EPA headquarters

EPA Reconsiders Decision To Allow Use Of Controversial Animal Poison

​The EPA says will "re-evaluate" its authorization of M-44 devices and sodium cyanide, which are meant to stop predators from killing livestock.


4:44Dayton police officers return to search for more evidence at the scene of the August 4th mass shooting
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Report: Connection Between Mental Health & Mass Violence Is Overstated

1:00Icebergs float near Greenland at sunset
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July Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded

1:22A man holds a lit cigarette
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FDA Proposes Adding Graphic Images To Cigarette Packaging

2:29Baby and parent with matching tattoos
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Why Some Scientists Think Newborns Look More Like Their Dads

1:10A boy is vaccinated against measles in Africa
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Measles Cases Worldwide Have Almost Tripled In The Last Year

2:48A grizzly bear
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New Endangered Species Act Rules Could Threaten Grizzlies, Monarchs

1:43WHO marks one year since declaring an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
World Health Organization

Scientists To Use Successful Treatments To Combat Ebola In Congo

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Report: 2018 Ranks As The 4th-Hottest Year On Record

1:29Water faucet
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EPA Says Newark Should Give Residents Bottled Water Amid Lead Testing

1:08The White House
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Trump Administration Moves To Weaken The Endangered Species Act

1:40A window covered by security bars at Metropolitan Correctional Center, the federal jail where Jeffery Epstein was.
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How Suicide Watch Works

0:39A person carrying plastic bags
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German Environment Minister Calls For Ban On Plastic Bags


New York’s First Lady Talks Mental Health and Wellness

0:31Typhoon Lekima moves towards China

China Braces For Typhoon Lekima

0:54A dog at an airport
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Government Issues Updated Guidelines For Animals On Planes

2:01A person drags a plough through sand
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U.N. Climate Report Suggests We Need To Drastically Change What We Eat

1:31Farm equipment in a field
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To Fight Climate Change And Food Stress, We Need To Balance Land Use

1:13A man sifts through soil.
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United Nations: Climate Change Is Threatening Global Food Supply

National Park Service

Report: U.S. Has Lost 24 Million Acres of Natural Land in 16 Years

2:58People hold up candles during a vigil in Las Vegas for victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
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How Mental Health Does And Does Not Relate To Mass Violence

1:03A person holds three Google Pixel 3a phones.
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Google Commits To Using Recycled Materials In Its Devices

2:25Thermometers and air conditioning units for sale
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The More We Use Air Conditioning, The More We May Need It

0:35Melting ice in Greenland
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Over 11 Billion Tons Of Ice Melted Off Greenland In A Single Day

1:51A woman gathers water from a spring in Zimbabwe
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Access To Water Is A Growing Concern Around The World

1:04The prescription medicine OxyContin
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Arizona Asks Supreme Court To Stop Purdue Pharma's Siphoning

1:17WHO marks one year since declaring an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
World Health Organization

Rwanda Closes Border With Congo Over Ebola Outbreak

2:38Teams give vaccines in North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo
World Health Organization

Ebola Has Killed A 2nd Person In Goma, Congo

1:16A man reaches into a medicine bottle.
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HHS Plan Would Make It Easier To Import Certain Prescription Drugs

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Thousands Infected With Dengue Fever In Monsoon-Stricken Bangladesh

1:18A doctor wears a stethoscope.
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Hospitals Might Be Required To Share Prices Negotiated With Insurers