football Players Were Arrested Over The Weekend