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Justice Department Hands Over Report On Trump's Wiretap Claims
Stolen Secret Service Laptop Could Pose A National Security Risk
EPA Gives Michigan $100M To Help Fix Flint's Water Issues
Irish Leader Gives Trump A History Lesson With Immigration Remarks
Trump Tried To Bond With Merkel Over Unproven Wiretapping Claims
Project Exile: What To Know About Jeff Sessions' Plan To Reduce Crime
Donald Trump And Angela Merkel's First Photo Op Was A Bit Awkward
Poll Finds Many People Want A Plan To Help Immigrants Become Legal
US Officials Reportedly Apologize To The UK Over Spying Claims
The Budget Blueprint Would Give Trump's Border 'Wall' A Boost
The Slow Demise Of NASA's Plan To Take Humans To An Asteroid
The White House Wants To Privatize Air Traffic Control
It Might Be Their First Meeting, But Trump And Merkel Have A History
Budget Proposal Would Hurt Local Stations More Than NPR Or PBS
Trump Plans To Cut $6 Billion In Development And Housing Grants
The White House Promises A Court Battle Over Second Blocked Travel Ban
Former Acting CIA Director Doubts Trump-Russia Collusion
Chelsea Clinton's New Book Takes A Page From Sen. Elizabeth Warren
US Diplomacy And 'Soft Power' Face Big Cuts In Trump's Budget
Congress Fails To Find Proof For Trump's Wiretapping Claims (Again)
Senator Says The EPA Is 'Brainwashing Our Kids'
Trump's Words Are Back To Haunt Him As His New Travel Ban Stalls
Trump's First Budget Plan Would Take An Ax To The EPA's Funds
McDonald's Tweeted (And Deleted) An Insulting Message To The President
Rex Tillerson: The Past 20 Years Of US Efforts In N. Korea Have Failed
The Dutch Populist Movement Isn't Quite As Popular As Everyone Thought
Military Wins, EPA And State Department Lose In Trump's First Budget
President Trump Isn't Happy A Judge Blocked His Travel Ban. Again.
Hawaii Judge Halts President Trump's Revised Travel Ban
This Republican Congressman Wants To Protect LGBTQ+ Housing Rights
More And More Refugees Are Fleeing The US For Canada
John McCain Says Rand Paul's Dissent For Bill Shows Support For Putin
Texas Congressman Tells Town Hall Attendee To 'Shut Up'
House Intel Committee: There's No Evidence Trump Tower Was Wiretapped
Was It Illegal For MSNBC To Share Part Of Trump's Tax Return?
Someone Leaked President Trump's 2005 Tax Returns
Why All Eyes Are On The Dutch Election
Ed. Department Could Repay Students Scammed By For-Profit Schools
Trump's Plans For Drone Strikes Involve Fewer Rules, More CIA
French Presidential Candidate's 'Fake Jobs' Under Formal Investigation
Congress Could Change The Process For Getting Gun Silencers
Rex Tillerson May Have Used An Alias At Exxon To Talk Climate Change
Trump Isn't The First President To Give His Salary To Charity
Congressman Put In Cuffs While Protesting Deportations At ICE Office
CBO Projects GOP Health Care Plan Will Cut Coverage And Taxpayer Costs
Congressman Faces More Criticism After Standing By Controversial Tweet
Trump Reportedly Asks State Dept. For 50 Percent Cut To UN Funding
Your Microwave Can't Spy On You ... Yet.
Joe Biden Pushes For Collaboration In Cancer Research
Bill Allows Companies To Penalize Employees Who Refuse Genetic Tests
John Oliver's Hot Take On The Controversial Obamacare Replacement
McCain: Trump Should Provide Evidence For Wiretap Claim Or Retract It
Why Diplomacy Is Deteriorating Between Turkey And The Netherlands
Trump Administration Is Purging All Remaining Obama-Era US Attorneys
Court Rules Texas' Gerrymandering Diminished Minority Voting Power
Pence Defends GOP Health Care Plan In Ky., Where Obamacare Had Success
Trump Campaign Adviser Says He Exchanged Messages With DNC Hacker
Flynn's Foreign Agent Filing Came Up During White House Transition
A Tweet From Sean Spicer May Have Broken A Federal Rule
#NoDAPL Activists Put Up A Tipi At Trump D.C. Hotel
A Man Signed Work Emails Using A Woman's Name — It Was 'Hell'
Ghana Has Made Education A Priority, And Now It's Paying Off
Rex Tillerson Won't Make Any Decisions On The Keystone XL Pipeline
More States Are Challenging Trump's New Travel Ban
South Korea's President Has Been Booted From Office
Speaker Ryan Tells Rebel Republicans Health Care Bill Is Only Step 1
Trump's Former National Security Adviser Files As Foreign Agent
This Country Could Be The First To Outlaw The Gender Pay Gap
Scots Might Get Another Independence Vote In 2018 Thanks To Brexit
Hawaii Is Officially Suing Over Trump's New Travel Ban
D.C. Wine Bar Owners Suing Trump Hotel For 'Stealing Business'
EPA Chief Says Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Climate Change
Illegal US Border Crossings Appear To Drop Significantly In February
Republicans Just Took The First Big Step Toward Replacing Obamacare
Trump Criticized Him. Now, He Could Be Our Next Ambassador To Russia
The Federal Government Is Really Bad At Running Websites
How Trump Wants To Make It Easier To Deport People Quickly
'Day Without A Woman' Organizers Reportedly Arrested In NYC
Wall Street's Newest Statue Is Small But Makes A Big Statement
Celebrating The Women Who Came Before Us
The Statue Of Liberty Went Dark For An Hour And Everyone Freaked Out
GOP Leaders Aren't Exactly Uniting To Back Trump's Wiretapping Claims
Hawaii Is Planning To Challenge Trump's New Travel Ban In Court
Trump's Links To Russian Officials In Question Again
Khizr Khan Won't Verify That His Travel Privileges Are 'Under Review'
Estimate Says GOP's Obamacare Repeal And Replace Plan Could Cost $600B
After Sessions' Recusal, Deputy AG Won't Commit To Special Prosecutor
Alec Baldwin's Impersonations Of President Trump Are Coming To An End
All 100 US Senators Asked Trump To Take Action Against JCC Threats
Everything You Need To Do To Tour The White House
Meet The Journalist At The Center Of Trump's Wiretapping Claims
White House Names A Communications Head, Takes Pressure Off Spicer
Trump Makes Planned Parenthood An Offer: Abortions Go, Funding Stays
GOP Reveals First Draft Of Obamacare Replacement
Sessions Defends His Answer About Not Meeting With Russians
Ben Carson Compares Slaves To Immigrants Seeking A Better Life
Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps (And Other Things To Know About FISA)
Gold Star Father, Trump Critic Khizr Khan Says He Can't Leave The US
National Park Service Releases Photos Showing Inauguration Crowd Size
Israel To Decriminalize Cannabis, Fight Stigma