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Newest Senate Health Care Bill Stalls
Top Hospitals Got Richer Under Obamacare, But Didn't Pass It On
Jeff Sessions Expands Controversial Asset Forfeitures: Why It Matters
Homeland Security Makes 15,000 More H-2B Work Visas Available
Negotiations For What A Post-Brexit World Looks Like Have Started
Homeland Security Now Has To Give Up Trump's Mar-A-Lago Visitor Logs
Another One Of Trump's 'Themed Weeks' Got Off To A Rocky Start
Elon Musk Likes Most Technology, But He Wants One Sector Regulated
Trump's Approval Rating Hits A Historic Low Point
A Senator's Surgery Has Forced Another Delay To The Health Care Vote
Congress Is Working To Get Horses From Stables Onto Dinner Tables
The Trump Administration Might Be Looking To Expand Deportation Powers
Anniversary Of Turkey's Failed Coup Marked With More Firings
Loretta Lynch Didn't OK Russian Lawyer's Visas — These Agencies Did
Democrats Call To Strip Jared Kushner Of Security Clearance
Hong Kong Court Removes 4 Pro-Democracy Legislators From Office
Congress' Military Budget Is Even Bigger Than Trump Asked For
Over $200 Million Cut From Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
Illinois' Upcoming Race For Governor Is Expected To Cost $300M
Sessions Might've Used An Inaccurate Crime Stat For 'Sanctuary Cities'
Republicans Still Lack Support For The Revised Senate Health Care Bill
A 5th Person May Have Been At Trump Jr.'s Meeting With Russian Lawyer
Travel Ban: Judge Rules Grandparents Count As A 'Bona Fide' Relation
Speaker Paul Ryan Plans To 'Modernize' House Dress Code
Analysis: Trump Budget's Debt Estimate Is Off By Trillions Of Dollars
Facebook's Most Recent Controversy: Banning Legal Pot Shop Pages
Controversy Over Son's Meeting Follows President Trump To Paris
The Senate GOP Has Released A Revised Health Care Bill
The Trump Administration Will Reportedly Recertify Iran's Nuclear Deal
A Republican Suggests Cutting Food Stamps To Fund The Border 'Wall'
Another Celebrity Named Rock Might Be Eyeing Political Office
Trumps Travel To Paris To Celebrate Bastille Day
Democrat Files To Impeach President Trump, But Don’t Hold Your Breath
China Just Put Its First Foreign Military Base Here
Trump's Pick To Lead FBI Tells Congress He'll Be Independent Of Trump
Attorney General Sessions Wants D.A.R.E. To Make A Comeback
Former Brazilian President Gets 10 Years In Prison For Corruption
Sen. Graham Seems Really Ticked About Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting
Nevada Legalized Recreational Weed But Was Way Short On Distributors
Trump Jr. Now Says He Would've Handled That Russia Meeting Differently
Trump's Twitter Use Prompted A New Lawsuit Against Him
D.C. Reacts To Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia Emails
Hail To The Rock? Dwayne Johnson Gets Backing For Potential Campaign
The FBI Isn't Getting Its New HQ Any Time Soon
Qatar Signs Anti-Terror Funding Agreement With US Amid Blockade
The Russian Sanctions That Led To Trump Jr.'s Kremlin-Tied Meeting
Incarcerated Women Are Still Being Shackled During Childbirth
The Revised Senate Health Care Bill Has A Release Date
Things Got Heated Between Chris Christie And A Sports Radio Caller
Donald Trump Jr. Releases Email Thread About Russian Lawyer Meeting
Conflicting Stories On If Kremlin Was Involved In Trump Jr.'s Meeting
Majority Of Republicans Turn Against Colleges In New Survey
Sen. Warner Wants Trump Jr.'s Account Of Meeting With Russian Lawyer
Trump's Voter Fraud Commission Temporarily Halts Call For Voter Rolls
Trump: Clintons Wouldn't Be Criticized If Chelsea Filled In At G-20
It Might Soon Get Easier To Sue Banks And Credit Card Companies
Congress Returns From Break To A Daunting To-Do List
Some Of Comey's Memos On Trump Might Have Classified Information
Trump Proposed A US-Russia Cyber Unit; Top Republicans Ridiculed It
Donald Trump Jr. Changes His Story About Meeting With Russian Lawyer
Trump And World Leaders Agree On Something: Women Entrepreneurs
Cabinet Member Under Fire For Possible Illegal Use Of Campaign Funds
President Trump Says It's Time To Work 'Constructively' With Russia
Ivanka Trump Raises Eyebrows For Filling In At A G-20 Meeting
UN Members Sign Nuclear Prohibition Treaty — With Notable Exceptions
US And Russia Disagree On What Happened In Trump-Putin Meeting
Critics Say De Blasio 'Abandoned' New York City For Germany
Melania Trump Says G-20 Protesters Blocked Her From Leaving Her Hotel
Trump 'Absolutely' Still Wants Mexico To Pay For Border 'Wall'
Sen. Mitch McConnell Seems To Doubt The GOP Vote To Replace Obamacare
Trump And Putin Meet For The First Time As World Leaders
Federal Judge Won't Be Making Changes To Trump's Travel Ban
Trump Criticized For Skipping Traditional Warsaw Ghetto Monument Visit
Protests Against G-20 Summit Turn Violent In Germany
18 States Sue Betsy DeVos For Pausing Predatory Student Loan Relief
The Office Of Government Ethics Director Is Resigning
Trump: 'Nobody Really Knows' If Russia Was Only Meddler In US Election
Trump's Comments About North Korea Seem To Be Getting Stronger
This State Now Lets Any Resident Challenge What's Taught In Schools
House Majority Whip Is Back In Intensive Care
The Polish Government Is Working Hard To Give Trump A Warm Welcome
What President Trump Is Doing With His First White House Paycheck
Mob Storms Venezuelan National Assembly, Injures Opposition Lawmakers
The UN Security Council Is Struggling With Solutions To North Korea
Trump Criticizes China Over North Korea: 'So Much For Working With Us'
Why Some States Are Refusing To Hand Over Voter Info
Gov. Christie Signs Funding Bill, Ending New Jersey's Shutdown
France's New President Wants To Cut Parliament By A Third
Why An Infant Has Gotten The Attention Of President Trump And The Pope
Trump Tweets GIF Of Himself Tackling 'CNN,' Raising A Lot Of Questions
You Can Now Legally Buy Weed In Nevada
Chicago Has A New Strike Force Aimed At Tackling Gun Violence
Here's How Much Trump's White House Aides Are Getting Paid
Sheriff David Clarke's Jail And Its Year Of Constant Controversy
President Trump Is Getting Serious About Exploring Space
Trump Talks Trade, North Korea With South Korea's President
'Morning Joe' Hosts Respond To Trump Tweets With Blackmail Allegation
Donald Trump Is About To Come Face-To-Face With Vladimir Putin
States Fight Back Against President Trump's Election Fraud Commission
Protesters Push Back Against Republican Health Care Bill