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Despite Cloud Of Controversy, Washington Women's March Draws Hundreds
This College Student Led Her Own Women's March In Chicago
Trump Offers Democrats Concessions To End Partial Government Shutdown
LA Teachers' Strike Continues Into The Weekend
Special Counsel Says BuzzFeed News' Report 'Not Accurate'
Pipeline Explosion In Mexico Leaves Dozens Dead
This Year's Women's March Expected To Be Smaller Than Previous Years
Supreme Court Will Most Likely Not Hear Trump's DACA Appeal
Supreme Court Drops Case Involving Census Citizenship Question
FDA Chief Threatens To Pull E-Cigarettes Off The Market
Trump And Pence Speak At D.C. March For Life Rally
Former Chicago Police Officer Sentenced In Laquan McDonald Shooting
White House Announces Second US-North Korea Summit
Hospital Prices Are Now Online, But Patients Can't Understand Them
Obstructing Justice Is About Intent As Much As Action
New Bill Would Prevent Trump From Unilaterally Withdrawing From NATO
Ebola Outbreak Death Toll In Congo Reaches 400+
Small Bordertown Finds Itself In Middle Of Political Debate Over Wall
How Trump's Dream Wall Stacks Up To What's Already There
3 Out Of 4 Americans Killed In Syria Bombing Have Been Identified
Explaining Hannity's Claim About Criminals Who Try To Cross The Border
'Diet Culture' Can Set Back People Recovering From Eating Disorders
Natural Disaster Preparations Halted Across US By Government Shutdown
Austin PD Orders New Probe After Audit Finds Misclassified Rapes
FDA To Furlough More Workers To Keep Drug Reviews Funded
Trump Denies Pelosi A Government Plane For Overseas Trip
Sears Chairman Wins Bid To Keep The Company Afloat
Rep. Tom Marino Resigns From Congress
President Trump Scraps US Delegation's Trip To Davos
Becoming An American: Alina Diaz
Becoming An American: Youngmin Lo
Becoming An American: David Ward
Becoming An American: Alena Sandimirova
Becoming An American: Lee Wang
Becoming An American: Nisrin Elamin & Tahanie Aboushi
Becoming An American: John Sandweg
Becoming An American: Teofilo Chavez
Becoming An American: Zaid Nagi
Becoming An American: Paul Schmidt
Becoming An American: The Vallacis-Guerrero Family
Becoming An American: Jose Molina
Mnuchin Reportedly Suggested Easing Tariffs On Chinese Goods
Top North Korean Envoy Arrives In Washington DC
Scientists Say Saturn Hasn't Always Had Its Iconic Rings
Inspector General Reports Ex-VA Secretary Violated More Ethics Rules
3 Chicago Cops Found Not Guilty Of Covering Up 2014 Teen Shooting
Human Beings Evolved To Love Cuteness: How 'Kawaii' Conquered The West
Les Moonves Will Go To Arbitration With CBS Over Severance
State Department Says Staff Is Coming Back To Work And Will Be Paid
No-Deal Brexit Threat Hangs Over EU Citizens In The U.K.
Florida's New Gov. Wants To End A Ban On Smoking Medical Marijuana
Women In Chicago Can March On, Thanks To This College Student
More Than 770 Million Emails And Passwords Exposed In Data Breach
Is Student Loan Debt Making It Harder For Young People To Buy Homes?
Cohen Says He Paid Tech Firm Owner To Rig Online Polls For Trump
FDA Makes It Easier For Drug Companies To Produce OTC Naloxone
The Tattoo That Can Tell Your Temperature
Govt. Report Says Thousands More Children Were Separated At Border
France Triggers Emergency Contingency Plan After Failed Brexit Vote
Bill Would Offer Financial Relief For Federal Workers During Shutdown
USDA Calls Employees Back To Work To Help Farmers Amid Shutdown
Trump Unveils Long-Awaited Missile Defense Review
Kids Come To The Border Alone, But This Lawyer Has Their Back
House Passes Another Bill To Reopen The Government
Facebook Removes Hundreds Of Fake Accounts And Pages
2 US Soldiers, 2 US Civilians Killed In Syria Explosion
Trump Says He 'Virtually Eliminated' The Estate Tax
EU Envoys Agree On Sanctions Against Men Accused Of Poisoning Ex-Spy
A Look At The Realities Of Domestic Work Behind Netflix's 'Roma'
Watchdog: GSA 'Ignored' Constitution By Letting Trump Keep Hotel Lease
Trump Signs Bill To Provide Back Pay For Federal Employees
Michigan State University's Interim President Resigns
Death Toll In Kenya Hotel Attack Rises
How the Prime-Time State of the Union Came To Be
Small Businesses Hit Hard By Partial Government Shutdown
Are American Schools Focusing Too Much On Athletics?
Pelosi Asks Trump To Delay SOTU Address Until After Shutdown Is Over
Barr May Not Publicly Release Mueller Report If Confirmed
UK Prime Minister Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote
Oversight Board Wants Court To Wipe Out $6B of Puerto Rico's Debt
YouTube Cracks Down On Dangerous Challenge Videos And Pranks
Lawmakers Say Government Impasse Isn't The Way To Fix Climate Change
The Promise Of Space Gardening
Senators Bring Up Climate Change During EPA Chief Confirmation Hearing
Coast Guard Members Miss Paychecks Amid Shutdown
2018 Ocean Temperatures Were The Hottest On Record
Judge Says Police Can't Force Phone Unlocks Using Biometric Features
Pro-Life Millennials Are Optimistic About Winning Over Their Peers
A Third Of UN Staff Say They've Been Sexually Harassed In Past 2 Years
Judge Won't Force The Government To Pay Workers During Shutdown
Mexico's Former President Allegedly Accepted Bribe From 'El Chapo'
Government Asking Thousands Of Federal Employees To Come Back To Work
Sanders To Meet With 2016 Staffers Who Say They Were Mistreated
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Announces 2020 Presidential Bid
House Passes Resolution Condemning White Supremacy
Microsoft, Walgreens Take Aim At Amazon And Team Up On Health Care
The US Might Stop Recognizing Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela's President
What's Next For U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May?
Judge Rules Against Proposal To Add Citizenship Question To Census
Most People Know Less About GMOs Than They Think