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'It's In Our Blood' — 1 Family's Story Living In An Oil/Gas Risk Zone
The New Space Command Will Officially Be Up And Running Aug. 29
1.4 Million Live In High-Risk Zones Near Oil And Gas Production
Blowout (Trailer)
21 New Measles Cases Reported In The U.S. As Of Last Week
Alabama's 'Rocket City' To Send The Next Astronauts To The Moon
Colorado Adopts Zero-Emission Vehicle Standard
EPA Reconsiders Decision To Allow Use Of Controversial Animal Poison
Report: Connection Between Mental Health & Mass Violence Is Overstated
July Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded
FDA Proposes Adding Graphic Images To Cigarette Packaging
Why Some Scientists Think Newborns Look More Like Their Dads
Measles Cases Worldwide Have Almost Tripled In The Last Year
New Endangered Species Act Rules Could Threaten Grizzlies, Monarchs
Scientists To Use Successful Treatments To Combat Ebola In Congo
Report: 2018 Ranks As The 4th-Hottest Year On Record
EPA Says Newark Should Give Residents Bottled Water Amid Lead Testing
Trump Administration Moves To Weaken The Endangered Species Act
How Suicide Watch Works
German Environment Minister Calls For Ban On Plastic Bags
New York’s First Lady Talks Mental Health and Wellness
China Braces For Typhoon Lekima
Government Issues Updated Guidelines For Animals On Planes
U.N. Climate Report Suggests We Need To Drastically Change What We Eat
To Fight Climate Change And Food Stress, We Need To Balance Land Use
United Nations: Climate Change Is Threatening Global Food Supply
Report: U.S. Has Lost 24 Million Acres of Natural Land in 16 Years
How Mental Health Does And Does Not Relate To Mass Violence
Google Commits To Using Recycled Materials In Its Devices
The More We Use Air Conditioning, The More We May Need It
Over 11 Billion Tons Of Ice Melted Off Greenland In A Single Day
Access To Water Is A Growing Concern Around The World
Arizona Asks Supreme Court To Stop Purdue Pharma's Siphoning
Rwanda Closes Border With Congo Over Ebola Outbreak
Ebola Has Killed A 2nd Person In Goma, Congo
HHS Plan Would Make It Easier To Import Certain Prescription Drugs
Thousands Infected With Dengue Fever In Monsoon-Stricken Bangladesh
Hospitals Might Be Required To Share Prices Negotiated With Insurers
NASA Satellite Finds 3 'Missing Link' Exoplanets
French Group Sues Paris Over Lead Released In Notre Dame Fire
Humanity Has Already Used Up All Of Earth's Resources For The Year
India's Wild Tiger Population Continues To Rise
CDC Says Fertility Rate Has Fallen To 'All-Time Low'
Getting Mental Health Care Is Harder In Rural America
Reuters: Trump May Issue Order To Lower Medicare Drug Prices
Intense Heat Wave Could Damage Notre Dame Cathedral Even Further
Historic Heat Wave Breaks Temperature Records Across Europe
Study: Cutting U.S. Air Pollution Levels Could Save Thousands Of Lives
India Successfully Launches Rocket To The Moon
Brazil's President Claims Rain Forest Deforestation Report Is False
On Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary, NASA Looks Towards The Future
Restored Apollo Mission Control Center Takes Visitors Back In Time
June's Record High Temps Are Part Of A Worrisome Global Trend
Hurricanes Are Wetter Than Ever And We Need Learn To Manage The Deluge
U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths May Have Dropped For First Time In Decades
WHO: Ebola Outbreak In Congo Declared A Public Health Emergency
U.N. Report Shows Overall HIV/AIDS Progress, But It Varies By Region
Data On Pain Pills Sold In U.S. Between 2006 And 2012 Made Public
The End Of The Space Race: The Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Congo's Ebola Outbreak Moves Closer To Rwandan Border
Companies Have 10 Months To Apply To Keep Selling E-Cigarettes
Telemedicine Can Save Lives In Rural Areas, But It's Still Hard To Get
Is The Future Of Contraception Male?
Trump Signs Order Aimed At Improving Care For Kidney Disease Patients
Study Finds Experimental Drugs Effective Against Congo's Ebola Strain
Lawmakers Unveil Measure To Make Climate Change A National Emergency
Judge Blocks Trump Administration Rule Requiring Drug Prices In TV Ads
Monthly Deforestation Up More Than 88% In Brazil's Amazon
How Alaska Got To Its Record July Temperatures
Memories Shape Brain Development⏤ Forgetting Regulates That Process
Researchers' Gene Technology Removes HIV From Mice For The First Time
Facebook Update Reduces Exposure To Misleading Health Information
NASA Successfully Tests Orion's Launch Abort System
Oregon Republicans To End Walkout And Return To The Senate
Missouri Commission Grants Stay To St. Louis Planned Parenthood
New Bill Could Make Fossil Fuel-Heavy States Switch To More Renewables
UN Report: Climate Change Could Force 120M People Into Poverty By 2030
How The Beauty Industry Is Trying To Send Less To The Landfill
How A Blood Test Could Detect PTSD In Pregnant Women
San Francisco To Become 1st Major US City To Ban E-Cigarettes
Oklahoma Judges Approves $85M Settlement With Teva Pharmaceuticals
Trump Issues Order Aimed At Making Health Care Costs More Transparent
St. Louis Judge Extends Planned Parenthood's Abortion License
Ask The Experts: There Are No Easy Drug Price Fixes
White House Proposes Removing Long-Term Climate Impact Reviews
Oregon Republican Senators Flee The State To Block Climate Legislation
Missouri Denies St. Louis Planned Parenthood Clinic Abortion License
A Reuse-Heavy Circular Economy Could Help Lower Plastic Pollution
House Committees Question Origin Of Proposed Fuel Emissions Rollback
San Francisco Could Become 1st Major US City To Ban E-Cigarettes
Study Finds Vaccine Confidence Is Lower In High-Income Countries
New York Senate Passes 'Aggressive' Climate And Emissions Bill
EPA Ends Obama's Clean Power Plan, Letting States Set Emissions Goals
How Often Does The White House Quash Climate-Related Testimony?
How Far Can Urban Farming Go To Solve Food Insecurity?
Attorneys Propose Plan For National Opioid Lawsuit Settlement
The WHO Says Congo's Ebola Outbreak Is Still Not A Global Emergency
Bayer To Invest $5.6B In Researching New Weedkilling Methods
Thousands Of Migrants Quarantined Amid Mumps, Chicken Pox Outbreaks
NASA Says It Will Need $20B-$30B To Send Astronauts Back To The Moon