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Military Not Accepting Recruits Diagnosed With COVID-19
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Germany Releases Plan To Ease Restrictions, Gradually Reopen
Coronavirus Scientist Warns States May Close Again
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Nurses Group Believes At Least 90,000 Health Workers Have Had COVID-19
What It's Like To Be A Medical Interpreter Amid The Pandemic
Airbnb Lays Off 1,900 Employees As Coronavirus Halts Travel Industry
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Report: EU Economy Facing Historic 'Shock' From Coronavirus
These Companies Are Making (Virtual) Game Nights Possible
Pfizer, NYU Developing COVID-19 Vaccine With Hopeful September Release
Report: Private Sector Lost More Than 20 Million Jobs In April
Native American Tribes Set To Receive Coronavirus Aid
Uber to Lay Off About 14% of Its Employees
White House Coronavirus Task Force To Shift Focus To Economy, Vaccines
Automakers Look To Reopen Plants in Mid-May
Daily Coronavirus Cleaning Starts On NYC's Subway System
What's The Risk Of Getting COVID-19 Working As A Dental Hygienist?
Trump Administration Looking At Tax Cuts For Next COVID-19 Aid Package
Farmworkers Face Heightened Food Insecurity Amid Pandemic
Hospitals Losing Billions As Elective Procedures Are Paused
Coronavirus Cash Crisis: How Do I Decide Which Debt To Pay First?
A Lab-Created Antibody Could Be First To Beat COVID-19
AP Analysis: U.S. Coronavirus Rate Increasing If NYC Taken Out Of Data
Former Vaccine Director Files Whistleblower Complaint
Some California Beaches And Businesses To Reopen This Week
Expert Questions Warnings On Meat Supply As Grocers Shift Strategy
White House Considers Winding Down Coronavirus Task Force This Month
The Path Forward: Broadway Star Sings To New York From His Balcony
Web-Based Companies Fill PPP Loan Gaps Left By Big Banks
Obamas Will Host Virtual Commencement For 2020 Graduates
Biden Proposes $13 Minimum Wage Increase For Front Line Workers
Walgreens Returning Most Stores To Standard Operating Hours
National Parks Opening in Stages Though Some Experts Express Concern
United To Cut Jobs In October, Asks Employees To Consider Leaving Jobs
What's My Risk Of Catching COVID-19 If I Order Takeout?
COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates Work In Different Ways
USS Theodore Roosevelt Prepares To Head Back Out To Sea
China Warns Of Possible Hostility Over Its Handling Of Coronavirus
USDA To Buy $470 Million Worth Of Surplus Food Amid Outbreak
Pres. Trump Making Arizona Visit; Everyone He Meets Is Being Tested
What's The Risk Of Getting COVID-19 From Being On My Patio?
Fashion Designer, Organizations Produce Masks For Farmworkers
Coronavirus Task Force Members Have To Get Permission To Testify
Coronavirus Cash Crisis: Should I Refinance My Personal Loans?
Many In Congress Are At Heightened Risk From Coronavirus
Apple, Google To Ban Location Tracking In COVID-19 Tracing Apps
World Leaders Pledge Billions For Coronavirus Vaccine
U.S. Treasury Seeks To Borrow Record $2.9 Trillion In Second Quarter
States Reopen As COVID-19 Cases Climb And Experts Urge Broader Testing
Fast Food Workers Want Rules Requiring PPE In Their Restaurants
Carnival Cruise Line Ships Will Set Sail Again In August
DNC Chair Tom Perez Expects Party To Hold In-Person Convention
Local Indie Bookstores Are Facing A 'Daily Fight' Against The Pandemic
Retail Giant J. Crew Files for Bankruptcy
Japanese Prime Minister Extends State Of Emergency
Senators Back In DC Despite Some Members' Heightened COVID-19 Risk
A Deadly Mixture: COVID-19, Inequality And Pollution
NRA Canceling Events, Laying Off Workers Due To Pandemic
Scientists Say A Vaccine For COVID-19 Could Still Be Far Off
Rural Medical Centers Adjust To Meet Farm Workers' Needs
DHS Report: China Intentionally Downplayed COVID-19
Uber Will Require Drivers And Riders To Wear Face Masks
President Trump Estimates 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths
Coronavirus Cash Crisis: Should I Refinance My Mortgage?
Birx Calls Michigan Protests Against Stay-At-Home Orders 'Worrisome'
Cuomo Announces 7-State Coalition For Buying PPE
'Murder Hornets' Spotted In The U.S. For The First Time
Second Round Of PPP Loaned $175 Billion To Businesses In A Week
States Still Aren't Testing Enough People As They Move To Reopen
Boris Johnson Says Doctors Were Preparing His Death Announcement
Senators To Return To The Capitol Under New Coronavirus Guidelines
Michigan And Washington State Extend Stay-At-Home Orders
FDA Green Lights Potential Coronavirus Recovery Drug
White House Blocks Dr. Fauci From Testifying Before House Committee
Thousands Participate In Rent Strike Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Newsy Exclusive: Smithfield Workers React To Order Keeping Plants Open
The Path Forward: How New York Is Helping Small Businesses Survive
States Ramp Up Travel Quarantines, Raising Questions About Rights
Report: Virus Expected To Bring Biggest Drop In Energy Use In 70 Years
More U.S. Airlines Will Require Passengers To Wear Face Masks
Coalition Of Workers Strike For International Workers' Day
Why Our Eyes Need A Break Right Now
Despite Pandemic, Doctors And Nurses Facing Furloughs And Unemployment
Some Floridians Are Waiting Over A Month For Unemployment Benefits
Federal Workers Question Safety Measures As They Return To Workplaces
Texas Reopens As State, Local Lawmakers Remain At Odds
Horse Carts Delivering COVID-19 Relief In Baltimore
Can I Get COVID-19 From My Dog Playing With Another Dog?
Boeing Won't Seek Federal Aid
Why You're About To See More Political Messages About China
United And American Airlines Report Billions In Losses In Q1
Coronavirus Cash Crisis: Should I Keep Paying Down My Debt?
Georgia To Lift Stay-At-Home Order For Most Residents On Friday
Trump Weighs Retaliation For COVID-19; Has U.S.-China Dynamic Changed?
Macy's Plans To Reopen All Its Stores Over The Next 6 Weeks
The Last Responders: On The Frontlines With Detroit Death Care Workers
Tyson To Close Nebraska Beef Processing Plant For Deep Cleaning
Most Of Florida Will Begin Reopening Next Week