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Judge Pauses Democrats' Subpoenas Of Trump Organization Documents
House Committee Asks DOJ If Its Policy Prevented Trump Indictment
Report: U.S. Officials Proposed Capping Refugee Admissions At Zero
Immigration Officials Announce Changes To U.S. Naturalization Test
How Racial Slights Impact Women Of Color In The Workplace
Poll Shows Mexican Residents Are Losing Their Tolerance For Migrants
Russia Wants To Join The System Skirting U.S. Trade Sanctions On Iran
President Trump, Democrats Respond To 'Send Her Back' Chant
What A $15 Minimum Wage Would Mean For Different States
McAleenan: More Money Needed At The U.S.' Southern Border
Could Democrats’ Service Plans Be Key To Offsetting College Costs?
Rouda Wants Transparency In How Opioid Crisis Funding Is Being Spent
Sen. Rick Scott's Tweet On Insulin Prices Leaves Out Some Context
House Passes Bill To Raise The Federal Minimum Wage To $15
House Passes Bill To Kill Obamacare's Tax On High-Cost Insurance Plans
Pentagon Sending Additional Troops To Southern Border
Sen. Rand Paul Blocks Vote To Fast-Track 9/11 Victims Fund
Sen. Schumer Wants FaceApp Investigated Over Russian Ties
House Votes To Hold Barr, Ross In Criminal Contempt Over Census Info
House Of Representatives Votes To Block Trump Impeachment Resolution
House Votes To Block Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia and UAE
No, President Trump, Rep. Omar Didn't Call Al-Qaeda 'Great'
Booker Says Pot Arrests Outnumber Violent Crime Arrests In The U.S.
New Asylum Rule Could Lead Migrants To Cross Border In Riskier Ways
Lawsuit Claims New Asylum Rule Violates Domestic, International Law
Puerto Rico's Governor Says He Won't Resign Amid Protests
Federal Judge Signs Order Permanently Blocking Citizenship Question
House Condemns President Trump's Racist Tweets About Congresswomen
Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Died At 99
Rep. Al Green Files Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump
Iran Accuses European Countries Of Breaching Nuclear Deal
White House Estimates The Federal Deficit Could Surpass $1T This Year
Roger Stone Barred From Using Facebook, Twitter And Instagram
CBD Related Poisonings Reach Highest Levels Yet, Here's Why
Thousands Stranded At Southern Border After New Asylum Rule
Kellyanne Conway Ignores House Committee Subpoena, Fails To Appear
What Exactly Does Being Held In Contempt Of Congress Mean?
Twitter Says Trump's Racist Tweets Don't Violate Its Rules
North Korea Threatens To Resume Nuclear Testing
CBP Investigating Employee Participation In Secret Facebook Group
Democratic Congresswomen Respond To Trump's Racist Tweets
Washington Roundup: Democrats Unite Over Minimum Wage
Biden Wants To 'Protect and Build on Obamacare'
What's Really Behind China's Economic Slowdown?
Trump Doesn't Back Down Amid Criticism Over His Racist Tweet
Trump Administration Rule Sets 'New Bar' For Asylum Seekers
U.S. To Reportedly Allow Sales To Huawei In 2 To 4 Weeks
Guatemalan Court Blocks Signing Of 'Safe Third-Country' Agreement
ICE Raids Reportedly Start Quietly In NYC And Other Cities
Democrats Visit Texas Detention Center, Say Conditions Are 'Inhumane'
Justice Department Gets Appeals Court Win In Sanctuary Cities Case
Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Border Wall Ruling
Robert Mueller's House Judiciary Panel Testimony Delayed A Week
Letter Details Park Service Spending On Trump July 4th Event
House Passes Bill To Extend 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund
House Votes To Block Trump From Launching Military Strike Against Iran
House Panel Examines Alleged Mistreatment Of Minors At CBP Facilities
Beto O’Rourke Talks With Newsy About His Plan For Voting Rights
House Report: 18 Children Under 2 Separated From Families At Border
Labor Secretary Acosta Resigns Amid Controversy Over Epstein Plea Deal
California Lawmakers Approve Multibillion-Dollar Wildfire Fund
House Approves Amendment To Overturn Transgender Military Ban
Trump Issues Executive Order To Determine Citizenship Status Of U.S.
How Immigrant Advocates Are Preparing For Possible ICE Raids
How The Census Is Tackling Potential Miscounts — And Why It Matters
Trump Administration Drops Plan That Would've Eliminated Drug Rebates
House To Vote On Holding Barr, Ross In Contempt Over Census
Telemedicine Can Save Lives In Rural Areas, But It's Still Hard To Get
What Do We Actually Know About Political Censorship On Social Media?
House Panel Approves Subpoenas For 12 Current, Former Trump Officials
Trump Administration Opens New Facility For Unaccompanied Migrant Kids
ICE Reportedly Sets A Date For Immigration Raids
Buttigieg Comment On Racial Disparity Lacks Data To Back It Up
Justice Department Tries To Prevent Mueller Associates From Testifying
Lawmakers Consider Facial Recognition Technology Oversight
ICE's Use Of Facial Recognition Tech Could Threaten Women Of Color
DC Wants Reimbursement For President Trump's 4th Of July Celebration
Ambassador's Resignation Roils U.K. Leadership Race
Trump Campaign Criticizes Booker For Past Donations From Big Pharma
One Senator Wants To End Funding For The World Cup Over Pay Equality
How The Federal Reserve's Size Lets It Influence Interest Rates
Appeals Court Blocks Emoluments Lawsuit Against President Trump
California To Pay For Some Undocumented Immigrants' Health Benefits
Lawmakers Unveil Measure To Make Climate Change A National Emergency
Trump Administration Threatens To Veto Massive Defense Bill
Kim Darroch Resigns As British Ambassador To The U.S.
Federal Appeals Court Hears Oral Arguments In Obamacare Case
Judge Rules DOJ Can't Change Legal Team In 2020 Census Case
Former Combat Pilot Is Challenging Mitch McConnell In Ky. Senate Race
How Uranium Enrichment Fuels Iran’s Nuclear Program
Lawmakers Call For Acosta's Resignation Over Epstein Plea Deal
U.S. Governors Come Out Against Freeze In Fuel Efficiency Standards
Appeals Court: President Trump Can't Block His Critics On Twitter
Philanthropist Tom Steyer Announces Presidential Run
Former Presidential Candidate Ross Perot Dead At 89
Judge Blocks Trump Administration Rule Requiring Drug Prices In TV Ads
Washington Roundup: What Is Sequestration?
Congressional Democrats Subpoena Trump Organization
CBO: Raising Federal Minimum Wage To $15 Could Mean 1.3M Job Cuts
White House To Reveal Legal Approach For Census Citizenship Question