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Fact-check: There's No Evidence The Capitol Riot Was Led By Antifa
Pres. Trump Pledges 'Orderly Transition' Of Power
Impeachment, 25th Amendment Carry Different Consequences
Capitol Police Criticized For Response To Insurrection
Pres.-elect Biden Taps Merrick Garland For Attorney General
D.C. Mayor Extends Emergency Declaration Until After Inauguration
VP Pence Certifies Biden, Harris Electoral Win
One Person Dead After Pro-Trump Extremists Storm U.S. Capitol
Where Was The National Guard When The Capitol Was Breached?
The World Watched Violence At The U.S. Capitol In 'Utter Disbelief'
U.S. Capitol Police Appeared To Be Overwhelmed. Why?
Pro-Trump Rioters Storm U.S. Capitol
Pres.-Elect Biden To Name Judge Merrick Garland As Attorney General
Congress Set To Certify Joe Biden As U.S. President
Raphael Warnock Wins Georgia Senate Seat
Washington, D.C., Prepares For Protests Over Electoral Vote Count
Proud Boys Leader Arrested In Washington
D.C. Mayor Warns Residents Of Protests After Electoral Results
Senator Kelly Loeffler To Object President-Elect Biden's Electoral Win
Gulf States Lift Blockade Of Qatar
In U.S. System, Senate Majority Leader 'Really Runs The Show'
History Behind Georgia's Runoff System Rooted In Race
Georgia Runoffs To Determine Which Party Controls Senate
Historically Diverse 117th Congress Sworn In
Officials Campaign In Georgia Ahead Of Runoffs
Biden's Inauguration To Feature Virtual Parade
Rep. Kinzinger Asks Other Republicans To Speak Out
Pres. Trump's Pandemic Bans on Travel, Visa Hurting Binational Couples
Fact-checking President Trump's Georgia Phone Call
Wall Street Braces For Georgia Senate Race, Vaccine Delay
GOP Lawmakers Set To Challenge Pres.-Elect Biden's Win
Delivery Of Second Stimulus Payments Underway
V.P.-elect Harris Comments On Pres. Trump's Phone Call
U.S. Surgeon General, Fauci Counter President on Death Toll Numbers
In Recorded Call, Pres. Trump Goads Georgia Official to Review Vote
Spanish Humanitarian Ship Seeking Port of Safety
Ted Cruz Leads GOP Group To Oppose 2020 Election Results
Federal Judge Throws Out Gohmert Lawsuit Against Vice President Pence
Bumpy Year Might Be Ahead As U.K Leaves EU In Brexit Deal
President Trump Extends Ban On Green Cards And Work Visas
Health And Human Services Rescind Distillery Fees
Will GOP Focus Change Without President Trump In The White House?
Georgia Governor Shrugs Off Pres. Trump's Demand He Resign
Hope Fades For $2K COVID Relief Checks
Congress Faces COVID Response, Biden Priorities In Early 2021
Judge Blocks Voter Roll Purge In 2 Georgia Counties
Georgia Senate Runoffs Awash With Election Misinformation
Sen. Josh Hawley To Contest Certification Of Electoral College Results
Senate Battle Over COVID Checks
Senate Will Try To Override Defense Bill Veto
Pres. Trump To Senate GOP: Pass $2,000 Relief Checks
Pfizer: Millions Of COVID Vaccine Doses Waiting To Ship
Senate Leader McConnell Blocks Vote On $2,000 Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Checks Likely To Be Distributed This Week
Southwest Airlines Says Federal Aid Helps Avoid Furloughs
House Votes To Increase COVID Relief Checks To $2,000
Bernie Sanders Pushes For More Progressives In Biden's Cabinet Picks
Pres. Trump To Rally In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoffs
Pres. Trump Signs $900B COVID Relief Deal
Successes, Failures And Lessons Learned From The 2020 Election
Judge Delays Execution For Only Woman on Federal Death Row
COVID Relief, Government Spending Bill In Flux
Over 2 Million Early Votes In Georgia Senate Runoff Election
Andrew Yang Files Paperwork To Run For NYC Mayor
Pres. Trump's Latest Pardons Include Paul Manafort, Roger Stone
House Fails To Pass Measure To Increase Stimulus Check Payments
Congress Considers Defense Bill Veto Override
President Trump Pardons Manafort, Stone
Pres. Trump Threatens Funding Bill, Covid Relief Deal
Defense Bill Could Encourage Military Members To Report Sexual Assault
What Joe Biden Can Learn From President Harry Truman
States Run Up Against Deadline To Spend COVID Aid
California's First Latino Senator To Fill Seat Of VP-elect Harris
People Getting COVID Relief Payment Fear It Isn't Enough
House Democrats Subpoena Azar, Redfield For CDC Documents
What's Next For Vice President Pence?
2020 Leaves Historic Mark On U.S. Economy
Newsy Exclusive: COVID Taskforce Coordinator Deborah Birx Will Retire
Confederate Statues Still Standing in U.S. Capitol
Congress Passes Government Funding, COVID Relief Bill
Congress Finalizes $900 Billion COVID Relief Deal
Trump Campaign Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Results
What Some Black Voters Are Hoping To See From A Biden Presidency
Bombings Rock Afghanistan Amid Peace Talks With Taliban
FDA Authorizes Second COVID-19 Vaccine After Moderna Review
Senate Says Boeing Improperly Influenced 737 Max Recertification
COVID Relief Talks Drag On As Government Shutdown Looms In Washington
EU, U.K. Divided In Final Hours Of Post-Brexit Trade Talks
Biden Picks Michael Regan For EPA
VP Pence, Second Lady, Surgeon General Get COVID-19 Vaccines
Biden Makes Historic Nomination Tapping Rep. Deb Haaland
Reports: Biden To Nominate Michael Regan For Head Of EPA
President-elect Considering Education Secretary Pick
Pete Buttigieg Chosen As Biden's Transportation Secretary
Former Top Cybersecurity Official Defends Election Integrity
Trump Organization Ordered To Turn Over Documents To New York AG
President-elect Biden Campaigns For Georgia Democrats
Inauguration Plans Adjusted Amid COVID-19
GOP Leader Mitch McConnell Acknowledges Biden Victory
Reports: Pete Buttigieg Picked For Transportation Role