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AT&T Is Giving The Boot To Customers Accused Of Piracy
Tesla Picks Robyn Denholm To Lead The Company's Board
5 Nations Request That Mark Zuckerberg Speak Before Committee
FCC Tells Phone Companies To Stop Robocalls By Next Year
Facebook Says It Didn't Do Enough To Prevent Violence Against Rohingya
Facebook Removes More Pages On The Eve Of Election Day
Amazon's Highly-Anticipated HQ2 Might Be In 2 Places
SCOTUS Won't Hear Net Neutrality Appeals Case
Amazon Drops Free Shipping Minimum As Holiday Competition Ramps Up
When Artificial Intelligence Creates Art, Who Owns It?
US Charges Chinese, Taiwanese Firms With Stealing Trade Secrets
Robot Farms Are Here. What Can Farmers Expect?
$30M Study Links Older Cellphone Radiation To Cancer In Rats
Google Employees Worldwide Walkout To Protest Sexual Harassment
Congress Allocated Too Little Funding For Midterm Election Security
International Lawmakers Want Mark Zuckerberg To Testify
How 'Gab' Is Connected To The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
IBM To Acquire Red Hat In One Of The Biggest US Tech Deals
'Up For Debate' Full Episode: Automation Will Crash Democracy
Study Correlates Ride-Hailing Apps And Increase In Fatal Crashes
Microsoft To Pursue Pentagon Cloud Bid Despite Employee Concerns
California Agrees To Pause Implementation Of Its Net Neutrality Law
Trump's iPhone Use Leaves Him As Vulnerable As The Rest Of Us
Ahead Of Midterms, Facebook Announces Takedown Of More Fake Accounts
Amazon Shares Drop On Weaker-Than-Expected Holiday Season Prediction
It'll Soon Be Legal To Hack Your DRM-Locked Devices For Repair
Social Media's Misinformation Crackdown Falls Flat Ahead Of Midterms
Yahoo Agrees To $50M Settlement In Data Breach Lawsuit
Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls For US Digital Privacy Law Reform
Facebook Launches New Database That Shows US Political Ad Spending
Russian Soyuz Rocket Will Launch Again In December
75,000 People's Data Compromised Signing Up For The ACA
Twitter Wants To Make It More Clear When A Tweet Has Been Removed
Facebook Sets Up 'War Room' To Avoid Another Election Scandal
eBay's Suing Amazon
How Abusers Use Social Media As A Weapon
Need A Lesson In Empathy? Strap On A VR Headset.
Twitter Releases Millions Of Tweets Linked To Russia, Iran Campaigns
Tesla Announces It Bought Land For Its Planned Shanghai Gigafactory
Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen Dies At Age 65
Judge Approves Elon Musk's Settlement Deal With The SEC
Facebook Announces New Policies Ahead Of Midterms
The TSA Wants To Speed Up Airport Security With Biometric Screening
Facebook's Recent Breach Affected Fewer Users, But More Data Exposed
WarnerMedia Plans To Launch New Video Streaming Service
Sony Will Soon Let PlayStation Users Change Their PSN Online ID
FBI Director Says Drones Will Likely Be Used In Terrorist Attacks
Privacy Groups Urge Congress To Create New National Privacy Law
Silicon Valley's Newest Venture Is The Search For Immortality
Google Pulls Out Of Pentagon's $10 Billion Contract Contest
Senators Demand Answers Over Alleged China Hacking
Amid Privacy Fallout, Facebook Announces New Smart Home Device
Google Shuts Down Google+ For Consumers
Apple Denies Hacking Report In Letter To Lawmakers
Report: Majority Of Twitter's 2016 Fake News Accounts Still Active
From 2011 To 2017, More Than 250 People Died While Taking Selfies
Amazon Cuts Some Pay Incentives As It Raises Minimum Wage
Facebook Under Investigation By Ireland's Data Watchdog After Breach
Travelers Might Have To Give Up Phone Passwords At New Zealand Border
Honda Joins Forces With GM To Create A New Self-Driving Car
Why We Need A Nationwide Cell Phone Alert Test
Young Users Run Social Media, And That May Be Bad News For Facebook
Volkswagen Fires Jailed Audi CEO Amid Emissions Cheating Scandal
Students Can File FAFSA From Their Phones
Instagram's Co-founders Have Named The Company's New CEO
The DOJ's California Lawsuit Could Shape The Future Of Net Neutrality
EU Regulators Could Slap Facebook With $1.6B Fine After Data Breach
What A Bird's-Eye View Can Tell Us About Flood Devastation
Facebook Security Breach Affected 50 Million Accounts
Is Your Health Profile For Sale?
Air Force Awards Boeing $9 Billion Contract
Going Black-And-White On Your Phone Might Not Be A Bad Idea
Big Tech Wants A Say In How New Data Protection Rules Get Made
DOJ Holds Closed-Door Meeting As Tech Firms Face The Senate
Instagram's Co-Founders Are Leaving The Company
Tinder Offers Women In India More Control With New 'My Move' Feature
Google's CEO Is Finally Going To Testify Before Congress
Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Failed To Protect Employees From Trauma
Porsche Drops Diesel-Powered Cars
Twitch Streaming Suddenly Blocked In China
Our Data Is Out There — And We Aren't Doing Much To Protect It
Foreign Hackers Targeted Senators' Personal Gmail Accounts
Life Insurance Company Offers Lower Rates In Exchange For Health Data
Google Says Third-Party Apps Can Still Access Gmail User Data
UK Regulators Hit Equifax With A Fine That Isn't As Big As You'd Think
By Next Year, Almost Half Of All Cellphone Calls May Be Scams
The EU Wants To Know If Amazon Uses Third-Party Data To Its Advantage
ACLU Accuses Facebook Of Allowing Gender-Biased Job Postings
Checking Your Phone All The Time? Going Grayscale Might Fix That
Tesla Faces Justice Department Investigation Over Musk's Tweets
Facebook Rolls Out New Political Campaign Security Feature
Machines Will Handle More Workplace Tasks Than People By 2025
AI Is Still Really Bad At Recognizing Minorities' Faces
Why You'll Probably Receive A "Presidential Alert" Text Soon
Facebook Will Now Fact-Check Photos And Videos
Jeff Bezos Is Committing $2B To Homeless Families, Schools
EU Proposes Legislation To Stop The Spread Of Terrorist Content
Volkswagen Will Make 3D-Printed Auto Parts
Apple Reveals Its New Phones And A Heart-Monitoring Watch Feature
Six Big Tech Companies To Testify To Congress About Privacy