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Federal Judge Blocks New York From Handing Over Trump's Tax Returns
Doctors Urge Congress To Investigate Migrant Children's Deaths
Over 11 Billion Tons Of Ice Melted Off Greenland In A Single Day
Democratic Voters In Baltimore Discuss Latest Series Of Debates
Flint Rep. Kildee: Don't Just Use Us As A Photo-Op
Report: James Comey Will Not Be Prosecuted Over Leaked Memos
Israel Authorizes 6,000 New Homes For Israelis In Occupied West Bank
Access To Water Is A Growing Concern Around The World
Fact-Checking Debate Comments From Sanders And Delaney On Health Care
Lawyers Say Migrants Don't 'Skip' Court — They're Just Not Notified
Trump Puts New Tariffs On Remaining Chinese Imports
So-Called 'Burqa Ban' Takes Effect In The Netherlands
Trump Orders Prosecutors' Medals Stripped In SEAL War Crimes Case
New York Bans Teachers And Administrators From Carrying Guns
U.S. Criticizes Germany For Refusing To Back Strait Of Hormuz Mission
Why Young Republicans Have A Hard Time Trusting The Media
Watchdog Won't Investigate White House Security Clearances
Arizona Asks Supreme Court To Stop Purdue Pharma's Siphoning
U.S. Officials Unsure About When Talks With North Korea Will Start
Rwanda Closes Border With Congo Over Ebola Outbreak
Detroit Debate Night 2 Was Full Of Policy Feuds
Senate Committee Approves Gen. John Hyten Amid Misconduct Allegations
Report: Osama Bin Laden's Son Believed To Be Dead
Ebola Has Killed A 2nd Person In Goma, Congo
Senate Confirms Kelly Craft As The Next U.N. Ambassador
GOP Rep. Says Volume 2 Of Mueller Report Never Should've Been Written
UN: Number Of Afghan Civilian Casualties Is Down, But Still Grim
Can New Streaming Platforms Catch Up With Netflix's Global Dominance
Fed Cuts Interest Rates For The First Time In Over A Decade
China Claims It Released A Majority Of Its Detained Muslims
HHS Plan Would Make It Easier To Import Certain Prescription Drugs
'Stage Jitters' Could Have Developed During Humanity's Primitive Days
Disney's 2019 Movie Schedule Ensured It Was Going To Make Billions
Former U.S. Rep. Nominated As Puerto Rico Secretary Of State
Latest Round Of U.S.-China Trade Talks Comes To An Abrupt End
U.S. Envoy For Hostage Affairs Attends A$AP Rocky's Trial
Authorities Charge Dozens Of Hong Kong Protesters With Rioting
Planned Parenthood, ACLU Sue Missouri Over Abortion Law
Health Care Dominates Night One Of Second Democratic Debate
ACLU: Over 900 Migrant Kids Separated From Parents Since June 2018
Report: North Korea Launches Unidentified Projectiles
Trump Tries To Tighten The Rules For Central American Asylum-Seekers
Senate Wants To Protect Athletes In Fallout Of Nassar Abuse Cases
California Governor Signs Bill To Require Trump To Release Tax Returns
Michigan Is Host Of Democratic Debates – And Charter School Boom
US Soccer President: Women's Team Has Been Paid More Than Men's
'What The Fact' Full Episode: Fact-Checking The Big Issues Of 2020
Thousands Infected With Dengue Fever In Monsoon-Stricken Bangladesh
Hospitals Might Be Required To Share Prices Negotiated With Insurers
Washington Roundup: Breaking Down The Budget Deal
Suspect Charged In Connection With Capital One Data Breach
2 U.S. Service Members Killed In Afghan Soldier Attack
Attorney General Restricts Family-Based Asylum Claims
Nearly 100 Experts Urge The Senate Not To Eliminate The 'Cadillac Tax'
NASA Satellite Finds 3 'Missing Link' Exoplanets
A Growing Number Of Police Departments Are Outsourcing Their Policies
Senate Fails To Override Veto On Resolutions Blocking Arms Sales
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana
Automation Could Cost Detroit A Quarter Of Its Jobs Over 10 Years
French Group Sues Paris Over Lead Released In Notre Dame Fire
Suspect Identified In California Food Festival Shooting
Humanity Has Already Used Up All Of Earth's Resources For The Year
History Shows The Debate Stage Can Make Or Break A Campaign
Russian Opposition Leader Hospitalized Over Suspected Poisoning
Las Vegas Is Bugging Out Over Grasshoppers
India's Wild Tiger Population Continues To Rise
Iran Says Nuclear Deal Talks In Vienna Were 'Constructive'
President Donald Trump Signs 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Act
Gillibrand Rejects CBO Finding On $15 Minimum Wage, Talks 9/11 Bill
Official Set To Replace Puerto Rico's Governor Doesn't Want The Job
Dan Coats To Step Down As Director Of National Intelligence
'Once Upon A Time' Gives Tarantino The Best Debut Of His Career
U.S. And China Resume Trade Talks In Shanghai This Week
Longtime Voice Of Disney's Minnie Mouse Russi Taylor Dies At 75
Taliban Says Foreign Troops Reduction In Afghanistan Could Come Soon
Australian Watchdog Releases Suggestions To Regulate Tech Giants
Investigation Finds 87 People Were Killed In Sudanese Raid Last Month
Moscow Police Arrest More Than 1,000 Protesters
France To Push Forward With Tech Tax Despite Trump's Tariff Threats
Judge Dismisses Teen's Defamation Lawsuit Against The Washington Post
Saudi Arabia Suspends Hajj Visas Over Ebola Outbreak In DRC
U.S. Restricts Some Cuban Officials' Visas Related To Medical Missions
Supreme Court Allows White House To Use Military Funds For Border Wall
Nadler 'Going To Court' Over Mueller Report-Related Subpoenas
Demolitions In West Bank May Imperil Israeli-Palestinian Agreements
Texas DA Resigns From Sex Assault Task Force After Newsy Questions
Trump: Apple Will Not Be Excluded From Potential China Tariffs
Guatemala Signs 'Safe Third Country' Asylum Deal With The U.S.
'Women For Trump' Coalition Ramps Up Outreach Effort
The Perks and Pitfalls of State-Managed Election Systems
U.S. And Afghanistan Agree To Speed Up Peace Talks
Report Finds Russia Meddled In 2016 Election In All 50 States
UK-Led Effort To Protect Ships In Strait of Hormuz Gains Support
DOJ Approves $26B Merger Between Sprint And T-Mobile
A New Facility For Unaccompanied Migrant Children Is Now Empty
FEMA Restricts Puerto Rico Relief Funds After Governor Steps Down
The Male Beginnings Of 'Feminine' Fashion
USDA Unveils New $16B Aid Program For Farmers Affected By Trade War
Multiple European Cities Shatter Heat Records
North Korea: 2 Missiles Were A 'Warning' For South Korea