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A Space Force Would Probably Bring New Weapons With It
Germany Is Now Allowing Nazi Symbols In Video Games
Twitter Says InfoWars Did Violate Its Policy But Won't Ban It Yet
Facebook Bans Sharing Of Blueprints For 3D Printed Guns
Apple Tells Lawmakers iPhones Aren't Eavesdropping On Users
This Project Is Battling Bias In Speech Recognition
US Cybersecurity Has Largely Stalled Since The 2016 Election
New Report Says Self-Driving Cars Are Still Not Fully Safe
Twitter CEO Defends Company's Decision Not To Ban Alex Jones
Facebook, YouTube And Others Ban Alex Jones And InfoWars Content
DNC Candidates Get Smartphone Warning About Two Companies
The Court Fight Over Net Neutrality Is Far From Over
Apple Stock Value Hits New Record High
Will Self-Driving Cars Get A Crash Course In Ethics?
Facebook, Instagram To Launch New Tools That Let You Control Your Use
New DHS Center Will Focus On Preventing Cyberattacks
Facebook Says It Removed 32 'Bad Actor' Accounts And Pages
The Bottom Line: Is Any Data Safe Online?
Smart Cities Creator: It's Time For US To Take The Next Step
T-Mobile Teams Up With Nokia As Its Supplier For 5G Network Gear
UK Lawmakers: Facebook Needs More Regulation, 'Fake News' Tax
Facebook Might've Just Had The Worst Day In Stock Market History
Media Is All-Consuming, Immediate And Affecting Our Brains
Facebook To Open Subsidiary In China To Invest In Start-Ups
Facebook Suspends Another Analytics Firm Over Data Security Concerns
This Man Made It Possible (And Maybe Legal) To 3D Print Guns
Dream Jobs: Restaurant E-Impresario
Microsoft President Wants Congress To Regulate Facial Recognition Use
US Lifts Ban On ZTE
It Took Netflix Just Five Years To Become The Emmys' Biggest Contender
This Huge iPad Could Help Make City Life Easier
Smart City Tech Adds Innovative Solutions — And Tough New Problems
Tesla Is Building Its First Factory Outside The US
YouTube Is Joining The Fight Against Fake News
Timehop Discloses Data Breach That Affected 21 Million Users
US Military Surveillance Drones Are Being Grounded By The Pentagon
No, Twitter Wasn't 'Caught Leaking' Trump's Private Messages To DOJ
California Just Passed A Historic Data Privacy Bill
FDA, Big Tech Talk About Cracking Down On Illegal Opioid Sales Online
Supreme Court Smartphone Ruling Is A Privacy Law For The Modern Age
Proposed US Tech Rules Could Make Teslas, Smartphones More Expensive
Supreme Court Rules Officials Need Warrants To Get Cell Location Data
There Aren't Many Laws Governing Facial Recognition At US Airports
What NASA Plans To Do About Asteroids
Drones Endanger Other Aircraft, But Finding Culprit Pilots Is Tricky
Technology Has The Power To Help People With Autism Cope
Facebook Fundraiser To Reunite Immigrant Families Raises Over $16M
Homeland Security: Just 'A Matter Of Time' Until Planes Are Hacked
Video Game Loot Boxes Hook Players The Same Way Gambling Does
iPhones Will Soon Share Location Data With 911 Call Centers
Oprah Winfrey Signs Multi-Year Content Deal With Apple
Elon Musk's Boring Company Won A Bid To Build A Loop In Chicago
Apple May Be Making It Harder For Law Enforcement To Get iPhone Data
The US' National Broadband Map Could Be Further Hurt By AT&T's Merger
Net Neutrality Rules Are Officially Coming To An End
When Can The Government Bring Down A Drone?
Facebook Automatically Set 14 Million Users' Posts To Public
Google Won't Use AI For Weapons Or For Surveillance 'Violating Norms'
Facebook Says It's Creating Original News Programs
Apple's Tools To Manage Screen Time Are A Step In The Right Direction
What Happens To Video Games That Mimic Real-Life Violence
Facebook Collects Data On People Who Don't Even Have An Account
Facebook Defends Itself Against New York Times Report On Data-Sharing
Apple Is Trying To Get People To Use Their Phones — Less
Google Will Reportedly Stop Analyzing Pentagon Drone Footage
Why Ransomware Is The Most Popular Tool For Cyberattacks
Facebook Set To Eliminate The Trending Tab Next Week
Amazon To Block Australian Customers From Its International Websites
AI 'Thinks' Using Deep Neural Networks, But They're Still A Mystery
Pew Survey Says Teenagers Are Signing Off Facebook
A Software Fix Made A Big Difference For The Tesla Model 3's Brakes
'Active Shooter' Video Game Pulled Amid Massive Backlash
FBI Tells People To Reboot Routers, Warns Of Major Malware Infection
Nearly $9 Billion In Lawsuits Filed Under EU's New Privacy Rule
Swallowable Sensor Could Test Your Gut And Send Results To Your Phone
Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Gathered Data Via Texts, Photos, Microphone
Is The Machine That Can Snip And Swap Our DNA Awesome Or Ominous?
An Amazon Echo Recorded A Conversation, Then Sent It As A Message
Trump Signs Directive To Loosen Regulations On Space Commercialization
NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Fatal Uber Crash In Arizona
Up For Debate: Preserve Net Neutrality?
Federal Judge Rules President Trump Can't Block Twitter Users
ACLU Asks Amazon To Stop Selling Facial Recognition Software To Police
Facebook Asks Ad Buyers For Social Security Numbers
A New EU Privacy Rule Is Changing How Facebook, Google Treat Your Data
Zuckerberg Apologizes To European Lawmakers Over Facebook Scandals
Musk Promises Brake Fix After Tesla Model 3 Gets Poor Review
Mark Zuckerberg To Appear Before European Parliament
Why This NFL Diversity Rule Is Finding Its Way Into Tech Companies
Cambridge Analytica Files For Bankruptcy
Want Better Sleep, Clearer Thoughts, Less Stress? Try A Digital Detox
FBI Director 'Deeply Concerned' About Some Foreign Tech Companies
The Boring Company's LA Hyperloop Project Plan Could Change Again
Democrats Aren't Happy With White House's Move To Cut Top Cyber Role
Mark Zuckerberg Agrees To Appear Before European Parliament Members
Bitcoin Mining Eats Enough Energy To Power Ireland
DOJ And FBI Reportedly Investigating Cambridge Analytica
Trump Wants To Modernize The Government's Antiquated IT Systems Faster
Facebook Suspends About 200 Apps Under Suspicion Of Misusing User Data
Equifax Says Passport And ID Images Were Stolen, Too