Human body made of microorganisms

The 75 Trillion Microorganisms That Raised You From Birth

A serious gut check could revolutionize much of what we know about medicine.


0:53Sign on a store that accepts food stamps
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SNAP, Food Assistance Programs Could Run Out Of Funding Amid Shutdown

3:22A woman works out at The Phoenix
Dave Franco/Newsy

Inside The Gym That Combines Sobriety And Fitness

Flu vaccine
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The CDC Says Flu Activity Levels Are High In 19 States

2:37Health professionals wearing scrubs and caps
University of Michigan

Rate Of Violence Against Nurses Climbs Again

1:17A composite image of the far side of the moon as captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

What We Can Learn From China's Unprecedented Far-Side Moon Landing

0:52Vehicles lined up in a row
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Norway Sets World Record For Most All-Electric Cars Sold In 2018

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Major Pharma Companies Are Reportedly Hiking Drug Prices In 2019

1:25A artist's rendering of New Horizons flying by 2014 MU69
NASA / Alex Parker

NASA Rang In The New Year With A Historic Flyby

24:04A blood pressure meter on a doctor's desk
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'What The Health' Full Episode: 2018 Year In Health

1:02Smoke stacks from a coal power plant
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EPA Proposes New Rules Regarding Mercury Pollution From Power Plants

1:04Opioids in a bottle on display
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Study: Opioids Killed Nearly 9,000 Young People From 1999 To 2016

1:20Concept art of OSIRIS-REx approaching the surface of asteroid Bennu
NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center

How A NASA Probe Will Orbit An Asteroid With Almost No Gravity

0:48Flint River
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2 Michigan Officials Accept Plea Deals In Flint Water Scandal

1:00Shoppers carry plastic bags down the street
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UK Wants To Double The Charge For Disposable Plastic Bags

1:19A whale swimming
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Japan Condemned For Decision To Restart Commercial Whaling

0:56Puppies in a cage
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England Will Ban Pet Stores From Selling Puppies And Kittens

1:00Children wearing Santa Claus costumes play with soap bubbles
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Japan's Birthrate Hits All-Time Low In 2018

0:52Grizzly bear and her cub
National Park Service / Neal Herbert

US Government Appeals Ruling Protecting Yellowstone-Area Grizzlies

0:33SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket
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SpaceX Launches Next-Generation GPS Satellite For Military

0:41A picture of Heroin and Fentanyl
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Deaths From Synthetic Opioids Like Fentanyl Spiked Again

2:37Christmas living room
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Why The Myth That Suicides Increase During The Holidays Is Dangerous

0:58A Japanese whale research ship
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Japan To Reportedly Pull Out Of IWC To Hunt Whales

3:20A patron smashes objects at a popular smash room.
KMTV / Scripps

Rage Rooms Feel Good, But They Might Make You More Stressed

0:46A worker trims cannabis.
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FDA Considering Ways To Regulate Sale Of Cannabis-Based Products

0:42Assortment of pro-abortion rights badges
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Abortion Is About To Officially Become Legal In Ireland

1:07Opioid reversal drug naloxone
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The Federal Government Is Recommending More Naloxone Prescriptions

1:37A man and woman walk in a park

New Reports Find Americans Are Getting Heavier And Wider

1:29A photograph of Earth, taken during the Apollo 8 mission
Project Apollo Archive

How Apollo 8 Changed Spaceflight History In Only Four Months

1:21Altria invests $13 billion in e-cigarettes
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Tobacco Giant Altria Invests $13 Billion In Electronic Cigarettes

4:55Spit samples at the University at Buffalo

The Science Of Spit