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Trump Campaign, Republicans File Suit In Nevada To Stop Vote Count
President Trump Casts His Ballot In-Person In Florida
Texas Cannot Limit Ballot Boxes To One Per County, Appeals Court Rules
Census Count Falls Short In Areas That Need It Most
More Medical Abuse Allegations Surface At Immigration Detention Center
U.S.: Russian Hackers Target State, Local Networks As Election Nears
USPS Receives 523M Pieces Of Election Mail
Mortgage Rates Fall To Another Record Low
Trump Administration Joins 30 Countries With Anti-Abortion Declaration
Walmart Files Pre-emptive Lawsuit Against U.S. Government
Backup Poll Workers Still Needed In Key States
2020 Political Fundraising Is Setting Records, Thanks To Small Donors
Vote Smarter 2020: Why Do Some States Vote Earlier Than Others?
President Trump And Joe Biden Face Off In Final Debate
Turned Off By President Trump, Arizona Conservatives Vote For Biden
Pres. Trump Posts '60 Minutes' Interview Early, Tangles With Stahl
Iran, Russia Deny Taking Voter Information To Influence U.S. Election
Immigration Dominated 2016 Election But Neglected In 2020 Contest
Why On-Campus Polling Locations Matter For College Students
Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Amy Coney Barrett Nomination
U.S. Jobless Claims Fell To 787,000 Last Week
Republicans Advance Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Nomination
Former CIA Officers See Signs of Russia In Hunter Biden Laptop Story
Iran, Russia Accused Of Election Interference
Vote Smarter 2020: What Is A Provisional Ballot?
Polls Show Democrats Leading in Traditionally Red Arizona
On Screen And Off, Women Are Reshaping Political Documentaries
Here's How Both Presidential Candidates Hope To Win Over Black Voters
NY Times Reports Pres. Trump Had Pursued Projects In China
U.S. Trying To Reunite 545 Families Separated At Mexico Border
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Mobilizes Voters
Washington County Expecting Up To 90% Voter Turnout
Court Rules North Carolina Can Continue Counting Absentee Ballots
Amy Coney Barrett Submits Responses For Next Week
President Trump Reportedly Walks Out On '60 Minutes' Interview
Vote Smarter 2020: When Do States Start Counting Mail-In Ballots?
President Trump And Joe Biden Views On Climate Change
Early Voting Begins In Battleground State Of Wisconsin
Counted On: Behind The Scenes With A County Electoral Board
Jacinda Ardern's Historic Election Victory Cements Her Global Stardom
What Most Voters Get Wrong About 'The Other Side'
Trump Administration Sued Over New Visa Rules For Skilled Workers
UAE Sends First Official Delegation To Israel
Mics Will Be Muted In Last Presidential Debate Rule Change
Supreme Court Gives Pennsylvania Extension To Count Ballots
President Trump Criticizes Dr. Fauci On Campaign Trail
President Trump Visits Arizona Amid Stimulus Talks
Vote Smarter 2020: Why Are Voting Laws Different In Each State?
Miami's 'Hard To See' Future Besets Attempts To Outrun The Sea
Supreme Court To Hear Two Trump Administration Mexico Border Cases
Floridians Face Long Lines, Rain On Day 1 Of Early In-Person Voting
Early In-Person Voting Begins Today In Florida
Counterprotesters Disrupt Conservative Free Speech Rally In Calif.
Lawsuit Over Robert E. Lee Statue Goes To Trial In Virginia
Pelosi, Mnuchin Expected To Continue Stimulus Negotiations
Spanish-Language Disinformation Targets Latino Voters, Spreading Fast
Fauci: Lockdown Not Needed Unless Pandemic Gets "Really, Really Bad"
Twitter Removes Trump Adviser's Tweet About Masks Not Working
President Trump: Biden Will Listen To Scientists
Vote Smarter 2020: Who's Allowed To Be Inside Polling Places?
Black Police Push Back On Union Endorsements of Pres. Trump
Nationwide Women's March Focuses On President Trump, Abortion Rights
Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case On Undocumented Immigrants, Census
New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern Wins 2nd Term In Election Rout
5 Million People Can't Vote This November Due To Felony Convictions
5 in Court Over Michigan Governor Kidnapping Plot
After Getting COVID-19, Chris Christie Says He Should Have Worn Mask
Treasury Department Withheld Nearly $4 Million From 9/11 Fund
Demonstrators Protest Proposition Outside Uber Headquarters In CA
Portland, Oakland Sue Depts. Of Justice, Homeland Security
The Washington Post: Rudy Giuliani Was An Influence Campaign Target
McConnell Against $1.8 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package
Vote Smarter 2020: Can You Take A Picture Of Your Ballot?
President Trump And Joe Biden Hold Dueling Town Halls
Biden Campaign Announces Huge Fundraising Haul From September
How Pres. Trump’s Social Media Helps Spread of False COVID Information
Sen. Harris Suspends Campaign Travel, Staffer Tests Positive For Virus
NASA Announces Global Agreement To Guide Future Missions To The Moon
Disobey Military Orders? Law Group Offers Troops Advice Amid Election
USPS Records Show No Evidence Mailbox Removals Were Tied To Election
Wrapup: Final Day Of Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings
Biden Tries To Sway Christian Voters Away From GOP
Judge Overturns Tennessee Abortion Law Requiring Waiting Period
U.S. Appeals Court Expediting TikTok Ban Appeal
California Republicans Won't Remove Unofficial Drop Boxes
COVID Relief Deal Unlikely Before Election
Judge: North Carolina Absentee Ballots Must Have Witness Signatures
Computer Problems Cause Long Voting Lines In Georgia
U.S. Postal Service Reaches Settlement In Montana Lawsuit
Obama Plans To Campaign For Biden Soon
Vote Smarter 2020: Do You Need An ID To Vote?
Visual Evidence From North Korean Parade Shows Expanding Arsenal
Judge Extends Virginia Voter Registration Deadline
Supreme Court Nominee Undergoes Second Day Of Questioning
Twitter Removes Fake Accounts Posing As Black Pres. Trump Supporters
Long Lines On Day 1 Of Early Voting In Rhode Island, Kansas, Tennessee
Undercount Concerns Mount As End Nears For Census
Supreme Court Rules 2020 Census Can End Early
President Trump, Joe Biden To Hold Opposing Town Halls Thursday
Senate Slated To Vote On $500 Billion Aid Package