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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Files Defamation Suit Against Hillary Clinton
Trump Slams Impeachment During Davos Press Conference
Argentina Introduces Bill To Address Debt Crisis
Clinton Criticizes Sanders, Says 'Nobody Wants To Work With Him'
New Central American Exodus Challenges Trump Administration, Mexico
Americans Living In Ukraine Conflicted On Impeachment
SCOTUS Says Flint Residents Can Sue Over Lead Contamination In Water
Trump And Thunberg Address Climate Change At Davos Forum
Washington Roundup: Differences Between The Clinton & Trump Trials
Is The U.S. On The Brink Of A Class War?
SCOTUS Declines To Fast-Track Obamacare Appeal
Trump Administration Seeks Rule To End 'Birth Tourism'
Republican Joe Walsh Confronts RNC Over Canceled GOP Primaries
Trump Talks Economy, Trade Deals And Trees At World Economic Forum
Virginia's Lobby Day Was A Watershed Moment For Gun Owners
Migrant Caravan Faces Authorities At Mexican-Guatemalan Border
A Timeline Of The Trump Administration's Fight To End DACA
Lev Parnas Asks AG William Barr To Recuse Himself From Investigation
Proposed Impeachment Trial Rules Cut Number Of Opening Argument Days
'Very Hectic:' What It's Like To Be A House Impeachment Manager
President Trump's Legal Team Calls For Quick Acquittal In Senate Trial
Protesters Gather In Virginia's Capital For Massive Gun Rights Rally
SCOTUS To Hear Appeal Over Obamacare Contraception Mandate
Puerto Rico Governor Fires 2 More Officials
Top NSC Official Over Russian Affairs On Leave Pending Investigation
Sexual Assault In Health Care Happens More Than You May Know
DOJ Reveals Rod Rosenstein Approved Release Of Strzok-Page Messages
Afghan Government Speaks Out Against Partial Taliban Cease-fire
Here's Who Will Be On Trump's Impeachment Defense Team
New Documents Released On Possible Surveillance Of Yovanovitch
14 States Sue Trump Administration Over Planned Food Stamp Cuts
House Impeachment Managers Are More Diverse Than Past Teams
U.S. Doctor Raising The Alarm About Millions Trapped In Syria's Idlib
Capitol Security Crackdown Could Hamper Impeachment Reporting
Here's What To Expect As Trump's Impeachment Trial Gets Underway
What The Fact: Polls, Debates And Long-Shot Candidates
Congress Passes Revised U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement
White House Issues Guidelines On Prayer In Schools
Senate Impeachment Trial Begins With Chief Justice, Senators Sworn In
FBI Investigators Visit Home And Business Of Congressional Candidate
ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over 'Safe Third Country' Agreements
Japan's Environment Minister To Take Paternity Leave
Watchdog Report Says Delaying Ukraine Aid Violated The Law
Ukraine Launches Investigation Into Possible Yovanovitch Surveillance
Lev Parnas: Trump 'Knew Exactly What Was Going On' In Ukraine
Trump Administration Expected To Fight Ruling On Refugee Resettlement
Trump's New Trade Deal Includes China's Shopping List For U.S. Goods
Michael Avenatti Arrested For Allegedly Violating Bail Conditions
Articles Of Impeachment Arrived In The Senate. The Trial Comes Next.
Pelosi Announces Impeachment Managers For Senate Impeachment Trial
U.S. And China Sign Preliminary Trade Deal
Parnas' Texts And Letters Highlight Giuliani Ukraine Efforts
Senate Has Enough Support To Pass Revamped War Powers Measure
Pentagon Is Ready To Provide More Financial Support For Border Wall
Michael Flynn Asks To Withdraw Guilty Plea
6 Democrats Take The Stage For The Last Debate Before Iowa Caucuses
Energy Department Agrees To Turn Over Ukraine-Related Records
Pelosi Says She's Ready To Send Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate
Seattle's New Contribution Ban May Blunt Political Spending By Amazon
A US-EU Trade War Could Spell Trouble For Wine Lovers
DOJ To Toughen Criteria For Investigating Presidential Campaigns
Sen. Duckworth: Trump Has No Authority To Wage War With Iran
Gen. John Raymond Sworn In As Chief Of Space Operations
Lev Parnas Hands Over Additional Messages And Photos
Lawsuit Over Arizona Border Patrol Conditions Finally Goes To Trial
U.S. Treasury Hits Venezuelan Politicians With Sanctions
Russian Intelligence Hacks Ukrainian Gas Company Burisma
AG Barr Calls Pensacola Naval Base Shooting 'An Act Of Terrorism'
Washington Roundup: What To Expect During A Senate Trial
DOJ Recommends 'Top End' Sentence For Former Rep. Chris Collins
SCOTUS Dismisses Michelle Carter's Appeal In Manslaughter Case
Pompeo Declines House Committee's Invitation To Testify On Iran
Cory Booker Drops Out Of The Presidential Race
Trump Says He'd Block John Bolton From Testifying
Wall Street Journal: U.S. And China Have Agreed To Semi-Annual Talks
Navy Says U.S. Destroyer 'Aggressively Approached' By Russian Warship
Impeachment Trial May Focus On Chief Justice's Role As 'Umpire'
McConnell Backs Hawley's Resolution To Dismiss Articles Of Impeachment
Vermont Bill Would Ban Cellphones For Those Under 21 Years Old
U.S. Slaps New Sanctions On Iran After Attacks
Pelosi Says House Will Vote On Impeachment Trial Managers Next Week
What The Fact: Iran Attack Misinformation
U.S. Approves Sale Of A Dozen F-35B Jets To Singapore
Marianne Williamson Ends Presidential Bid
N.Y. Judge Rejects Trump's Attempt To Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit
Michigan, A Battleground State, Tests A New Election Security Method
House Votes To Approve War Powers Resolution Restricting Iran Actions
Why Are The Majority of White Evangelicals Against Welcoming Refugees?
Trump Organization Sets Deadline For Buyers Interested In D.C. Hotel
Facebook Sticks To Its Policy Allowing Lies In Political Ads
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says She's 'Cancer-Free' For The New Year
How Did The Senate Handle Witnesses For Clinton's Impeachment Trial?
Mnuchin Reportedly Wants To Wait To Disclose Trump Travel Costs
'Living' Memorial Challenges Cultural Narrative Around Gun Violence
Appeals Court Says Military Funds Can Be Used For A Border Wall
Many Lawmakers Frustrated, 'Insulted' By Iran Briefing
Facebook's New Deepfake Policy May Not Go Far Enough
President Trump Makes First Public Statement After Iran Missile Attack
House Committee Invites Pompeo To Testify On Iran
President Trump Says 'All Is Well' Following Iranian Missile Launch