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Pentagon Authorizes $1B Transfer To Start Building New Border Fencing
Republicans Call For House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff To Resign
How 2020 Dems Are Talking About The Mueller Report
New Jersey Lawmakers Cancel Vote On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
Trump Officially Recognizes Golan Heights As Part Of Israel
Israeli Military Blames Hamas For Rocket Attack That Injured 7
Russian Officials Comment On Mueller Report Findings
Supreme Court Takes Another Look At Partisan Gerrymandering
The Mueller Report Is Done. What Happens Next?
Ardern Announces Top-Level Inquiry Into Christchurch Attacks
Democrats Demand Mueller's Full Report Be Released To The Public
Attorney General Barr Releases Summary Of Mueller Report
1 Million People March Against Brexit In London
Congressional Leaders Push For Full Release Of Mueller Report
Mueller's Russia Probe Is Done, Releases Report To AG Barr
The End Of The Mueller Probe May Be The Beginning Of A Legal Fight
Mueller's Final Report Could Model Past Special Investigations
Trump Surprisingly Tweets Plan To Withdraw Some North Korea Sanctions
The Golan Heights Is Still A Flashpoint Between Israel And Syria
2020 Dems Face New Challenges Talking About Personal Wealth
US Announces New Sanctions On Iran
Jimmy Carter Is Now The Longest-Living US President
Wisconsin GOP Flubs In Comparing Veteran And Immigrant Tuition Rates
GOP Undertaking New Efforts To Win Back Female Voters
Mississippi Governor Signs 'Heartbeat Bill' Into Law
Trump Signs Order To Protect Free Speech On College Campuses
Many 2020 Dems Say They Back Reparations — But What Does It Mean?
The US Might Need A New Approach To North Korea's Nuclear Program
Should Americans With Student Loans Be Able To File For Bankruptcy?
Did The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban Work?
House Panel Asks About Jared Kushner's Use Of WhatsApp
Trump Calls For US To Recognize Golan Heights As Part Of Israel
Hope Hicks To Cooperate With House Judiciary Probe Into Trump
Clarence Thomas Breaks Yearslong Silence At Supreme Court
Congress Debates Future Of Flood Insurance As Deadline Looms
What 2020 Candidates' Pot Platforms Say About Views On Legal Weed
Breaking Down A Political Ad Targeting Beto O'Rourke's Past
Manafort's Lawyer Falsely Says Judges Ruled There Was No Collusion
4th Person Dies In Customs And Border Protection Custody
Officer's Lawsuit Against Chicago Police Defies "Code of Silence"
Trump And Bolsonaro Are Trying To Reboot US-Brazil Relations
Rep. Devin Nunes Is Suing Twitter And 3 Users For Defamation
Supreme Court Backs The Government In Immigration Detention Ruling
Washington Roundup: The Supreme Court Takes Up Gerrymandering — Again
Who Set Fire To Venezuela Aid? New Footage Gives A Clearer Picture
White House Proposes Limits On Some Federal Student Loans
White House Reportedly Wants Early Access To Mueller Findings
Nadler Says He's 'Encouraged' By Response To Sweeping Document Request
New Laws In Russia Criminalize Spread Of 'Fake News'
Pentagon Shares List Of Projects That Could Be Cut To Fund Border Wall
Democrats Ask FBI To Investigate Trump's Link To Fla. Massage Parlors
Beto O'Rourke Raised Over $6M In First Day Of Presidential Campaign
Iran Plans To Take Legal Action Against US Over Sanctions
GOP Tax Reform Poses New Threat For Nonprofits
The Philippines Officially Leaves International Criminal Court
Ted Cruz's 2012 Campaign Fined For Misreporting Source Of Loans
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Announces 2020 Presidential Candidacy
Slovakia's Presidential Frontrunner Has No Public Office Experience
Trump Vetoes Resolution Blocking His Emergency Declaration
White House Expected To Hand Over Documents To House Panel By Monday
Calculating Federal Tax Revenue Isn't As Simple As Sen. Lankford Says
Gov. Inslee Oversimplified Statistic About Washington's Air Quality
Senators Introduce Security Clearance Act To Establish Transparency
When It Comes To College Admissions, It Pays To Be Rich
Court: Remington Can Be Sued In Connection With Sandy Hook Shooting
Using Cockroaches And Rotten Food To Tell Liberals From Conservatives
Senate Votes To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration
House Overwhelmingly Approves Measure To Make Mueller's Report Public
Beto O'Rourke Is In, But Where Does He Fit In This Field?
Border Wall And Yemen Votes Test Relationship Between Trump And GOP
Beto O'Rourke Jumps Into The 2020 Presidential Race
US Senate Passes Resolution To End Involvement In Yemen War
One Man's Plan To Fix Contempt In Politics
CNN: Emails Show ICE Supervisors Didn't Follow Warrant Review Process
2020 Census: What's Wrong With Asking People If They're Citizens?
California Governor Signs Order To Temporarily Suspend Executions
UK Parliament Rules Out A No-Deal Brexit
Trump Grounds All Boeing 737 MAX Planes In The US
US Developing New Missiles After Decision To Withdraw From INF Treaty
Zinke Cleared Of Pennsylvania Election Influence Allegations
President Trump Just Signed A Huge Public Lands Bill Into Law
The Windfall Of A Losing Presidential Candidacy
New York Attorney General Subpoenas Banks Over Trump Projects
LGBTQ Advocates Hopeful But Cautious Over Trump's HIV Plan
A Divisive Impeachment Attempt Could Backfire on Democrats
UK Parliament Votes Down May's Brexit Deal
Roger Stone's Lawyers Deny Hiding Book Rerelease From Judge
Washington Roundup: What To Make Of The President's Budget Proposal
Lawmakers Continue Efforts To Make Mueller's Russia Probe Public
US To Withdraw Last Diplomatic Staff From Embassy In Venezuela
Pelosi Says Impeaching Trump Is 'Just Not Worth' Dividing The Country
White House 2020 Budget Proposes New E-Cigarette User Fee
President's Budget Would Cut Funding To Social Programs, Boost Defense
Milwaukee To Host 2020 Democratic National Convention
Trump Administration Unveils 2020 Budget
ICE Quarantined Nearly 2,300 Immigrants With Contagious Diseases
China Suggests A Way To Compromise With The US To Reach A Trade Deal
The Many Faces Of Immigration In America
Court Gives Asylum-Seekers The Option To Appeal Quick Deportations
HHS To Reallocate Health Program Funds To Help House Migrant Children