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Amid Protests, DOJ Says It Can Deploy Armed Agents To Vote Centers
Why President Trump's Early Leads In Key States Evaporated
World Anxiously Awaits U.S. Election Outcome
Trump Campaign, GOP Launch Election Lawsuits
Drug Legalization Efforts See Big Wins In Election
Abortion Restrictions Fail in Colorado, Pass in Louisiana
U.S. Officially Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Accord
Supreme Court Could Halt Leniency For Children Convicted Of Murder
4 States Approve Recreational Marijuana
President Trump Says He'll Take Election To Supreme Court
Votes Still Left To Count, GOP Likely Keeps Senate Hold
Mississippi Voters Approve New Magnolia State Flag
COVID-19 Hospitalizations Surge As Pandemic Shadows Election
U.S. Postal Service Defies Court Order To Check For Missing Ballots
FBI Investigating Election Day Robocalls Telling People To 'Stay Home'
Election Officials In Several States Face Mail-In Voting Lawsuits
USPS Ordered To Search Facilities For Any Remaining Mail-In Ballots
Colorado, Louisiana Residents Vote On Abortion Restrictions
Twitter Flags President's Tweet For Misinformation
Cities Brace For Unrest After Election, White House Builds Barriers
Voters Forced To Travel To Cast Their Ballots
Counting The Record Number Of Mail-In Ballots This Election
How Many Guns Have Americans Bought This Year?
Criminal Justice Reform On Ballots In Several States
Expert Expects Florida Winner Declared Before Wednesday
Polls Open As Candidates Make Final Pitches
Small New Hampshire Communities Continue Election Day Tradition
Democrats Favored To Win Seats In U.S. House, Senate
Vote Smarter 2020: When Do All The Votes Have To Be Counted?
Texas Judge Rules Against GOP Petition To Throw Out Drive-Thru Votes
Ballot Counting Deadlines Vary By State
President Trump Suggests He'll Challenge Election Results
Cities, Businesses Prepare For Possible Election Day Unrest, Violence
Bettors Abroad Are Wagering Record Amounts On U.S. Election
COVID Cases Rise; President Trump Hints At Firing Fauci
Hurricane Zeta Power Outages Raise Voting Concerns
Counted On: Record Voter Turnout Takes Toll On Registrars
Companies Offer Discounted Rides To Voters
Justice Amy Coney Barrett Joins The Supreme Court
President Trump Suggests Firing Dr. Anthony Fauci After The Election
Vote Smarter 2020: What Does 'Precincts Reporting' Mean?
White House Says Fauci Playing Politics In Critique Of Virus Response
Doctor's Notes Will Be Made Available Electronically For Free
Affordable Care Act Enrollment Begins Days Ahead Of Election
Judge Orders USPS To Take 'Extraordinary Measures' To Deliver Ballots
Immigrant Sanctuary Seekers Await Election Results
Early Voting Wraps Up In Several States With Vast Turnouts Reported
Daniel Dae Kim Tackles 2020 Election Divisions In 'Belly Of The Beast'
Walmart Walks Back Decision To Remove Firearms From Store Displays
Experts Say Record Early Voter Turnout In Texas Favors Joe Biden
Where Voting Stands Four Days Out From Election Day
Asian American GOP Group Backs Joe Biden
Texas Surpasses 2016 Total Turnout Despite Stiff Voting Restrictions
One Of Justice Barrett’s 1st Cases May Involve LGBTQ Rights, Religion
More Early Voters in Texas Than All Its 2016 Votes
USPS Delivers 122M Ballots Ahead of Election
Power Outages From Hurricane Zeta Complicate Early Voting
No Progress On COVID-19 Relief Bill
Vote Smarter 2020: How Are Winners Projected Before Votes Are Counted?
QAnon-Linked Organizer Calls Rallies Last 'Peaceful' Unity Attempt
Hispanic Vote Could Be Key To Winning The Sunshine State
New Restrictions In Milwaukee Amid Wisconsin Outbreak
Fake Emails, Robocalls And Texts Target Voters Ahead Of Election Day
U.S. Economy Up 33 Percent, But Not Fully Recovered
TikTok Joins Effort To Prevent Election Misinformation
'Anonymous' Trump Critic Reveals Himself
Vote Smarter 2020: What Happens If There's A Dispute Over A Ballot?
President Trump Looks To Win Over More Senior Voters
Big Tech CEOs Face Scrutiny In Senate Hearing
Supreme Court Rejects Pennsylvania GOP's Ballot Deadline Appeal
Fla. Business Owner Flipping Vote To Biden: "I Just Want To Survive"
Should We Trust The Polls In 2020?
Senate's Section 230 Hearing Barely Touched On Section 230
Independent Venue Week Throws A Spotlight On Pandemic Struggles
Google Will Stop Political Ads After Election
Trump Campaign Website Hacked
Newsy-Ipsos Poll: 38 Percent Of Voters Have Already Cast Their Ballots
Judge Rules Against Replacing President Trump As Defendant In Lawsuit
Judge: South Carolina Can't Reject Ballots For Signature Mismatches
Vote Smarter 2020: Why Does Counting Mail-In Ballots Take Longer?
COVID Relief Deal Extremely Unlikely Before Election
Judge: U.S. Can't Replace Pres. Trump In Defamation Suit
Why Pres. Trump Is Gaining Support Among Cuban Americans In Florida
Politico: Medicare, Medicaid Plan May Cover COVID-19 Vaccinations
Barrett's Confirmation Could Impact Some High-Profile Cases
Supreme Court Blocks Absentee Deadline Extension in Wisconsin
What Early Voting Numbers Tell Us About The 2020 Election
Counted On: Ballot Curing to Make Every Vote Count
Nancy Pelosi Says White House Rejected Virus Testing Plan
Medicare, Medicaid Will Reportedly Cover COVID-19 Vaccine
Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed To The Supreme Court
Vote Smarter 2020: Can You Register To Vote On Election Day?
Pennsylvania GOP Challenges Mail-in Ballot Ruling
Postal Service Delays Could Lead To Rejected Ballots
Pres. Trump's Final Pitch Likely To Focus On Economic Recovery
How The Supreme Court Has Decided The Rules For Voting In 2020
Vladimir Putin Sees Nothing 'Criminal' In Hunter Biden's Ukraine Work
Facebook to Ban Political Ads Until After Election
Early Voting Kicks Off In Maryland
Armenia And Azerbaijan Agree To New Ceasefire Agreement