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Kansas Officials Announce Another Vaping Death
Drinking The Water In Newark? City Officials Say Use EPA Filters
Report: Signs And Impacts Of Climate Change Are Accelerating
World Leaders Rebuked For 'Empty Words' At U.N. Climate Summit
Small Turnout At D.C. Climate Protest As U.N. Climate Summit Continues
WHO Says Tanzania May Be Hiding Possible Ebola Cases
Global Aid Group Says It Is Facing Vaccination Roadblocks in Congo
Global Protesters Demand Leaders Take Action On Climate Change
Young Protesters In Chicago Challenge Lawmakers On Climate Change
Walmart Says It Will Stop Selling E-Cigarettes Amid Health Concerns
The U.N. Wants To Expand One Of Our Best Carbon Storage Tools
KFC Adds Gluttony To Sandwich Wars, And Columnists React
EPA Transparency Rule To Move Forward Despite Concerns From Scientists
23 States Sue Trump Administration Over California Auto Emissions Rule
Separated Migrant Children Experience Long-Lasting Mental Impacts
Nearly A Third Of Birds In U.S. And Canada Have Disappeared Since 1970
Global Climate Strike Kicks Off In Australia, Thailand And New Zealand
Teen Vaping Drastically Increased Over The Past 2 Years
How America Reached The Edge Of Energy Independence
Report Warns Of Global Pandemic Without 'Urgent' Prevention Measures
FDA Says It's Criminally Investigating Vape-Related Illnesses
Trump Administration To Slap San Francisco With EPA Violation
Michigan Becomes 2nd State To Officially Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes
Report: Border Barrier Could Damage Archaeological Sites In Arizona
Fires Tied To Palm Oil Industry Ravage Indonesia Forests
What The U.S. Needs To Make A Carbon Tax Work
Trump Revokes California's Ability To Set Its Own Emissions Standards
New York Becomes First State To Officially Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes
These Are The Volunteers Rescuing Dorian's Four-Legged Survivors
California Governor Announces Executive Action Against Flavored E-Cigs
CRISPR Cure For Sickle Cell May Be Slowed By Black Patients' Mistrust
Cornell Medical School Tackles Student Debt With Full-Ride Offer
Purdue Pharma Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
What It Takes To Get Fresh Meals To Dorian's Survivors
FDA Panel Recommends New Peanut Allergy Treatment
CDC Reports 6 Deaths, 380 Illnesses Linked To E-cigarettes
Why The Trump Administration Can't Regulate Marijuana Vapes
Grand Bahama Struggles To Recover After Hurricane Dorian
What's The Difference Between Vaping And Using E-Cigs?
House Passes Several Bills To Ban Drilling In Parts Of U.S.
Scientists Have Created 2 Northern White Rhino Embryos
EPA Officially Scraps Obama-Era Clean Water Regulation
Purdue Pharma Tentatively Reaches Deal To Settle Opioid Lawsuit
Study Finds Water In Atmosphere Of Potentially Habitable Planet
Trump Administration Looks To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes
U.S. Expands Fishing, Hunting Access In National Wildlife Refuges
California Governor Signs 2 Vaccine Exemption Bills
Japan May Dump Toxic Water From Fukushima Into The Ocean
What We Know About The Vaping-Related Illnesses Plaguing The Nation
Summer Heat Waves Killed Nearly 1,500 People In France
Study Links 9/11 Firefighters To Heightened Risk Of Heart Disease
Death Toll In Bahamas Rises To At Least 44 As Dorian Recovery Starts
Purdue Pharma Says Opioid Settlement Talks Are Not Over
In Brazil's Amazon, Fires Threaten The Environment And Way Of Life
CDC Says Number Of Vaping-Related Lung Illness Has Doubled
U.S. Will Not Grant Yellowstone Bison Endangered Species Protections
U.S. Launches Antitrust Probe Into Automakers' Deal With California
Fires In Brazil Stoke Clash Between Economic Gain And Preservation
Why Experts Can't Rule Out The Possibility We Live In A Simulation
Views From The Amazon: A Source Of Livelihood
New Study Links Soda Consumption To Higher Risk Of Death
How Does U.S. Meat Production Contribute To Climate Change?
Energy Department Plans To Roll Back Standards For Light Bulbs
How Did Climate Change Become Such An Issue For 2020?
New York City Says The Measles Outbreak There Is Over
Michigan Is Set To Become The First State To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes
California Assembly Passes Bill To Crack Down On Vaccine Exemptions
Study Found Cancer Caused Higher Share Of Deaths In Some Countries
Brazil's President Might Miss A Meeting On Rainforest Fires He Called
Hurricane Dorian Is Already Breaking Records
Almost 900 Adult Migrants In U.S. Custody Had Mumps In Past Year
CDC Warns Against Using E-Cigarette Products From Unauthorized Sources
You Can Learn Specialized First Aid To Better Address Mental Health
Hurricane Dorian Plus King Tide Equals An Extra-Dangerous Situation
Great Barrier Reef Outlook Deteriorates From 'Poor' To 'Very Poor'
What Makes People Choose To Ride Out Hurricanes?
Brazil Bans Land-Clearing Fires For Two Months
U.S. Space Command Is Reestablished After 17 Years
Ask The Experts: What's Left When There's No Good Food To Eat?
More States Are Reporting Cases Of Vaping-Related Illnesses
Trump Administration Expected To Weaken Methane Emission Regulations
4 European Countries Have Lost Their Measles Elimination Status
Trump Administration Explores Opening Alaskan Rainforest to Logging
The U.S. Could Lose Its Measles Elimination Status By October
Report: Purdue Pharma Offers Up To $12B To Settle Opioid Lawsuits
Johnson & Johnson Cites Over 100,000 Pending Lawsuits
City Of Newark Will Receive $120M To Fix Lead Pipes
No, The Amazon Rainforest Doesn't Produce 20% Of The World's Oxygen
Brazil Rejects G-7 Aid For Burning Amazon Rainforest
Lots Of People Have Suggested Nuking Hurricanes, But Scientists Say No
Johnson & Johnson Found Guilty In Oklahoma Opioid Suit
Newark To Speed Up Pipe Replacement Amid Lead Concerns
A Look At The Amazon Fund, A Key Money Source For The Rainforest
Tropical Storm Dorian Expected To Develop Into Category 1 Hurricane
Brazil's President Authorizes Armed Forces To Fight Amazon Fires
U.N.: Malaria Can Be Eradicated, But Probably Not With Current Tools
Illinois Resident's Death Might Be First In U.S. Linked To Vaping
Brazil's President Lashes Back At France For 'Colonialist Mindset'
It's Hard To Tell How Much Of The Amazon Is Burning
Ask The Experts: The Flaw In Calling Communities 'Food Deserts'