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Trump Administration Is Purging All Remaining Obama-Era US Attorneys
Court Rules Texas' Gerrymandering Diminished Minority Voting Power
Pence Defends GOP Health Care Plan In Ky., Where Obamacare Had Success
Trump Campaign Adviser Says He Exchanged Messages With DNC Hacker
Flynn's Foreign Agent Filing Came Up During White House Transition
A Tweet From Sean Spicer May Have Broken A Federal Rule
#NoDAPL Activists Put Up A Tipi At Trump D.C. Hotel
A Man Signed Work Emails Using A Woman's Name — It Was 'Hell'
Ghana Has Made Education A Priority, And Now It's Paying Off
Rex Tillerson Won't Make Any Decisions On The Keystone XL Pipeline
More States Are Challenging Trump's New Travel Ban
South Korea's President Has Been Booted From Office
Speaker Ryan Tells Rebel Republicans Health Care Bill Is Only Step 1
Trump's Former National Security Adviser Files As Foreign Agent
This Country Could Be The First To Outlaw The Gender Pay Gap
Scots Might Get Another Independence Vote In 2018 Thanks To Brexit
Hawaii Is Officially Suing Over Trump's New Travel Ban
D.C. Wine Bar Owners Suing Trump Hotel For 'Stealing Business'
EPA Chief Says Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Climate Change
Illegal US Border Crossings Appear To Drop Significantly In February
Republicans Just Took The First Big Step Toward Replacing Obamacare
Trump Criticized Him. Now, He Could Be Our Next Ambassador To Russia
The Federal Government Is Really Bad At Running Websites
How Trump Wants To Make It Easier To Deport People Quickly
'Day Without A Woman' Organizers Reportedly Arrested In NYC
Wall Street's Newest Statue Is Small But Makes A Big Statement
Celebrating The Women Who Came Before Us
The Statue Of Liberty Went Dark For An Hour And Everyone Freaked Out
GOP Leaders Aren't Exactly Uniting To Back Trump's Wiretapping Claims
Hawaii Is Planning To Challenge Trump's New Travel Ban In Court
Trump's Links To Russian Officials In Question Again
Khizr Khan Won't Verify That His Travel Privileges Are 'Under Review'
Estimate Says GOP's Obamacare Repeal And Replace Plan Could Cost $600B
After Sessions' Recusal, Deputy AG Won't Commit To Special Prosecutor
Alec Baldwin's Impersonations Of President Trump Are Coming To An End
All 100 US Senators Asked Trump To Take Action Against JCC Threats
Everything You Need To Do To Tour The White House
Meet The Journalist At The Center Of Trump's Wiretapping Claims
White House Names A Communications Head, Takes Pressure Off Spicer
Trump Makes Planned Parenthood An Offer: Abortions Go, Funding Stays
GOP Reveals First Draft Of Obamacare Replacement
Sessions Defends His Answer About Not Meeting With Russians
Ben Carson Compares Slaves To Immigrants Seeking A Better Life
Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps (And Other Things To Know About FISA)
Gold Star Father, Trump Critic Khizr Khan Says He Can't Leave The US
National Park Service Releases Photos Showing Inauguration Crowd Size
Israel To Decriminalize Cannabis, Fight Stigma
Why After-Hours Security Measures At Gun Stores Matter
Donald Trump's Revised Travel Ban Looks A Lot Like The Old One
Comey Wants The Justice Department To Reject Wiretapping Claims
Trump Wants Congress To Look Into His Wiretap Claims
Violence Erupts As 'March 4 Trump' Rallies Meet Counterprotests
US Considers Separating Kids And Adults At The Mexico Border
Citing No Evidence, Trump Accuses Obama Of Wiretapping Trump Tower
Trump Tweets Top Dems Are Hypocrites On Russian Issue
US Government Won't Look Into Gas And Oil Company Methane Emissions
Politician Climbs A Border Barrier To Prove A Point To President Trump
SXSW Criticized Over Deportation Clause In Its Artist Contracts
Hunters Can Continue Using Lead Bullets On US Federal Land
As Indiana Gov., VP Pence Used Private Email For State Business
Obama To Be Honored With JFK Profile In Courage Award
Trump's Son-In-Law, Ex-Adviser Met With Russian Envoy Amid Transition
Attorney General Sessions To Step Away From Trump-Russia Investigation
FBI Not Giving All Info To Committee Probing Russia, Member Says
Countries Pledge Millions To Cut Losses From 'Gag Rule' On Abortion
This Artist Covers Up Hateful Tattoos For Free
Our New Interior Department Secretary Showed Up To Work On A Horse
Attorney General Faces Perjury Questions Over Talks With Russia
DHS Only Has $20M For Border 'Wall' — It's Supposed To Cost $21.6B
Sessions Under Fire For Not Disclosing Meeting With Russian Ambassador
New Trump Policy Targets Immigrant Crime (Which Is Relatively Rare)
White House Won't Punish Kellyanne Conway For 'Free Commercial'
Is Oprah Considering Running For President?
For The Third Time, Trump Delays A Revision To The Travel Ban
Trump's Budget Cuts Could Affect Embassies And Diplomats
Barack And Michelle Obama Both Have New Book Deals
Trump Quietly Overturns Obama-Era Rule On Gun Control
Trump Calls Obamacare A 'Disaster,' But It's More Popular Than Ever
There's No Good Way To Respond To A President's Congressional Address
Putting Trump's Military Spending (And Cuts To The Arts) In Context
Betsy DeVos Backpedals After Saying HBCUs Were School Choice Pioneers
Sessions' DOJ To Limit Civil Rights Cases Against Police
Why Some Female Lawmakers Decided To Wear White For Trump's Address
Trump Takes Aim At EPA Water Regulations With New Executive Order
Trump May Give Historically Black Colleges Opportunities Obama Didn't
The House Probe Into Trump And Russia Is Already Splintering
DHS: We'll Only Deport Immigrants With Criminal Enterprise Connections
Mexico Threatens To Walk If US Even Suggests Tariffs In NAFTA Talks
Justice Department Flips Stance In 6-Year Voter Rights Case
Trump's Budget Plan: More For Defense, Less For Almost Everything Else
Jewish Community Centers Receive Another Wave Of Bomb Threats
George W. Bush Praises The Media As 'Indispensable To Democracy'
President Trump's Pick For Navy Secretary Just Fell Through
Why The Oscars Red Carpet Was Full Of Blue
Check Out John Oliver's Segment On Replacing Obamacare
Democrats And Republicans Want Russia Probe — Without Jeff Sessions
Trump Is Skipping The White House Correspondents' Dinner
New Polls Show Protesters Aren't Alone In Support Of Obamacare
Melania Trump Is Putting On The Ritz At The White House
Democrats Vote For Tom Perez To Make Their Party Great Again