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Congress, Missing Trump's Deadline, Doesn't Reimpose Sanctions On Iran
Lawmakers Defend Sen. Gillibrand After Trump's Tweet
US Ambassador To UK Says He Thinks Trump Will Visit Next Year
Democratic Congresswomen Call For House Probe Into Trump Allegations
Saban For Senate? Group Urges Alabama Voters To Write In Coach's Name
FCC Outlines Its New Plan For Net Neutrality
Trump Confidant Steve Bannon Avoids Russia Investigations — For Now
Judge Orders Digital Ballot Images Be Saved In Alabama Senate Race
Treasury Analysis Says Senate Tax Plan Will Pay For Itself
Trump Administration Could Be Letting Up On Transgender Military Ban
Trump Accusers Ask Congress To Investigate Sexual Misconduct Claims
Trump Signs Declaration To Send American Astronauts To The Moon, Mars
Nikki Haley: Listen To Sexual Misconduct Accusers — Including Trump's
Unity Commission Recommends Democrats Drastically Cut Superdelegates
Trump Spoke At A Civil Rights Museum. Civil Rights Leaders Boycotted.
The Supreme Court Stopped An Order For DACA Decision Records — For Now
Lawmaker Proposes Protecting Bears Ears Land From Mineral Mining
This Trump Tweet Has People Worrying About A Consumer Finance Bureau
Roy Moore Accuser Says She Added Note To His Signature
Rep. Trent Franks Just Resigned From Congress
Tillerson: We're A Few Years Away From Putting An Embassy In Jerusalem
Deputy National Security Adviser Plans To Leave White House
Trump Signs Temporary Spending Bill To Fend Off A Government Shutdown
Devin Nunes Cleared Of Wrongdoing Following Ethics Committee Probe
White House Officials: Infrastructure Plan Coming In 2018
Jerusalem: Why The Land Is So Controversial
Rep. Trent Franks Is Planning To Resign
Congress Hopes To Avoid Looming Government Shutdown With New Bill
Rep. John Lewis Is Protesting Trump's Visit To A Civil Rights Museum
Ambassador Nikki Haley Suggests US May Not Go To The 2018 Olympics
Trump Declares Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Sen. Franken's Resignation Raises The Stakes For Minn. 2018 Elections
Franken Takes A Shot At Trump, Moore In Resignation Announcement
Sen. Al Franken Is Resigning Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Why Democrats May Have Waited To Push Al Franken To Resign
Trump Jr. Cites Attorney-Client Privilege In Russia Inquiry
World Leaders Are Speaking Out Against Trump's Jerusalem Announcement
Hours Ahead Of Shutdown, Trump To Meet With Congressional Leaders
Trump Jr. Says Hope Hicks Advised In Russia Meeting Response
An Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Is Calling For A Recount — Again
President Donald Trump Urges Saudi Arabia To Allow Supplies Into Yemen
Ranking Democrat: Whistleblower Has Evidence Against Mike Flynn
John Conyers III Was Once Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Abuse
House Sends Concealed Carry Bill To Uncertain Future In Senate
Dozens Of Democrats Call For Sen. Franken To Step Down
Israeli Leaders Cheer Trump After He Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital
Medicaid Crackdown Could Worsen States' Opioid Addiction Problem
US Senators Call On Franken To Resign
Trump Is Moving The US Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem
A Texas Lawmaker Introduced Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump
Republicans Argue Concealed Carry Permits Are Like Driver's Licenses
Another Woman Accuses Sen. Al Franken Of Sexual Misconduct
US Secretary of State Didn't Seem To Get A Warm Welcome In Europe
For Republicans, Gun Control And Gun Rights Can Be Linked
Trump To Recognize Jerusalem As Israeli Capital, Move US Embassy There
Government Shutdown Seems Likely As Congress Squabbles On Spending
Ryan Zinke Recommends Trump Change 10 National Monuments
Democrats Put Ambassador's Confirmation On Hold
NAACP To Trump: Stay Away From Civil Rights Museum Grand Opening
Sen. Mitt Romney? Not On President Trump's Watch
A Republican Writes A Campaign Donation To A Democrat
US Ties To Arab World May Weaken If Trump Recognizes Jerusalem
The White House Is Supporting Moore, Despite 'Concerning' Allegations
2 Conyerses May Run To Fill The Seat Of Former Rep. John Conyers
What Effect Has The Trump Administration Had On Immigration So Far?
Truthers: When Conspiracy Meets Reality (Trailer)
Mueller Subpoenas Trump's Financial Records From A German Bank
Rep. Conyers Says He's Retiring From Congress, Effective Immediately
Rep. Conyers Expected To Make Announcement Amid A New Accusation
Colorado Same-Sex Wedding-Cake Case Hits Supreme Court
The Risk Of Violence Between Israelis And Palestinians Is All Too Real
Roy Moore Accuser Reportedly Presents Evidence Of Relationship
Trump's Cut To Utah Monuments Sparks Protests And Lawsuits
Supreme Court Allows Trump Travel Ban To Go Into Full Effect
Former Rep. Corrine Brown Sentenced To 5 Years
Trump Meeting With Schumer, Pelosi Back On After Cancellation
President Trump Shrinks Size Of Utah Monuments
Trump's Lawyer Argues Presidents Can't Obstruct Justice
Sen. Lindsey Graham Wants Military Dependents Moved Out Of South Korea
Australian Lawmaker Proposes To Partner During Gay Marriage Debate
Republicans Must Resolve This Big Issue Between Their Tax Bills
President Trump Endorsed Roy Moore (Really This Time)
New Jersey Has A Tangled History With This Sports Betting Law
Trump Expected To Scale Back National Monuments During Utah Visit
Supreme Court To Hear Arguments In States' Rights Sports Betting Case
It's Time To Resolve The Differences Between The 2 GOP Tax Bills
Reports Say Anti-Trump Texts Got An FBI Agent Pulled From Russia Probe
US Withdraws From Global UN Pact Aimed At Helping Migrants
Trump's Lawyer Claims Responsibility For The Tweet About Mike Flynn
Here's How Much The Mueller Investigation Has Reportedly Cost So Far
This Trump Tweet Is Raising Questions About Obstruction Of Justice
Democrats Argued The Senate GOP Tax Bill Was 'Impossible' To Read
Middle East Reacts To News Trump May Move US Embassy To Jerusalem
The Senate Blocked A Tax Break Many Said Would Only Help One College
There Was One GOP Holdout On The Republican Senate Tax Bill
Senate's Passed Tax Bill Would Nullify Obamacare's Individual Mandate
Trump's World AIDS Day Proclamation Fell Flat With The LGBTQ Community
Senate Republicans Pass Tax Cut Bill After Late Vote
Tillerson Laughs Off Reports Of His Exit
Jared Kushner Likely Directed Mike Flynn To Contact Russian Officials