A Samsung and Apple smartphone are displayed on August 6, 2014 in London, England.

Going Black-And-White On Your Phone Might Not Be A Bad Idea

Some researchers believe one of the most basic and prominent parts of our phones is also what makes them so distracting.


0:46China's Tiangong-2 space lab orbits above Earth
China Manned Space Agency

China's Second Space Lab Is Going To Fall To Earth


Up For Debate: Is Big Pharma To Blame For High Health Care Costs?

3:14The case of the Golden State Killer was solved using information from a DNA testing company.
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DNA Testing Companies Are Helping To Solve Murder Cases

1:08U.S. troops with tank
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Suicide Rate Among Younger Veterans Has Increased, VA Data Shows

1:23Children lay under a table at a market in the community of Immokalee, Florida.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

How Growing Up In Poverty Affects The Adult Brain

0:58Pregnant woman plays with child
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Number Of Babies Born With Syphilis Reached A 20-Year High Last Year

1:01Grizzly bear
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Judge Overturns Rule That Would've Allowed Grizzly Bear Hunts

0:44Person smokes an e-cigarette in New York City in 2014
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The FDA Might Ban Online E-Cigarette Sales

0:35Health worker administers a vaccine
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WHO: 'Perfect Storm' Could Cause Ebola Outbreak To Spread

0:48Facebook on a computer screen
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Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Failed To Protect Employees From Trauma

2:29El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park
Alex Demas, U.S. Geological Survey

Climate Change Hits National Parks Harder Than Anywhere Else In The US

0:46Porsche's Mission E Cross Turismo 2018, the company's electric Cross Utility Vehicle

Porsche Drops Diesel-Powered Cars

1:23A manager of a medical marijuana dispensary fills a marijuana prescription.
Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images

How A Mom's Pot Use May Affect Their Child's Own Use

1:56An unnamed Airman particiaptes in a simulated anthrax attack exercise
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Public Affairs / Airman 1st Class Valerie Monroy

Why The Trump Administration Changed The US Biodefense Strategy

1:01RemoveDEBRIS net capturing space junk
University of Surrey

A Net Just Successfully Captured Space Junk

1:24United Nations flag blows in the wind in front of the UN German headquarters in 2006
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Most UN Countries Won't Meet Goal Of Cutting Premature Deaths By 2030

1:02A study published by the World Health Organization says over three million people died from alcohol consumption in 2016.
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Study: 1 In Every 20 People Died From Harmful Use Of Alcohol In 2016

0:37A discarded plastic straw lies on a beach.
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California Bans Plastic Straws In Restaurants

1:15A man holding a syringe to use for heroin.
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Study Finds US Overdose Deaths Have Been Increasing For Decades

1:00Water bottles being prepared for distribution in a warehouse in Flint, Michigan.
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More Detroit Schools Test Positive For Copper, Lead In Drinking Water

1:15A girl reads a book.
Personal Creations / CC BY 2.0

Girls Are Better Readers and Writers Than Boys, Study Says

1:05Five month old elephant
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Scientists Use Elephant Tusk DNA In Hopes Of Catching Ivory Smugglers

0:48An artist's depiction of a super-earth orbiting HD 26965
University of Florida

Astronomers Discover Planet Where Vulcan From 'Star Trek' Would Be

1:06A man wearing a mask stands in polluted air in China
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Study Links Air Pollution To Higher Risk Of Dementia

1:00Oil rig
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Trump Administration Rolls Back Another Climate Rule

1:22Man vapes, or smokes an electronic cigarette
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FDA Warns Of 'Disturbingly Sharp Rise' In E-Cigarette Use Among Teens

1:08Pharmacy technician dispenses pills
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Many Foster Kids Get Psychiatric Meds Without Proper Plan, Follow-Up

0:52A person vapes
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Almost 1 In 11 Middle, High Schoolers Reported Vaping Cannabis In 2016

1:28Scott Jones wades through about three feet of floodwater from Hurricane Florence.
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The Hazards And Health Risks Of Florence's Flood Waters

1:04Person reaches for bottle of disinfectant spray to clean a school classroom
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Common Household Cleaning Products Are Linked To Childhood Obesity