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House Begins Antitrust Investigation Of Big Tech Companies

The House Judiciary Committee's antitrust panel heard testimony from executives at News Media Alliance, Public Knowledge and more.



Some Sex Offenders Could Now Be Chemically Castrated In Alabama

0:43U.S. Capitol
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House Approves Resolution To Make Enforcing Subpoenas Easier

U.S. Border Patrol agent in New Mexico
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New Mexico Sues Trump Administration Over Immigration Policy

1:14Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.
Office of the Alabama Governor

Alabama Governor Signs Controversial Chemical Castration Bill

2:48Man holds voter sticker

Washington Roundup: Reviewing The Electoral College

2:20Former White House Counsel John Dean testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.

Former White House Counsel Likens Trump Administration To Watergate

1:35Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
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Mexico Says Deal With US Might Not Be The End Of Immigration Talks

1:25House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler
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Nadler: DOJ Agrees To Hand Over Mueller's Evidence On Obstruction

0:58Gun show display for silencers.
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Supreme Court Decides Not To Hear Case On Gun Silencer Regulations

1:38Saudi flag
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Senators Make Bipartisan Push To Block US Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia

1:31Huawei sign
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US Acting Budget Chief Requests Delay On Huawei Ban

1:31Iowa Pride Fest

Democrats Pitch LGBTQ Policies In Iowa During Pride Weekend

1:04Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
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Mnuchin Warns That Trump Could Still Impose Mexico Tariffs

0:45Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Blames China For Failed Trade Talks

0:54F-35 jet
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US Warns Turkey It Won't Receive F-35 Jets If It Buys Russian System

1:09The gas-powered Valley Generating Station is seen in the San Fernando Valley
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White House May Have Blocked Agency's Climate Change Testimony

1:06Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
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US Imposes More Sanctions Targeting Iran's Revolutionary Guards

1:30President Donald Trump
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US Strikes Deal With Mexico, Averting Trump's Tariff Deadline

0:50House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff
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House Intel Panel Plans Hearing On Mueller Report, Counterintelligence

6:31Newsy's Alex Miller with activist and author Shannon Watts

'Moms Demand Action' Founder On Big Business And The Gun Lobby

1:01A woman looks for a job
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Job Gains In May Fell Short Of Analyst Expectations

1:06Completed census forms are collected.
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DOJ Rejects House Committee's Request For Census Documents

1:45Joe Biden
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Biden Says He Now Supports Allowing Medicaid To Pay For Abortions

3:29The back of President Donald Trump's head
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Trump Says He's The Most Transparent POTUS — Evidence Says Otherwise

2:24Joe Biden
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Biden Says 1994 Crime Bill Didn't Cause 'Mass Incarceration'

1:24A migrant child
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HHS To Open Additional Housing Facility For Unaccompanied Migrant Kids

1:02Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Lawmakers Ask Pompeo To End 'Offensive' Citizenship Policy

1:07Don McGahn
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House Democrats Introduce Resolution To Hold Barr, McGahn In Contempt

3:40Mexican police and migrants
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Does Mexico Qualify As A 'Safe' Country For Asylum-Seekers?

1:05President Donald Trump
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Trump Threatens China With Tariffs On Nearly Everything