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The DOJ's California Lawsuit Could Shape The Future Of Net Neutrality
EU Regulators Could Slap Facebook With $1.6B Fine After Data Breach
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Facebook Security Breach Affected 50 Million Accounts
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Air Force Awards Boeing $9 Billion Contract
Going Black-And-White On Your Phone Might Not Be A Bad Idea
Big Tech Wants A Say In How New Data Protection Rules Get Made
DOJ Holds Closed-Door Meeting As Tech Firms Face The Senate
Instagram's Co-Founders Are Leaving The Company
Tinder Offers Women In India More Control With New 'My Move' Feature
Google's CEO Is Finally Going To Testify Before Congress
Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Failed To Protect Employees From Trauma
Porsche Drops Diesel-Powered Cars
Twitch Streaming Suddenly Blocked In China
Our Data Is Out There — And We Aren't Doing Much To Protect It
Foreign Hackers Targeted Senators' Personal Gmail Accounts
Life Insurance Company Offers Lower Rates In Exchange For Health Data
Google Says Third-Party Apps Can Still Access Gmail User Data
UK Regulators Hit Equifax With A Fine That Isn't As Big As You'd Think
By Next Year, Almost Half Of All Cellphone Calls May Be Scams
The EU Wants To Know If Amazon Uses Third-Party Data To Its Advantage
ACLU Accuses Facebook Of Allowing Gender-Biased Job Postings
Checking Your Phone All The Time? Going Grayscale Might Fix That
Tesla Faces Justice Department Investigation Over Musk's Tweets
Facebook Rolls Out New Political Campaign Security Feature
Machines Will Handle More Workplace Tasks Than People By 2025
AI Is Still Really Bad At Recognizing Minorities' Faces
Why You'll Probably Receive A "Presidential Alert" Text Soon
Facebook Will Now Fact-Check Photos And Videos
Jeff Bezos Is Committing $2B To Homeless Families, Schools
EU Proposes Legislation To Stop The Spread Of Terrorist Content
Volkswagen Will Make 3D-Printed Auto Parts
Apple Reveals Its New Phones And A Heart-Monitoring Watch Feature
Six Big Tech Companies To Testify To Congress About Privacy
EA Is Reportedly Under Investigation In Belgium For Use Of Loot Boxes
Google Fights Global Expansion Of EU's 'Right To Be Forgotten' Law
Google Under Investigation For Location Privacy Practices In Arizona
The Bottom Line: Can Blockchain Keep Gadgets From Spying On You?
Identifying 9/11 Victims Is Still A Priority 17 Years Later
Alex Jones Is Now Permanently Banned From Twitter And Periscope
Young Users Are Logging Off Facebook — Or Leaving It Entirely
After Denying Former Requests, Twitter's CEO Testifies Before Congress
Low-Rated Uber Riders In Australia, New Zealand Could Be Banned
Amazon Hits The Trillion-Dollar Mark, Catching Up To Apple
California Sends FCC-Defying Net Neutrality Law To Governor's Desk
Twitter Is Cracking Down On Ads Linked To Hot-Button Political Issues
Microsoft US Suppliers Required To Offer Paid Parental Leave
How Does A Google Search Really Work?
Trump Claims Google Search Results Are 'Rigged' Against Him
Instagram Announces New Authentication And Security Tools
Facebook Announces 100 Percent Renewable Energy Plan
Toyota Is Investing $500 Million In Uber For Driverless Cars
Internet Groups Urge Court To Restore Net Neutrality Rules
Without Evidence, Trump Accuses Social Media Of Censoring "Millions"
Big Tech Is Teaming Up To Talk Election Protection
Another Top Facebook Executive Says He's Leaving The Company
DNC Tells FBI Hackers Are Trying To Access Its Voter Logs
Twitter Suspends Hundreds Of Accounts For 'Coordinated Manipulation'
Facebook Shut Down Hundreds Of Foreign Accounts, Pages
State Attorneys General Want Net Neutrality Reinstated
EU Commission Wants To Crack Down On Terrorist Posts On Social Media
HUD Accuses Facebook Of Discriminatory Housing Ads
FCC Chair Explains Why Agency Misled Congress On Fake Cyberattack
Modi Says India Will Achieve Human Spaceflight By 2022
Twitter Is Temporarily Cracking Down On Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones
Tinder's Founders Are Suing The App's Owners For Billions
Some Google Apps Might Be Tracking Your Data Without Your Permission
A Space Force Would Probably Bring New Weapons With It
Germany Is Now Allowing Nazi Symbols In Video Games
Twitter Says InfoWars Did Violate Its Policy But Won't Ban It Yet
Facebook Bans Sharing Of Blueprints For 3D Printed Guns
Apple Tells Lawmakers iPhones Aren't Eavesdropping On Users
This Project Is Battling Bias In Speech Recognition
US Cybersecurity Has Largely Stalled Since The 2016 Election
New Report Says Self-Driving Cars Are Still Not Fully Safe
Twitter CEO Defends Company's Decision Not To Ban Alex Jones
Facebook, YouTube And Others Ban Alex Jones And InfoWars Content
DNC Candidates Get Smartphone Warning About Two Companies
The Court Fight Over Net Neutrality Is Far From Over
Apple Stock Value Hits New Record High
Will Self-Driving Cars Get A Crash Course In Ethics?
Facebook, Instagram To Launch New Tools That Let You Control Your Use
New DHS Center Will Focus On Preventing Cyberattacks
Facebook Says It Removed 32 'Bad Actor' Accounts And Pages
The Bottom Line: Is Any Data Safe Online?
Smart Cities Creator: It's Time For US To Take The Next Step
T-Mobile Teams Up With Nokia As Its Supplier For 5G Network Gear
UK Lawmakers: Facebook Needs More Regulation, 'Fake News' Tax
Facebook Might've Just Had The Worst Day In Stock Market History
Media Is All-Consuming, Immediate And Affecting Our Brains
Facebook To Open Subsidiary In China To Invest In Start-Ups
Facebook Suspends Another Analytics Firm Over Data Security Concerns
This Man Made It Possible (And Maybe Legal) To 3D Print Guns
Dream Jobs: Restaurant E-Impresario
Microsoft President Wants Congress To Regulate Facial Recognition Use
US Lifts Ban On ZTE
It Took Netflix Just Five Years To Become The Emmys' Biggest Contender
This Huge iPad Could Help Make City Life Easier
Smart City Tech Adds Innovative Solutions — And Tough New Problems