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Snowden Report: U.S., U.K. Agencies Breach SIM Card Security
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Samsung's LoopPay Aims To Take On Apple Pay
Lenovo's Pre-Installed Adware Poses Severe Security Risk
HTTP 2.0 To Make The Internet A Little Faster For Everyone
Facebook Is Planning Virtual Reality Apps For Everyone
Let's Talk About This Snapchat Valuation
'Death Star Of Malware Galaxy' Could Be Linked To NSA
Apple Improves iMessage, FaceTime Security Following Hack
Our Lost Century: Google VP Warns Digital Media Could Vanish
New FAA Regulations Good Sign For Commercial Drone Operators
Bank Hackers Use Malware To Steal An Estimated $300 Million
Why Xiaomi's Smartphones Might Not Work In The U.S.
Government's Deal With Apple Pay Is Big For Mobile Payments
Apple’s Next Big Thing Might Be An Electric Car
Apple CEO Takes Shots At Facebook, Google During Tech Summit
Expedia To Buy Rival Orbitz For $1.3 Billion
Facebook's 'Legacy Contact' Feature Enables Postmortem Posts
Scientists Use Sunlight To Make Liquid Fuel
Apple Pairs With Pinterest For Easier App Discovery
Tesla Blames Low Q4 Earnings On Delivery Issues, China Sales
Apple Cracks $700 Billion, Announces Solar Energy Deal
U.K. Rolls Out Road Testing For Driverless Cars
Now There's Actually A Way To Get Paid For Your Selfies
Samsung’s Smart TVs Are Injecting Ads Into Movies
Forbes' 'Thought of the Day' Used To Hack Readers
Dog-Bot Is World's Most Advanced Rough-Terrain Nightmare
Apple Pay Takes Off With JetBlue
Google Teams Up With Health Pros For Medical Searches
Companies Find Uses For Glass Despite Google Ending Sales
Netflix Debuts In Cuba Despite Few Web Users
Even TVs Can Collect Data On You, Thanks To Samsung
Why SpaceX Is Trying To Land A Rocket On A Barge
Facebook, LinkedIn Want More Women In Tech
Uber Adds Panic Button For Riders In India
Twitter's User Problem Clouds An Otherwise Solid Quarter
Twitter CEO On Handling Of Trolls: 'We Suck'
Under Armour Buying Health And Fitness Apps To Sell Apparel
'Sophisticated' Anthem Breach Could Affect Millions
New Details Emerge About Apple's Music-Streaming Service
Smartphone App Can Detect HIV, Syphilis In 15 Minutes
Google Regains Search Access To Twitter's Firehose
Apple's Rumored Attempt At TV Different Than Before
FCC Chairman Details His Net Neutrality Proposal
Alibaba Tests Out Delivery Drones In China
NSA Bulk Data Collection Will Continue Despite Reforms
Google And Uber About To Be Driverless Rivals?
RadioShack May Shut Down, Sell Stores To Sprint
The Pirate Bay Is Back Up, Illegal Music Downloads Stay Down
More Powerful Raspberry Pi Is Here, Still $35
Uber Boasts About Lowering Drunk Driving Stats
Why The Pirate Bay Is Hard To Kill
Snapchat Debuts Original Content With 'Literally Can't Even'
Verizon Will Let Users Opt Out Of 'Supercookies'
Google Forced To Obey Law, Changes U.K. Privacy Policy
China Targets Virtual Private Networks In Censorship Push
Nickelodeon Embraces Cord-Cutters With Streaming Service
ISPs Angry After FCC Raises Requirement For Broadband Speed
Alibaba's Disappointing Earnings Pile On To List Of Problems
Super Bowl Declared A 'No Drone Zone'
Newsweek's Tech Sexism Story: More Than Just A Cover
Now Bill Gates Is 'Concerned' About Artificial Intelligence
Facebook Rides Video, Mobile Waves To A Huge Quarter
Amazon's WorkMail Is The New Business Email Competitor
Massive iPhone 6 Sales Help Apple Smash Profit Records
Sony Kills Music Unlimited, Switches To Spotify Streaming
Yahoo And Alibaba: The Anatomy Of A $40B Tax Dodge
Google Fiber Pressures Incumbent ISPs With Latest Expansion
iPhone Sales Help Apple To Historic Earnings
Gov't Worker's Drone Crash Highlights WH Security Issues
Police Want Google To Ban Waze App For Officer Safety
Twitter Releasing New Features, But Is It Playing Catch-Up?
Uber Caps Surge Pricing Because It's The Law
Malaysia Airlines Hack: Lizard Squad, ISIS Involved?
Can U.K.'s Cybersecurity Push Save Cameron From Prank Calls?
Sundance Films Tap Into Virtual Reality
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No, A Google Exec Did Not Predict An Internet Apocalypse
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Google Wireless Service Could Put Pressure On Carriers
Can Microsoft's HoloLens Headset Live Up To The Hype?
Microsoft Unwraps New Windows 10 Features
Apple Buys Analytics Company Before Beats Music Relaunch
Facebook Asks For Users' Help To Reduce News Feed Hoaxes
FDA Will Not Regulate Most Health-Related Wearable Devices
It's 2015, And People Are Still Using Horrible Passwords
Stop, Drop And Firewall: How To Handle Cybersecurity Threats
Mario Is Now Self-Aware. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Uber Takes Cooperative Approach With European Expansion
Google Might Snatch Up Softcard Payments App
Elon Musk’s Very Busy Week
How To Pick A Cloud Service
U.S. And U.K. To Begin 'Cyber War Games'
Turns Out #ThrowbackThursday Has Made Myspace Relevant Again