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First Confirmed Case Of COVID-19 Reinfection
FDA Expands Recall Of Peaches Over Salmonella Outbreak
California Wildfires Could Get Worse As Storms Move In
American Airlines To Get EPA Approval On Coronavirus-Fighting Coating
White House Reportedly Looking To Approve Vaccine Early
President Trump Announces Emergency Authorization For Plasma Treatment
India Passes Three Million Cases As Experts Worry About Rapid Tests
China Approves Tests For COVID-Vaccine Developed Using Insect Cells
American Airlines Plans To Stop Serving 15 Destinations
Behind The Scenes: How An Airline Gets Parked Jets Moving Again
Hong Kong To Provide Free COVID-19 Testing To All Residents
Six Dead, 500 Structures Destroyed As California Fires Grow
'Secret' Expulsions Of Migrant Kids Challenged In New Lawsuit
Syracuse Students Suspended For Large Gathering On Campus
Sen. Bill Cassidy Tests Positive For COVID-19
Pelosi Says She Opposes Slimmer COVID-19 Relief Bill
What's The Risk For A Substitute Teacher?
FDA Official Says He'll Resign If Pressured To Approve Unsafe Vaccine
Detroit Teachers Authorize Potential Strike Over In-Person Classes
Study Shows Children May Be Silent Spreaders Of COVID-19
California Fires Spread, Scorching Over 600 Square Miles
Record-Setting Drought Fuels Wildfires In Colorado
Doctors Are Looking At Inhaled Nitric Oxide Gas As COVID-19 Treatment
Greenland Lost Record 586 Billion Tons of Ice In 2019
What's The Risk Of Changing Classes?
Flint Residents, Michigan Reach $600 Million Settlement
Teachers Could Strike If Forced To Go Back To The Classroom
NYT: FDA Holding Off On Approving Plasma As Coronavirus Treatment
Study: States And CDC Online Info About COVID-19 Is Too Complicated
Study: False COVID-19 Claims Spike On Facebook, Social Media
Pharmacists Can Now Give Childhood Vaccinations
Thunderstorms Spark Hundreds More Wildfires In California
Colleges Shift Online After Uptick of Coronavirus Cases
Australia, Drugmaker Reach Deal On Potential COVID-19 Vaccine
Cell Phone Data Tracks Travelers From Las Vegas
How Risky Is A Babysitter?
House Speaker Says Democrats Are Willing To Meet 'Halfway' On Relief
Notre Dame Cancels In-Person Classes For 2 Weeks
How Denmark Successfully Reopened Schools
UC Davis Study: Flu And Other Viruses Can Spread On Dust
How Risky Is A School Carpool?
WHO Says Younger People Are Driving COVID-19 Spread
The Risks and Benefits Of Multi-Generational Living
New Zealand Postpones Election Due To New COVID-19 Cases
Los Angeles Schools Launch Testing And Contact Tracing Program
UNC-Chapel Hill Moves Undergraduates To Remote Learning
Novavax's Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Moves To Phase 2 Trials
Georgia Gov. Flips Position On Local Mask Mandates
How Risky Is A School Playground?
FDA Approves Emergency Authorization For COVID-19 Saliva Test
AMC Theatres Reopening Some Cinemas Thursday
Thunderstorms Complicate California Wildfires
Hundreds Of Sea Lions To Be Killed In Plan To Save Fish
Oil-Leaking Ship Off Mauritius Breaks Apart
U.S., Canada Extend Border Restrictions For 5th Time Due To COVID-19
CDC: Suicidal Thoughts Rise Among Young Adults Amid Pandemic
Researchers Say Plasma May Help COVID-19 Patients, But Lack Proof
Weather Conditions Create Problems With Wildfires
CA Officials Question Coronavirus Data After Technical Glitch
How Risky Are After-School Activities?
CDC Predicts About 189,000 Americans Will Die From COVID-19 By Sept. 5
New Zealand Extends Auckland Lockdown After Months Without New Cases
CDC Head Warns Coronavirus Could Be 'Worst Fall' In Public Health
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Drops Mask Lawsuit Against Atlanta
Which Face Masks Work Best?
Congress Deadlocked On Stimulus Bill Over Postal Funding
California Brush Fire Forces Evacuations
Colleges Sit On Emergency Cash Meant For Students
The EPA Is Rescinding Obama-Era Methane Regulations
What's The Risk Of Shared Classroom Materials?
Auckland, New Zealand, Under Lockdown After Months Without New Cases
Trump Administration To Give 125 Million Face Masks To Schools
Gender Pay Gap And Pandemic Worsens Economic Stability For Black Women
Experts 'Extremely Concerned' As Lags, Inconsistency Plague Virus Data
Florida Sheriff Tells Officers: 'Face Masks Will Not Be Worn'
DIY COVID-19 Study on 2,000 Families Underway
Districts, School Bus Companies Face Challenges in Return To Class
Lawmakers Push For Full Federal Funding Of National Guard
What's The Risk Of A School Field Trip?
Agriculture Department Extends Deadline For Farmers To Apply For Aid
U.S. Agrees To Buy 100 Million Doses Of Another COVID-19 Vaccine
Russia's Vaccine Claims Come With Little Evidence, Incomplete Testing
A Global Race And Safety Fears, After Russia Approves COVID-19 Vaccine
NYC Prepares To Send 700,000 Students To Schools This Fall
Why Michelle Obama's Mental Health Admission Is Important
Derecho Devastates Parts Of The Midwest
What's The Risk Of Riding The School Bus?
Russia First Country To Register COVID-19 Vaccine
How College Football Programs Are Working To Ensure There's A Season
Amid 40% Rise Of Coronavirus In Kids, School Return Gets Bumpy Start
EPA To Roll Back Methane Gas Regulations
What's The Risk Of School Lunch In A Classroom?
Thousands Of Live-Event Workers In The U.S. Now Unemployed
Sioux Checkpoints Aim To Block Bikers From Crossing Tribal Lands
Poll: More Americans Prefer To Work From Home
Oil Continues To Spill Into Indian Ocean Near Mauritius
Ohio Governor Warns Against Doubting Coronavirus Tests
U.S. Surpasses 5 Million COVID-19 Cases
President Trump Signs Executive Actions To Provide COVID-19 Relief
Thousands Of Israeli Protesters Call For PM Netanyahu To Resign