A Siberian tiger yawns.

China Reinstates Ban On Using Tiger And Rhino Parts

A senior government official told state media three "strict bans" on the trade, sale and use of tiger and rhino products will continue to be enforced.


1:19People exercising on an elliptical machine
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New Federal Guidelines Encourage Americans To Move More

1:20Army Veteran Tommy Shelton, Brinkley, Ark., has his eyes examined by Capt. Yolanda Arce, a doctor of optometry.
SSG Neil W. McCabe/Army Reserve Medical Command

There Are 40,000 Job Openings At The Veterans Health Administration

2:44A sign welcomes immigrations to the U.S.
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Some Activists Claim Immigrants Carry Disease. Here's The Truth.

0:52Juul pods
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FDA Expected To Propose Major Restrictions On E-Cigarettes

1:02Cigarette butts in an ashtray
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The Cigarette Smoking Rate In The US Has Hit A Record Low

1:27A bumblebee forages for pollen while wearing a unique tracking tag
James Crall

Our Most Widely-Used Insecticide Makes Bees Lazy And Causes Die-Offs

2:30South Side Diabetes Project Food Tour
Madeline Carl

How One Community Is Tackling The Diabetes Gap In Its Backyard

0:53Toxic smog covers New Delhi, India
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Indian Capital Covered In Toxic Smog

1:38Pork chops
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Study Says 'Meat Tax' Could Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives

0:57Health worker in Africa wears protective gear
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Uganda Is The First Country To Vaccinate For Ebola Before An Outbreak

0:52Launch of NASA's Parker Solar Probe

NASA's Solar Probe Just Made The Closest-Ever Flyby Of The Sun

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Around 33,000 Europeans Die Every Year From Superbugs

0:57Heath worker responds to Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo
World Health Organization

CDC Warns Ebola Outbreak In Congo Could Become Uncontrollable

1:08A child walks on the beach.

Spanking is Harmful and Ineffective, Pediatricians Say

1:28Sky over Los Angeles
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UN-Backed Report Says Ozone Layer Is Healing

1:03Tire in a dried up reservoir
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Supreme Court Won't Block Young Americans' Climate Change Lawsuit

1:05A man repairs a clock at a store in in Plantation, Florida
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Our Internal Clocks Are At Odds With Daylight Saving Time

0:54A young woman puts sunscreen on her friend.
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Palau Will Be The First Nation To Ban 'Reef-Toxic' Sunscreens

1:40A sign points towards the Accident and Emergency department of St Thomas' Hospital
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Mental Health-Related ER Visits Are Becoming More Common For Children

10:55A nurse undergoes physical therapy for an on-the-job injury.

Violence Against Nurses Is Up While OSHA Enforcement Is Down

0:41A cannabis plant
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FDA-Approved, Marijuana-Based Drug Is Now Available In The US

0:45The Dawn spacecraft

NASA's Dawn Mission Finally Runs Out Of Fuel

1:06A person talks on a cellphone
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$30M Study Links Older Cellphone Radiation To Cancer In Rats

1:05A view of a lake at sunset in Brazil.
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The World's Wilderness Areas Are Quickly Vanishing

1:05Greenhouse gas emissions
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Washington Will Vote On An Initiative To Fight Carbon Pollution

3:46Christiane Baigent conducts analysis at Colorado Mesa University's Forensic Investigation Research Station (FIRS).
Colorado Mesa University / Melissa Connor

Inside A Remote Station That Uses Climate To Study Decomposing Bodies

8:15A young boy gets ready to view the solar eclipse with his telescope on November 14, 2012 in Palm Cove, Australia.
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'The Day Ahead' Asks: Are We Alone In The Universe?

1:11The Kepler space telescope
NASA Ames / W. Stenzel

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Is Finally Shutting Down

0:49Giant Chinese Panda in South Korea in 2016
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WWF: Global Wildlife Populations Plummeted 60% In 40 Years

1:18People walk through heavy pollution
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WHO: More Than 90 Percent Of Kids Around The World Breathe Toxic Air