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AP: Lawmakers Threatened Ahead Of Trial
House Sends Impeachment Article to Senate
Dominion Voting Systems Sues Rudy Giuliani
Sen. McCain's Widow, Arizona Governor Shrug Off GOP Censure
Kremlin Says U.S. is Encouraging Protests in Support of Navalny
Prime Minister Boris Johnson Pushes For Trade Deal In First Biden Call
COVID-19 Surge Could Cause Runoff Election In Portugal
Hundreds Arrested In Russia Over Navalny Protests
MyPillow Guy Wants Trump To Endorse His Bid For Minnesota Governor
Trump's 2nd Impeachment Trial Scheduled For Week Of February 8th
With 50-50 Split, Senate Leaders Debate on Legislation Voting
Pres. Biden Pauses Many Deportations, Narrows ICE Arrest Priorities
Pres. Biden To Order Stopgap Relief While Congress Considers Stimulus
Guard Members Return To Capitol After Being Forced To Vacate
Schumer: House Will Deliver Article of Impeachment Monday
Democrats Weigh Impeachment Timeline
Maryland Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening Pelosi, IRS Building
New NSA General Counsel Placed On Leave Amid Investigation
FBI Director Christopher Wray To Remain Under President Biden
China Sanctions Dozens Of Former Trump Administration Officials
Vaccine Supply Runs Low Across U.S.
Pres. Biden Swears In Nearly 1,000 Federal Appointees
Fashion Diplomacy At Presidential Inauguration
White House Looks For Bipartisan Support On COVID Relief
Haines Confirmed As National Intelligence Director
President Biden Signs 17 Executive Orders on First Day
President Biden Ends Travel Ban, Bringing Hope To Separated Families
Few Spectators Attend Inauguration Amid Security Clampdown, Pandemic
President Biden To Dismantle Trump Legacy With Executive Orders
Small Crowd Of Biden-Harris Supporters Gathers At BLM Plaza
Inaugural Performers Tend To Pack A Political Message
Experts Weigh In On How To Best Unite The Country
The White House Gets A Deep Clean
Speaker Pelosi Pays Tribute To American COVID Deaths
How Will U.S.-U.K. Special Relationship Change Under President Biden?
Ex-Trump Aide Steve Bannon Gets Last-Minute Pardon
After President Trump's Exit, Who Leads The GOP?
Impeachment Trial Looms Over Senate
Biden Vows To Work With Republicans
Biden, Harris Attend COVID Memorial
Disinformation Experts, Security Officials Urge Media Literacy
Fmr. FBI Director Comey Says Pres. Trump Elevated Ideological Threat
For Many, Harris Evokes New Sense Of Connection To White House
Biden Administration Could Make Changes At Dept. Of Education Quickly
Incoming Biden Administration Seeks Universal Health Coverage
Biden's Stimulus Plan Faces Congress Busy With Second Impeachment
Virtual Inauguration Parties: Concerts, Yoga And Lectures
Report: 12 National Guard Members Removed From Inauguration Security
Foreign Adversaries Are Funding Domestic Extremism In The U.S.
Sens. McConnell, Schumer Discuss Power-Sharing Agreement
Mitch McConnell Says Capitol Rioters Were Provoked By President Trump
McCarthy: Slow Response To Capitol Attack Due To System in Place
Pentagon: No Inside Threat Among National Guard For Inauguration
VP-Elect Harris Ready To Hit The Ground Running
Biden To Propose 8-year Path To Citizenship For Immigrants
Senate Confirmations Begin For Cabinet Picks
President Trump Expected To Issue Dozens Of Pardons
Inauguration Day Bibles Have Their Own Storied Histories
Major Biden Makes History As First Rescue Dog In The White House
D.C. Will Set Aside 'First Amendment Zones' For Inauguration Protests
First Lady Melania Trump Gives Farewell Address
Sen. Josh Hawley Lands Book Deal After Publisher Drops Him
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Resigns Her Senate Seat
President-elect Biden's Inaugural Address To Focus On Uniting Nation
Facebook To Ban Weapon Accessory Ads For Inauguration Precautions
Senate To Return Ahead Of Inauguration
President Trump Expected To Issue Around 100 Pardons, Commutations
Giuliani Won't Be On Legal Team For President Trump's Impeachment
Twitter Temporarily Suspends Rep. Greene's Account
Sen. Lindsey Graham Warns President Trump Not To Pardon Rioters
FBI Vetting All 25,000 Troops In D.C. For Inauguration
What Defense Officials Are Looking For In Potential 'Insider Attacks'
Muted Protests Across The Country After States Fortified Security
Nationwide Statehouses, D.C. Prepare for Potentially Violent Week
Biden To Roll Back Trump Admin. Decisions On Day One
Kamala Harris To Be Sworn In By Justice Sonia Sotomayor
U.S. Executes 13th Inmate After 17-Year Pause In Federal Executions
NRA Files For Bankruptcy, Seeking To Evade NY Lawsuit, Probe
Secretary Of Defense 'Cannot Wait To Leave' Ahead Of Inauguration
Alex Azar Resigns Over Capitol Riots, Decries 'Assault On Democracy'
President-Elect Biden Lays Out COVID-19 Vaccine Plan
Lawmakers Push To Award Capitol Officer Congressional Gold Medal
Rules Against Flagpoles Did Not Cover Rioters Marching To Capitol
Analysts Say Growing China-Russia Alliance Presents New Threats
FBI Chief: Tracking Potential Armed Protest, Threats
McCarthy Backs Cheney After Impeachment Vote
President-Elect Biden Proposes $1.9 Trillion Relief Plan
President Trump Touts WH Record From Behind Closed Doors In Final Days
Pres.-Elect Biden's COVID Relief Plan Faces Uphill Battle In Congress
President-Elect Joe Biden Announces COVID Plan
Holocaust Survivor On Capitol Siege: 'History Repeating Itself'
Pelosi Seeks To Fine Lawmakers Who Don't Screen For Firearms
D.C. On Lockdown Ahead Of Inauguration Day
Washington D.C. Locks Down Ahead Of Inauguration
KSTU: Utah Highway Patrol Prepares For Protests
Biden Urges Senate To Balance Impeachment With Other Work
Security Stepped Up On Capitol Hill
Rep. Cheney: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'
D.C. Mayor Urges People Not To Attend Inauguration
2 Virginia Officers Charged In Capitol Riot