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Japan's Emperor Will Be Allowed To Retire, Thanks To A Special Law
Meet The GOP Choice To Replace Chaffetz As House Oversight Chair
Pulse Shooting Victim's Mother Calls For Ban On Assault Weapons
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North Korea Picked An Interesting Time To Launch More Missiles
Hackers Hit Al Jazeera Amid Diplomatic Crisis In Qatar
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House Passes Dodd-Frank Rollbacks Over Democrats' Objections
States With More Black People Hold On Tighter To Welfare Money
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Comey Gets Hammered On Why He Kept His Interactions With Trump Secret
Federal Grand Jury Indicts Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner
Watch James Comey's Opening Remarks In Front Of The Senate
NASA's New Astronauts Beat A Record Number Of People To Get The Job
Greg Gianforte Pledges $50K To Press Group After Reporter Incident
Sen. Kamala Harris Told To Be 'Courteous' During Hearing
Canada Plans To Boost Military Spending, Pleasing Trump Administration
Congressional Democrats Plan To Sue President Trump Over His Conflicts
Breitbart Struggles Amid Advertiser Exodus
Turkey Fast-Tracks Sending Troops To Qatar
Republicans Partner With Democrats To End Failed 'Kansas Experiment'
Comey: Trump Asked How FBI Could 'Lift The Cloud' Of Russia Probe
A Galápagos Tortoise Species Thought To Be Extinct Has Resurfaced
Trump Is Bringing Back The National Space Council ... What's That?
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These Rappers Are Delivering The News In Their Own Way
Intelligence Officials Are United Behind Renewing FISA Approval
South Korea Puts Its American Defense Missile System On Hold
Intelligence Heads Won't Say If Trump Asked Them To Intervene
US Hurricane Trackers Are Short-Staffed, But They're Still Capable
Humans Might Be 100,000 Years Older Than We Thought
Meet Christopher A. Wray, Trump's New Pick To Lead The FBI
Einstein Doubted Scientists Could Prove Relativity Like They Just Did
A 'Highly Contagious' Dog Flu Has Re-emerged In The US
Hawaii Made Its Paris Commitment Official — By Signing It Into Law
Lawyers Argue Trump Doesn't Have The Right To Block People On Twitter
Deadly Attacks Wreak Havoc At 2 Major Sites In Iran's Capital
Trump Will Tap Christopher Wray To Be The FBI's New Director
Anthem To Exit Obamacare In Ohio, Leaving Thousands Without Coverage
Was An Office Printer Behind Reality Winner's Arrest?
DeVos Won't Commit To Banning LGBTQ Discrimination At Private Schools
Anime Fans Are Leery Of The 'Cowboy Bebop' Live-Action Remake
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This Planet Is Hotter Than Most Stars, But It Won't Live Long
They'll Always Have Paris: California, China Sign Climate Deals
The US Is Pushing For Big Changes In The UN's Human Rights Council
A Guide To The UK Snap Election For Anyone Who's Not British
Rep. Clay Higgins On 'Radicalized Islamic Suspects': 'Kill Them All'
Bob Dylan Gives A Last-Minute Nobel Lecture To Make $900,000
Trump Wants To Give Air Traffic Control A Major Update
London's Mayor Wants To Cancel Trump's State Visit To The UK
How Texts Could Help Hungry Kids Get Free Food
2 Men Are Charged In The Oakland Warehouse Fire That Killed 36
Leaked NSA Docs Accuse Russia Of Trying To Hack A Voting Software Firm
Apple Hopes To Reinvent Home Audio With Its New Device
The UK Already Has Tons Of Surveillance. So How Does It Up Security?
A New Supreme Court Case Could Reshape Cellphone Privacy Laws
NATO Officially Welcomes A New Member
President Trump Won't Try To Stop James Comey's Senate Testimony
If You're Serious About Running And Fitness, Ditch The Treadmill
Trump's Travel Ban Tweets Could Come Back To Bite Him In Court
Ariana Grande's Manchester Benefit Concert Raises Millions
NASA Isn't Quite Sure What Caused This Deep Hole In Mars
Gulf Nations Lead Push To Isolate Qatar
At Least 14 People Arrested After Protests In Portland Turn Violent
The Human Library Movement: Where People Are The Books To 'Read'
Mars May Have Been Really Watery And Could Have Had A Giant Ocean
'Wonder Woman' Takes Heroic Lead In This Weekend's Box Office
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Just Nailed Down Trump's Climate Views
White House Kicking Off 'Infrastructure Week' With Some Big Proposals
In Wake Of London Terror Attack, Trump Pushes For Travel Ban
12 Arrested In Connection To London Bridge, Borough Market Attack
Yemen Compounds Famine And Cholera Crisis By Blocking Aid Workers
Turtles On The Great Barrier Reef Have Human Medication In Their Blood
One NFL Coach Says Colin Kaepernick Deserves A Job
With Dems Focused On Russia, One GOP Congressman Turns To 'Unmasking'
Senate Committee Chair Wants Infamous CIA 'Torture Report' Hidden Away
The US Will Now Ask Some Visa Applicants For Their Social Media Info
UN Slaps New Sanctions On North Korea
Putin Compares Claims Of US Election Interference To Anti-Semitism