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Pres.-elect Biden To Introduce National Security Team
Trump Administration Clears Way For Biden Transition
Rethinking Public Health Funding When A Pandemic Is Our Biggest Threat
Urgent National Security Matters Await Pres.-Elect Joe Biden
Biden Inauguration Likely Scaled Down Amid COVID-19
Joe Biden Reveals Top Foreign Policy, National Security Picks
Trump Campaign Cuts Ties With Lawyer Sidney Powell
Michigan, Pennsylvania To Certify Results
Judge Rejects Trump Campaign PA Election Lawsuit
Georgia Recount Process Moves Forward
GA Sen. Kelly Loeffler Tests Negative For COVID-19 After Mixed Results
Biden's First Cabinet Choices To Be Announced Tuesday
Trump Campaign Requests Recount Of Georgia Presidential Votes
Federal Judge Tosses Out Trump Campaign Lawsuit In Pennsylvania
FDA Approves Emergency Use of COVID-19 Drug Given to President Trump
Pres. Trump's Records Could Pose Another Hurdle For Biden Transition
Biden Chooses Three Latinos Among Picks For White House Senior Staff
Parler Downloads Surge As Conservatives Jump To 'Free Speech' App
Michigan's Top Legislators Meet With President Trump
Georgia Secretary of State: "Numbers Don't Lie"
Murderer Eighth Person Executed by Federal Government Since July
Biden Criticizes Trump For Challenging The Election
President Trump Announces Medicare Requirements to Lower Drug Costs
Misleading Claims In A Trump Campaign Lawsuit
Feds Say Men in Mich. Gov. Kidnap Scheme Had Backup Plans
Pompeo Becomes 1st U.S. Secy. Of State To Visit West Bank Settlement
Plaintiff In Trump Election Lawsuit Is A Former State Lawmaker
742,000 Jobless Claims Filed Last Week
Judge Orders U.S. To Stop Expelling Migrant Children
Pilots Watch Closely As FAA Lifts Grounding On Embattled 737 Max
Trump Campaign Spends $3M On Partial Wisconsin Recount
House Democrats Nominate Nancy Pelosi As House Speaker
How Will Joe Biden Change Foreign Policy?
Georgia To Conclude Presidential Election Tally Tonight
Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley Tests Positive For COVID
GA Secretary Of State Says Attack On Mail Voting Cost Pres. Trump
Trump Campaign Suing Nevada
Fact Vs. Friction: Trump Campaign Lawsuit Hits Roadblock In Pa.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down Election Observer Suit
Trump Fires Cybersecurity Director Who Defied Election Fraud Claims
Republican Senators Congratulate VP-Elect Harris, But Not Publicly
Social Media CEOs Grilled By Senate Committee
Biden Announces Key White House Team
Surging COVID-19 Cases Are Overwhelming U.S. Hospitals
President Trump Reportedly Cutting Troop Levels In Afghanistan, Iraq
Wisconsin Recount Would Cost Trump Campaign $7.9 Million
NYT: President Trump Sought Options For Attacking Iran
More Than 2,600 Votes Found In Georgia Recount
Georgia Expected To Certify Election Results This Week
Trump Campaign Drops Key Request In Pennsylvania Lawsuit
President Trump Again Falsely Claims He Won Reelection
Pres.-Elect Says Vaccine News Good, But Distribution Plan Needed
Trump Campaign Drops Key Claim in PA Suit, But President Not Conceding
Three Become First Korean-American Women Elected To Congress
Fauci: President Blocking COVID Task Force From Working With Biden
Immigration Advocates Cheer Judge's DACA Ruling
President-Elect Biden Expected to Pick First Woman to Run the Pentagon
Former Trump Official Criticizes President For Blocking Transition
Thousands At 'Million MAGA March,' Unmasked And Talking Election Fraud
Oregon, New Mexico Order Business Closures Amid Worsening Pandemic
Martha McSally Concedes Defeat To Mark Kelly In Arizona Senate Race
President Gives First COVID Updates Since Before Election
Fact-Checking A Trump Election Lawsuit In Pennsylvania
Hand Tally Begins In Georgia
Calif. Governor Under Pressure To Name Latino To Harris' Senate Seat
Republicans Push For President-Elect Biden To Get Intel Briefings
Dueling Protests Expected in Washington, D.C. On Saturday
New York Is Still Counting Mail-In Ballots
Biden Campaign Asks For $30M In Fundraising Help
Arizona Judge Hears Trump Campaign Lawsuit
Pres. Trump Repeats Baseless Voter Fraud Claims
Fact Vs. Friction: What We Know About USPS Worker's Fraud Claims
Trump Team Soliciting Funds For Legal Fights
Facebook, Google Extend Political Ad Bans
President-elect Joe Biden Taps Ron Klain As Chief Of Staff
Deadline Arrives For TikTok's U.S. Sale
Arizona Attorney General Rejects Voter Fraud Claims
Democrats Will Retain Majority In House
Some Republican Governors Criticize Presidential Transition Delay
President Makes First Official Appearance Since Election Was Called
Fact Vs. Friction: Could GOP Electors Impact Presidential Results?
World Leaders Call Biden, Vow COVID And Climate Change Collaboration
Migrant Women Deported After Alleging Abuse In Detention Center
Georgia To Recount Presidential Ballots By Hand
Chaotic Transition Leaves Pres.-Elect Biden Without Intel Briefings
Pompeo: U.S. Will Have Smooth Transition To Next President
President-elect Joe Biden Pledges To "Get Right To Work"
Postal Worker Walks Back Ballot Tampering Claim
Republican Lawmakers Refuse To Accept Biden Win
Some GOP Congressional Candidates Allege Fraud Cost Them Election
Supreme Court Justices Seem Unlikely To Strike Down Obamacare
President Obama Met With President Trump 4 Years Ago Today
President Trump To Lose Twitter Protections After Leaving White House
Officials Begin Counting Mail-In Ballots In Alaska
Former FBI Director Testifies On Russian Interference In 2016 Election
Ex-QAnon Follower: 'This Is How You Get Good People To Do Bad Things'
Attorney General Authorizes Probes Into Alleged Voting Irregularities
Supreme Court Seems Favorable To Keeping Parts Of Obamacare
Biden's Team Explores Legal Action Over Delay in Transition Funding
The Affordable Care Act, Once Again, Has Its Day In Court