Facebook's proposed digital wallet, Calibra

Facebook Will Officially Jump Into The Cryptocurrency Game With Libra

On Tuesday, the social media company formally unveiled plans for its digital currency project and a cryptocurrency called Libra.


0:53Telegram app
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Ethiopia's Internet Is Back On After A Week

2:52Twitter home page
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Ask The Experts: The Good And The Bad Of Silent Social Media Moderates

3:03A man walks past a YouTube advertisement in Berlin, Germany in October of 2018
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Independent Research Could Help Social Media Counter More Hate Speech

1:35Deepfake split screen

House Committee Focused On Dangers 'Deepfakes' Pose To 2020 Election

4:28A busy city street

Smart Cities Invest More Money And Tech To Combat Climate Change

2:13Facebook app on phone
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House Begins Antitrust Investigation Of Big Tech Companies

0:48people on Huawei phones
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Facebook Apps Will No Longer Be Pre-installed On New Huawei Phones

1:46Cell phone tower
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When Will Phone Companies Start Blocking Robocalls Automatically?

2:55American Airlines 737 MAX
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Pilots Say They Were Blocked From Testing 737 MAX Updates In Simulator

1:09FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
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FCC Votes To Let Phone Carriers Block Robocalls By Default

0:34Huawei logo and 5g advertising.

Huawei Lands Deal To Develop 5G Network In Russia

1:16The YouTube logo
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YouTube Changes Hate Speech Policy In Attempt To Ban Extremist Content

1:15Capitol Hill
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House Lawmakers Launch Antitrust Investigation Into Big Tech Companies

1:35Apple CEO Tim Cook
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Apple Is Making Some Big Changes With Its Next Software Updates

1:10Facebook website
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Reports: FTC Will Take The Lead On Potential Facebook Antitrust Probe

0:40Quest Diagnostics office
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11.9M Quest Diagnostics Patients Possibly Affected By Data Breach

1:15Google headquarters in Mountain View, California
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DOJ Reportedly Preparing An Antitrust Investigation Into Google

1:05House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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Pelosi Calls Facebook A 'Willing Enabler' Of Russian Interference

1:00First American Financial building
First American Financial

Fortune 500 Insurance Company Exposed 885 Million Private Documents

4:39E-bikes are one form of alternative mobility that experts say consumers need to buy into.
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Micro-Transit Could Improve Cities — But Consumers Have To Want It

0:56Google logo.
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Irish Privacy Regulator Launches Investigation Into Google

1:03T-Mobile and Sprint store sit side-by-side in a strip mall
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Justice Department Might Sue To Block Sprint, T-Mobile Merger

1:13A Qualcomm office in California
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Judge Sides With FTC In Antitrust Case Against Qualcomm

0:57Stacks of mail in USPS boxes
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USPS Tests Out Self-Driving Trucks For Mail Delivery

1:46Huawei logo
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The Race To 5G Technology Is Pitting The US Against China

1:05A member of Huawei's reception staff walks in front of a large screen displaying the logo.
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Google Reverses Decision, Will Continue To Work With Huawei

1:12Sprint, T-Mobile storefronts
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T-Mobile, Sprint Get FCC Chairman's Blessing For Merger

HBO / "Game of Thrones"

Can You Get Sued For Posting Spoilers Online?

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Authorities In Several Countries Take Down GozNym Cybercrime Network

6:16Apple watches have taken over in the age of wearable technology.
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How Far Can Wearable Technology Go?