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California Regulators Seek Penalty Hike For PG&E
The State Of Gun Background Check Laws And Bills
Billionaires Top Ad Spending in California Presidential Primary
Pence's Office Will Reportedly Review Government Coronavirus Messaging
How To Prepare For A Coronavirus Outbreak
Saudi Governor Demands Jailing Of Rapper Celebrated As 'Mecca Girl'
Sanders Pushes Medicare For All During North Carolina HBCU Visit
Military Officials Anticipate First Woman Green Beret's Graduation
Defense Sec. Receives Backlash From Lawmakers On Diverted Funds
The U.S. And China Are Racing To Roll Out 5G Tech
House Passes Legislation To Classify Lynching As A Federal Hate Crime
Author Mikki Kendall Tells Newsy About Her New Book, 'Hood Feminism'
Court Rules The DOJ Can Withhold Grants From 'Sanctuary Jurisdictions'
Poll: Majority Of Democrats Say Billionaires Hurting 2020 Primaries
Louisiana Governor Asks Judge To Resign Over Her Use Of Racial Slurs
Hong Kong Offers Its Residents Cash Amid Protests, Coronavirus Fears
New Jersey Governor Proposes Cigarette Tax Hike
Joe Biden Gets Coveted Endorsement From Rep. James Clyburn
Democratic Candidates Put Sanders On Defense In South Carolina Debate
13 Killed In Ongoing Protests In New Delhi
Scottish Parliament Approves First Stage Of Free Period Products Bill
Why This Burned-Out Immigration Judge Quit Her Job
Study: Families Separated At Border Suffer Severe Psychological Trauma
Bernie Sanders Wants To Legalize Pot On Day One. Can He?
Washington Roundup: What's Being Done About Election Security?
White House Requests $2.5 Billion To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak
Sanders Reveals $1.5 Trillion Universal Child Care Plan
Election Watchdog: 300 Cases Open And Not Enough Preparation For 2020
SCOTUS Will Hear Case Involving Same-Sex Foster Parents
New 'Public Charge' Rule Could 'Profoundly' Change Legal Immigration
National Security Adviser: No Evidence Russia Helping Trump Campaign
Prime Minister Of Malaysia Resigns
President Trump Visits India Amid Protests
Buttigieg Says There Are 'Irregularities' In Nevada Caucuses Vote
Pete Buttigieg Rallies Va. Voters Ahead Of Super Tuesday
'Public Charge' Immigration Rule Goes Into Effect Monday
Nevada Caucuses Give Bernie Sanders His First Big Win In 2020
U.S. Officials Told Sanders That Russia Is Trying To Help His Campaign
President Trump And His Supporters Are Confident He'll Win In November
Warren Campaign Opened $3 Million Line Of Credit In January
Florida Lawmakers Pass Parental Consent Bill On Underage Abortion
Intel Official Says Russia Plans To Meddle In The 2020 Election
Appeals Court Blocks Mississippi's 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban
Elizabeth Warren Rallies Nevada Supporters After Debate
Big Budget, Big Data — The Short Drive Across Nevada's Battleground
Facebook Removes Video Revealing Virginia Lawmaker's Home Address
Meet Richard Grenell, Trump's Pick For Acting Intelligence Chief
Trump Signs Order To Divert California Water
Fraud In The Addiction Rehab Industry Could Put Millions At Risk
Judge Rules In Lawsuit Over Arizona Border Patrol Conditions
Bias or Something More? What a Study Discovered About Paid Leave
Democratic Presidential Candidates Clash In Tense Las Vegas Debate
Nevada's Diversity Changes The Race — But Will It Change The Outcome?
Court: Florida Felons Can Register To Vote Despite Unpaid Fines, Fees
George Zimmerman Suing Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg
Mike Bloomberg Faces Backlash For Previous Support Of Stop-And-Frisk
U.S. Attorney General Questions If Tech Industry Law Is Still Relevant
Pentagon Policy Official Resigns At President Trump's Request
Massachusetts Lawmaker Charged With Embezzling Campaign Funds
N.C. Voter ID Law Blocked For Discriminating Against African Americans
Blagojevich Returns To Chicago After Trump Commutes Prison Sentence
Thousandths Of A Percentage Point Separation In Iowa Recanvass
DOJ Says Attorney General William Barr Is Not Thinking About Resigning
Judge Declines To Delay Roger Stone's Sentencing
Washington Roundup: Are Caucuses Going Out Of Style?
Chicago Leaders Condemn Deployment Of Elite Border Patrol Units
'I Don't Know How To Stop Them' — When Robots Take Las Vegas Jobs
Trump Commutes Sentence Of Former IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich
Bolton Says He Hopes White House Doesn't 'Suppress' His Book
Dutch Court Orders Russia To Pay $50B For Dismantled Oil Company
Trump Administration Waives Federal Laws For Border Wall Construction
Judges To Hold Meeting After DOJ's Intervention In Roger Stone Case
Mike Bloomberg Qualifies For Democratic Debate
What To Expect During The 'First In The West' Caucus
NY's Bail Reform Law Could Face Rollbacks Weeks After Taking Effect
Nevada's New Plan For Caucusing Raises Security Concerns
Facebook Is Now Letting Political Campaigns Sponsor 'Branded Content'
Iran's President Says Talks Are Possible If U.S. Rejoins Nuclear Deal
Immigration Judges Union Calls For Courts' Independence From DOJ
U.S. Watchdog To Look Into Trump's $28B Farm Bailout
Virginia Lawmakers Reject Ban On Sale Of Assault Weapons
Federal Prosecutors Consider New Charges Against Lev Parnas
Federal Appeals Court Blocks Work Requirements For Medicaid
Over 1,100 Justice Department Alumni Call For A.G. Bill Barr To Resign
CNN: U.S. Officials Reassure Afghanistan It Will Not 'Abandon Them'
Ukraine's President Disputes Trump's Assertion It's A Corrupt Country
CBP To Send Officers To Sanctuary Cities In Arrest Operation
NEC Director Says New Tax Cuts Will Likely Roll Out By September
Parkland Survivors Demand Action On Shooting's 2nd Anniversary
Italy Refuses Immunity For Right-Wing Leader Charged In Migrants Case
Congressman: White House Report On Soleimani 'Contradicts' President
Government Will Not Charge Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe
Elizabeth Warren Sees Path Forward In Super Tuesday States
Los Angeles County To Dismiss Nearly 66,000 Marijuana Convictions
U.S. Reportedly Reaches Truce With Taliban In Afghanistan
What The Fact: A Guide To Primary Voting
Barr Says The President's Tweets Make His Job 'Impossible'
Trump Extends National Emergency Declaration For U.S.-Mexico Border
U.S. Hits Huawei With New Federal Charges
War Powers Resolution Passes Senate With Bipartisan Support