Radiation contaminated water tanks at Fukushima nuclear power plant

Japan Considering Dumping Toxic Fukushima Water Into Ocean

​The country's economy and industry ministry proposed gradually dumping the contaminated water into the Pacific ocean and/or evaporating it.


0:57Aftermath of the accident
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Oil Spill Off The Galapagos Islands Prompts State Of Emergency

1:24Teepees on the National Mall to protest Keystone XL pipeline construction.
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Judge Rejects Bid To Throw Out Lawsuits Over Keystone XL Pipeline

1:12Person holding cigarette
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Congress Raises Tobacco Purchase Age From 18 To 21

1:45A mannequin named Rosie sits in the commander's seat of the Starliner spacecraft

Boeing Starliner Lands In New Mexico After Inaugural Orbit

1:26A sales associate holding a dog
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CDC Links Pet Store Puppies To Antibiotic-Resistant Outbreak

1:33A teen smokes from an electronic cigarette.

Teen Marijuana Use In E-Cigarettes, Vaping Is Rising

1:06Smoke haze over Sydney Harbour with the Opera House hardly visible on Dec. 10, 2019 in Sydney, Australia
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Australia Sets Record For Its Hottest National Average Temperature

1:28Person holding cigarette
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FDA Approves Sale Of Reduced-Nicotine Cigarettes

1:23Purdue Pharma sign
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Audit: Sackler Family Withdrew $10B From Purdue Pharma In 10 Years

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How $25M Can Improve What We Know About Gun Violence

0:55Vials of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine
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New Jersey Senate Postpones Vote On Vaccination Exemptions

1:32U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres speaks at the opening day of the U.N. Climate Change Conference.
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U.N. Climate Conference Ends Without Major Breakthrough

2:16United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks at UN climate summit in Madrid.
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U.N.: Resisting Action On Climate Is 'A Recipe For Economic Disaster'

1:08Man vaping
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CDC Releases List of Vape Brands Linked to Respiratory Illnesses

1:42Cranes load shipping containers onto a cargo ship in Staten Island.
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Sub-National Stakeholders Plan To Keep US Working Toward Paris Goals

1:53A Filipino child suffering from measles receives treatment
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WHO, CDC Say Measles Cases Spiked Globally Last Year

4:52A doctor examines a patient.

What The Fact: The State Of The Affordable Care Act

0:33A Russian cargo ship launches Dec. 6, 2019
Roscosmos State Space Corporation

Russian Cargo Ship Launches For International Space Station

1:23A pharmacist pours out a bottle of Oxycontin
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Tufts University Cuts Ties With Family Behind Purdue Pharma

2:04A conference hall at the COP25 climate meeting
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COP25 Talks Climate Solutions, Even As The US Leaves Paris Agreement

1:08Nurses conduct Ebola vaccine trials
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Vaccine Alliance To Fund Global Stockpile Of Ebola Vaccines

0:38Romaine lettuce
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Over 100 Cases Reported In E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce

1:17fumes from car
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Scientists Say Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High This Year

2:37A proof-of-concept app that could help with the treatment of schizophrenia.
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Could Artificial Intelligence Help Patients With Schizophrenia?

0:52Cans of vegetables
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USDA Tightens Food Stamp Benefit Requirements


Racing To Save Cheetahs

1:45People near a COP25 sign
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Climate Summit Kicks Off With Dire Warnings From Top U.N. Officials

1:18A child in Samoa receives the measles vaccine
Government of Samoa

Samoa To Shut Down Government To Help With Measles Outbreak

1:03An astronaut in space
European Space Agency

European Space Agency Gets More Funding For Future Space Exploration

1:59Climate protesters dressed as penguins
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European Parliament Declares 'Climate Emergency' To Reduce Emissions